Please change 2 true-box limit to 6 true-box limit on Aradune

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Jalarm, Aug 12, 2022.

  1. Rhythar Augur

    Increasing the box limit will only make groups even harder to find, and I don't see why you need other people to accomplish things, especially if you have a 2nd box.
  2. Habib New Member

    As the population starts to decline due to the release of new servers, it would make sense to relax the Truebox rule and/or allow people to log into more accounts. Looking for groups has become increasingly frustrating and I know, for many, it has made them not want to bother logging in because they won't be able to do the missions/quests they need for progression. Truebox and the 2 account limit were great for launch and up until a few expansions ago. Now we simply lack the population for it to continue to be a benefit to everyone.

    There will always be people against this. Those that feel the need to respond to every single post in this thread will never listen to reason. They'll continue arguing until they're blue in the face. I wouldn't waste my time acknowledging them. The truth is that these rules need to be revisited if we want the server to survive.
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  3. Theepeat New Member

    How is a 2 box running ldons that require 3 online characters?

    That is just one example of the many many things you wont be able to do with just 2 characters, and thats not even current era top level content.

    Its really quite sad that any player on Aradune who many want to do some ldons or finish their augmentation there simply cant unless they find someone else who wants to do it as well, and thats even harder than finding a group
  4. Rhythar Augur

    Log one of your guys out. Log in an alt. Invite the alt. Switch back. Now you can do the LDoN.
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  5. Captain Video Augur

    This. LDoNs have been doable solo for years. Players shouldn't criticize other players because they don't know how to play the game themselves.

    And to those who keep saying there is no population, JOIN A GUILD. This game is an MMO, not a solo RPG.
  6. Habib New Member

    What a revelation! Since everybody plays at the exact same times, this is the perfect fix. How has anyone not thought of this? Great job, Captain Video. Keep giving us this sage advice.
  7. Ddezul Lorekeeper

    somebody got 'afk checked' today and it didn't turn out well?
  8. Triconix Augur

    This is true. Even so, in a guild, with half dozen friends from my live server, it's so difficult to coordinate time that we're all on unless we seriously plan weeks in advance. Time zones, schedules, real life, something always comes up. It's a lazy excuse to simply say "Join a guild, find some friends."

    Yeah well, I'm with friends I've known the better part of a decade now and outside of raids, we spend maybe a handful of hours together each week. We even have our own discord channel separate from our guilds' so it's not like we aren't communicating (we chat all the time).

    Due to how my life is, I find myself playing at times nobody is normally on. Baby wakes up at 4 am and wants to eat? Alright, feed him and hop on since now I'm awake and I can do some random things at 5am EST.

    I logged in today early EST and literally 4 people in a reasonably large guild on Aradune were on. 1 of them maybe wasn't afk. Please explain to me how "finding a guild" is helping in that situation? I already did what you recommended.

    Yes, I have my solitary box. I can get a decent amount done, but it's not exactly the most efficient thing in the world. It would be a welcome change to at least make it relaxed truebox so I can leverage a single PC. That would turn up my efficiency another notch. I would even welcome a 3-box limit. A bard in my group would take me to a new level in efficiency and options.
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  9. Habib New Member

    Not sure how you inferred that from what I said but no, I haven't been on in a few days. Just find these ridiculous "solutions", well, ridiculous.
  10. Theepeat New Member

    I know how to play very well thank you, but thanks for the personal attack. Your solution is to use a third character yet you are rallying against anyone being able to use a third box. Thats the definition of hypocritical.
  11. Captain Video Augur

    You asked the question, and it was answered. You want us to believe the devs were too stupid to consider current gaming practice when they specified the 2-box limit? That may be your opinion of them, but I do not agree.
  12. Jalarm Jalar

    Captain doesn't play on Aradune, right? It's too bad he is so opinionated and active in posting even though he doesn't care to play on the server. Maybe if we make this change it will encourage him to play.
  13. Captain Video Augur

    I do play on Aradune. Total logic fail. I also play on Live. I would guess that around half the players across all TLP servers also play on Live. So even more logic fail.
  14. Quik Augur

    To be fair though, does he need to play on that server?

    All he is really asking is that DBG follow the rules they posted in the FAQ.

    Think about it, if they break these rules they themselves created, then why even make the rules? Just make every server open to whatever and call it good.

    I did play on Aradune, but I have moved to Yelinak when it opened, but I personally want them to follow their own rules because otherwise, whats to stop them from randomly changing the rules on Yelinak whenever someone complains?

    This has nothing to do with wanting to stop the players from getting whatever they are asking for, it is simply asking DBG to follow the rules THEY created so I know they will also follow the rules for every server they create after that.

    Also, I am talking about the actual rules and not the fact that they aren't policing their own rules, that's a totally different issue that they have absolutely 100% failed on.
  15. Nork New Member

    I think I would much rather see them re-examine the rules, if there is call, cause or need to.
    Rather than abandoning a server to a slow painful decline or death for no better reason than sticking to their guns.
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  16. Jalarm Jalar

    Well I am happy to chat in game if that’s true. I think it would be more productive.
  17. Traktur Elder

    They should take away the random loot and make everything No Drop on Mischief too.
  18. Yaldiien New Member

    If the majority of people on Mischief wanted the change, yes they should. That is not the case, but the majority of people on Aradune want this change.
  19. Triconix Augur

    Based on what? Outside of this thread, I have yet to hear anyone in my guild openly state "Gosh, I wish the box limit was removed"
  20. Traktur Elder

    No they don't. This thread is a lot of boxers with multiple accounts like most threads. You/they just want to be able to run roughshod over anyone and anything to make dat krono.

    What they do with those thousands of krono I don't know. Do you?