Please Bring Back Exp Bouns on Mischief

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Questioneer, Jun 2, 2021.

  1. Celestian Elder

    Would be neat gimmick... wouldn't be so great for have minus result (as someone mentioned people would just not play that period) so I hope its 0-XX%.
  2. Zarkdon Augur

    If you hate mind numbing, grindy, miserable gaming sessions why on God's Green Earth did you decide to play EQ?
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  3. Trevalon Augur

    Bonus EXP doesnt matter to anyone who "no lifes" (I don't like this term, but well use it cause its used) the game. They are going to hit 50 in a matter of days regardless of what the EXP rate is.

    Bonus EXP matters to the more casual crowds, like myself, and that is why I have been advocating for a fast EXP TLP for the last 12 years on these forums. Selo's finally did it but then they turned it into a stupid ruleset thus ruining that server.

    Honestly, I agree with the OP. The Bonus EXP rate felt PERFECT. It wasn't so fast that a casual just got to 50 in 2 days (yes the "no lifers" did, but they were gonna do that regardless) but it also meant that we, see casuals, might make it to 50 before 2 months.

    Also the fact that they insist on making EXP bonuses only on weekends is ridiculous. As someone who works a job that requires EVERY weekend to work and EVERY holiday, I almost never get to take advantage of the EXP bonuses except in small spurts.

    Here are some things I think they should do (don't have to do them all):

    1) Make the higher EXP potions available. Who cares if they cost money, everything costs money in EQ these days. This way those of us like me, who have high income but low playtime might be able to just get the 50% or 75% exp pots and use them.

    2) Make a permanent boost EXP potion. If they dropped a potion that increased a characters permanent EXP by say 25% for 100 bucks, id buy it immediately. This would stack with EXP pots.

    3) Do EXP bonuses at DIFFERENT TIMES or LONGER. Limiting the EXP to just a few days over weekends and a holiday has been a dumb decision since it was first done 15+ years ago and its still dumb today. I've always wanted them to just release a new potion that raises exp by 75% (and doesn't stack with other pots) and it gives a 24 or 36 hours bonus playtime buff. This way you can use the potion when your free time is, not when Darkpaw thinks you should play.

    4) Just increase the EXP on a server. If you released Mischief with current EXP and thornblade with 50% more, everyone would go to Thornblade...because despite the edgelords here that claim that EXP is "just fine" and "is too fast" they would ALL play the faster EXP server cause they are LYING.
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  4. Accipiter Old Timer

    How does that work on a new server? Who would the help come from? If you are racing to 50 there ain't no one around to help.
  5. Xazier Elder

    The problem is, is that you have RMTers advocating against anything that is not in their interest on these forums. 50% bonus xp = Less plvlng services.
  6. Machen New Member

    Sounds like a problem with your group or your chosen exp spot (or both). 2 hours per level in the 20's is really, really bad.
  7. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    I don't know the full extent of it, but at the very least they have people doing quests to feed them money for spells and such. These are organized statics with support people supplementing their needs. That's as much as I know at this point.
  8. SoandsoForumUser Augur

    Were you 5 warriors and a cleric? I was averaging under 45 minutes a level in that range in unrest during the bonus killing much lower level mobs at FP. Factor out the 50% exp bonus and I'd have still cleared north of 5 levels in that time.
  9. Questioneer New Member

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Finally somebody else gets it! & yes to everything.
  10. Questioneer New Member

    I'm going to further elaborate on how nice it would be to level up a character outside without getting gimped because you're not inside a high ZEM dungeon...

    None of us actually level up outside. With the 50% boost we could actually enjoy more zones in this game.

    I'd lovveeee to level up a necro or druid outside instead of constantly going to the same dungeons for that dungeon ZEM.
  11. TheTone Elder

    I think having a "Resting EXP Bonus" is the solution to this problem - something that gives you bonus exp for not playing all the damn time. Give us casuals some way to keep up with the neckbeards!

    It doesn't benefit the try-hards because they're playing all day anyways...but those of us with jobs, children, and pets who can only throw down maybe for an hour or two a night, it would help tremendously.
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  12. Nyvlag Elder

    This, right here, is a stupidly good idea. Drop the pot in the marketplace for a limited time over some holiday (24 hours? Something reasonable, so everyone has an opportunity to login and grab it) and bam. Presto bango. Easy peasy.
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  13. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casual™

    I agree, this is a great idea. I'm retired now, so taking advantage of bonus xp periods isn't really an issue, but I have always been just a Filthy Casual™ for 20 years now. I can see the potential for profit, and the benefit to more casual players that do work weekends and holidays. Just be forewarned, SOMEBODY is going to call you a pay2win for it (not me).