Please add Undead Dragongut Strings back to Trakanon

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Cadenze, Jun 12, 2016.

  1. Frags Journeyman

    Yeah that makes a lot of sense. Lets have a trigger mob require a raid force to kill. Then the mob you trigger spawns randomly half a day later. Might as well change all open world events that have triggers to spawn like this. I mean it would be so easy just to kill them and come back later, right? Every guild would respect whoever triggered the mob right??
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  2. DariyaVika Augur

    Either put the guts on regular trak or have the undead bard spawn 5 minutes after you kill Trak in an instance. Still takes a raid to knock down the final mob of bard epic, but it doesn't take two raid forces and people don't have to act like tardballs.
  3. EQForumAcct Augur

    Except it's not a trigger mob. It's a mob that happens to eat another mob if it happens to be up.

    Kill Trak in open world. UDB spawns free and clear until Trak respawns. There's no issue here.

    Has nothing to do with what guild killed trak - right now, no one is doing it so it's irrelevant.

    And as always, remember, you knew what you signed up for and hoped/assumed some things...and now you're not happy about it. Deal with it - since there's a solution right in front of your face.
  4. EQForumAcct Augur

    Hardly takes a raid to take down the final mob of bard epic. Couple/3 groups for spawned trak...possibly less depending on gear of course.
  5. Brumans Augur

    Isn't anything more than 1 group technically a raid at that point?

    And just because there's a solution doesn't mean it's not crap and obviously not as intended. Kill MOTM Trak -> Wait 15 hours with variance -> Win DPS race / Don't get trained. That's obviously not how things were designed.

    That's like saying Ench epic is fine - "Just have your raid sit on her for 2 to 7 days. Deal with it - there's a solution right in front of your face".

    I never have, and still don't, understand why people are so against getting unintended side affects (on a progression server of a 17 year old game no less) removed and improved.
  6. Leseul Journeyman

    @EQForumAcct - Many people on Phinigel moved here because we have busy real lives and our EverQuest raiding schedule cannot dictate the rest of our life, it seems to be a novel concept to many people on these forums but life does exist outside of EverQuest and I don't want to hold 30+ people from my guild hostage to killing an obsolete mob every night just for a chance at getting the thing I actually need. Maybe DBG will decide that means I don't get my epic, and it's their right to make that decision, and I will still keep playing because in a few months those particular pixels will be obsolete anyway.

    I don't want to be handed anything - I want to do things that are "hard" (let's be honest, not much in EQ during this era is actually hard, most of it is just time consuming) and get rewards for doing "hard" things. UDB Trak is much easier than MOTM Trak, so the majority of the people in this thread (and the previous thread that had over 220 replies) are actually asking "Please make us fight harder content for our epic."

    I personally feel like there's not much 'epic' about poop-socking a triggered mob and hoping that somebody doesn't train you or KS. Bringing more Wizards to burn down a fight and steal something from somebody else doesn't feel epic to me, but maybe I'm wrong.
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  7. cookiemonster New Member

    i dont understand people who continually debate against having one of the most useful group/raid epics in the game revert back to how it was attained originally
  8. forumacct1234 New Member


    I'm not sure if you're just trolling or just haven't read the crap load of explanations in the million bard threads that explain why what you're saying makes no sense.

    It's pretty simple:

    1. A guild has to kill Trak
    2. Server wide kill message goes out
    3. 13-17 (ish) hours later UDB will spawn

    Before #3 happens, 3, 4 or even 5+ guilds likely show up to poopsock it and then dps race.

    It doesn't matter that UDB is easily 2 groupable. You have to bring enough to win the dps race and hopefully not be trained to death first.

    People aren't choosing not to kill Trak because they're lazy or don't care about their bards. They're not killing Trak because the odds of them actually fielding another raid force 12 hrs later and winning the dps race makes spending raid time on killing Trak almost pointless.

    UDB was always intended to make the bard epic more reasonable for more people. The server mechanics of phinny make it the only epic that is actually MORE difficult with velious release.

    Arguing that "epic quests should be epic!!!1111!!" as so many have here (while most I'm sure already have their epics in other classes) is really lacking any thought at all.

    Just allow it in picks (remove the BP drop if you want) or drop off Trak already
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  9. DariyaVika Augur

    The most epic thing about most of the epic quests is how epic of a design fail they were. RNG laughed at mages and shadow knights looking for their piece from PoH. Enchanters despaired about several pointless multi-day camps. Guilds had to collect alts, twinks, and random passerby to kill Nagafen to get him out of the way of the ragefire spawn, etc.

    They made alterations to some of those because of how mind-boggingly stupid they were. When every rogue above level 50 and shaman above 53 had an epic, while other people were waiting for ultra-rare drops from Innoruuk or waiting in line for some 3 day groundspawn, the concept of epic crashed hard.

    I think any bard would be happy to kill a full strength Trakanon for their epic piece. It means you have a guild that cares enough to help you out, which is pretty epic. Stop this madness with the contested undead bard spawns, because it's causing people to be really ugly towards each other, which is not what most people signed up for Phinigel for.
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  10. Gremin Augur

    Pls have the information correct before you complain.

    Trak and UDB are two different timers. If Trak is up and UDB spawns then Trak gets a snack. If Trak is not up UDB stays up until hes done for a bard epic or Trak spawns to eat him.

    We have seen UDB spawn 2 minutes after Trak died, 2 times between Trak spawns and sometimes not at all (might of missed him spawning).

    Either way the quest is epic, its supposed to be hard, you wanted that server and got it. Should the devs just keep changing the game to suit Phini players?

    Hey I know lets just reskin eq, every quest and raid instanced, pls stick your cc here (King Tormax's butt) and receive any of his loot...oh and while we are at it do whatever H1Z1 players want so we can actually play pls.

    Thanks, tata !
  11. Leseul Journeyman

    Again the request here is to have the relevant loot drop from the more difficult raid boss. Getting trained and KS doesn't make content 'hard', it makes it frustrating. If Code of Conduct was actually being enforced and your turn in equaled your UDB I don't think anybody would be experiencing difficulty.

    Daybreak arbitrarily deciding which of their previous stated positions they actually care about and want to enforce is probably the most frustrating thing about these TLPs in general.
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  12. Poydras Augur

    I like how you tried to cover all possible bases there. You knew. Or else you assumed. Ok also possibly you hoped. Therefore internet-tough-love-guy has no sympathy. Anyway you're wrong. I happen to be a zen master and my mind is an empty teacup.
  13. Laok Journeyman

    I think people are forgetting that UDB wasn't even a thing when Kunark launched. It was added later to alleviate a bottleneck. They should have stuck to that timeline in the first place and had regular Trak drop guts til UDB was implemented.

    Put the guts back on MotM Trak, this fixes everything and is way more of a real challenge than UDB Trak ever could be. The only thing challenging about UDB is the MASSIVE timesink of waiting for someone to kill Trak and then waiting for UDB to spawn and then waiting for a raid force to gather and then praying that your guild's deeps is better then their guild's deeps and then more than likely waiting for someone to kill Trak and then waiting for UDB to spawn and then waiting for a raid force to gather and then praying that your guild's deeps is better then their guild's deeps and then most assuredly waiting for someone to kill Trak and then waiting for UDB to spawn and then waiting for a raid force to gather and then praying that your guild's deeps is better then their guild's deeps and then probably...

    Get it?
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  14. Laok Journeyman

    Do you order your hot dogs, "one with everything"?
  15. Leseul Journeyman

    Quote from Adetia on the ticket
    Go upvote if you would like to see movement on this and maybe other epic bottlenecks will get traction as well ^_^
  16. beiwulf New Member

    Quite a few good points and seemingly reasonable justifications on the players end to help this quest move a long. I recall VSR in recent fights being way easier to do with a group for druid epic. Timeline for the progression server being different then LIVE. Surely these are valid reasons for day break to implement change. Dragon scales drop for other class epics, why not this?
  17. Mearu New Member

    Please fix this issue. There is literally nobody that kills Trak except on the overtly rare occasion. When he is killed there are probably 50+ bards sitting there waiting for UDB and tons of people socking UDB when Trak has been killed.

    UDB makes no sense at this point. Please either move the UDB spawn (so Trak does not kill him), make Trak drop the Bard epic piece or significantly increase Trak's spawn timer.

    Too many bards don't have their epic at this point and it has the biggest bottleneck of any epic in the game.
  18. Leseul Journeyman

    Like Adetia said - please encourage people to upvote the issue on the DGC tracker - its currently at 23 votes. Ask your guildies, your fellow bards, your friends, anybody who feels this should be addressed to upvote the issue for visibility. I know there are more than 23 people on the server who feel this issue is real.
  19. Mearu New Member

    I sent in my vote, I somehow doubt DBG will do anything about this... All it does is screws bards until the epic is no longer relivant.
  20. Leseul Journeyman

    Yeah I'm starting to lose hope as well... the silence on this is deafening in my opinion, seems like Bards that didn't complete their epic in Kunark are basically screwed unless they want to ask a significant raid force to sock for hours for a single epic...

    TBH I was just hoping for any communication at all, even if it was a "we're not going to adjust it, deal with it #coolguyshades" =/