Please allow BSTs on new TLP

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Mirlin, Oct 7, 2015.

  1. frankie78227 Augur

    There is very little actual classic involved with these TLP servers. What difference would allowing BLs and Zerkers w/o epic weapons actually make? So a few more people get to play the class they want. Maybe they will stick around longer and pay for EQ. I don't see how it could possibly ruin anyone's experience any more then mage-bot armies, krono farmers, and pick-zone exploiters.
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  2. Redik2 Augur

    I'm impressed with the level of civility in this thread.

    That's really all I have.
  3. taliefer Augur

    so much this.
  4. Jaxarale01 Augur

    The problem is that this argument can be used for anything.
    The servers are so far away from classic so what difference does it make if defiant gear is introduced? Or mercs? Or BST with epics? Or... or... or...

    They have to draw the line somewhere and letting in classes that are 3 expansions from where they are currently is a bit much imo.

    I can hear it now... 1 month after the new server starts the same argument will be made for these classes getting epics:
    "Well the class is already on the server so why not let them get their epics... its not fair everyone else can etc... etc..

    You have to know that will happen.
  5. frankie78227 Augur

    Agreed, but you are right, what would it really matter?
  6. Jaxarale01 Augur

    In the overall scheme? Less than nothing imo. Hell I love BSTs and would play one from the startm
  7. KevinC New Member

    As long as they can balance bst for the classic content, why not. All that most of us care for is for this server to succeed and retain most of the players that join it. However, balancing pets (for mages too) seem to be something they need to rework a bit first.
  8. Lifebane Augur

    If they launch in Kunark, they wont need to do any balancing. Even if they do launch in classic, mages are still a stronger class. They would need to rebalance mages for this to make any sense.
  9. Vlerg Augur

    Defiant gear in particular is better than god loot... so yeah. the line should be drawn before defiant gear for sure.
  10. Machen New Member

    They can't balance classic classes for classic content, why would anyone think they would balance bst or zerk for classic content?
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  11. Goodkitty Augur

    Unlocking all classes but restricting races is a legit idea imo. I've always wanted to start on a fresh EQ server with a beastlord! DBG should totally hop on this idea since the gear already drops until their said expac releases. As far as folks being fortune tellers about people griping about epics, why would you even want a beastlord epic in Luclin? Kunark - HS Proc dagger , Velious- Various loots (h2h's), Luclin- Various h2h's 2hbs. those epics. The only reason to do them is to do your 1.5, but there's an alternate quest for that.
  12. Goodkitty Augur

    BST Pets also do not get haste until 37 or so and the nukes have pretty long recast timers . Beastlords dual wield not auto attack and being a hybrid with all of these wonderful nukes run out of mana quickly. (I put wisdom into my beastlord on creation)
  13. Fangtail Journeyman

    does anybody know when they will announce the details of the new nobox server? i thought i remember somebody saying third week in oct? eager to find out the details including whether or not bsts will be available.
  14. Wayylon Augur

    I would love to play a Berserker from day 1 on a new server, I dont see why Beastlords and Zerkers shouldnt be made available.

    More choices = more fun.
  15. Vaclav Augur

    Not seen any details of when - my earliest guess for a possiblle annpuncement would be soon IF the expansion is progressing smoothly. With it more than likely not being discussed until the expansion is done.

    But the closer to done the expansion is, the odds of them starting to work on it and discuss it ramps up.
  16. Lifebane Augur

    Anybody know how the ragefire ruleset polls were conducted the first time around? Since Ragefire wasn't around yet, who did they poll for ruleset features? Any all-access member? (I joined the server a few weeks into it.)

    I'm curious to know if they will use in-game polls to decide the ruleset for the new TLP. It seems like the in-game polls could work since the majority of the players playing on the existing TLPs will make up the majority of the playerbase on the new server. It would be a shame if players with no intention to play on any TLP could vote to decide the future of it.

    Obviously hoping for a BST / BER vote as well.
  17. Faelim Lorekeeper

    When is the new tlp planned for? Also if zerker were allowed from the start that be awesome!
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