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  1. Vumad Cape Wearer

    **This is not a boxing question**

    I am using the default UI.

    Does anyone else use 1 computer to play on more than 1 screen size / resolution? (Ex. Plugging a laptop into a Monitor / TV.) How do you manage the UI? EQ doesn't change the UI per resolution in windowed mode so all I can think of to avoid adjusting the UI every time is separate installs.

    Does anyone else play one more than 1 computer? (Ex. a Desktop and a Laptop) Do you have a way to sync your socials / hotbars between devices without manually doing it? Is it possible to have EQ access something like OneDrive for this or to make OneDrive automatically sync these?

    Again, this is not a question about boxing, ie. Trueboxing. This is about playing a single account on multiple devices and screens.
  2. Kyzvs Augur

    I always did it manually - I copied the ini files to/from a NAS I have here.

    You could set up a Scheduled Task to copy them over for you at regular intervals - or you could make a script with an icon on your desktop to copy them to / from and then launch EQ.
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  3. Strawberry Augur

    It is easy to sync resolutions on multiple devices with Nvidia GPU. You can run any game or software at any resolution or refresh rate your GPU allows, regardless of the screen you use. Nvidia's "custom resolution" allows you to run 4k on a 800*600 CRT screen if you wanted, it will just translate that resolution before it hits the frame buffer. But the game, UI and scaling will be done at 4k, and the game natively runs at 4k on a monitor that can't do for 4k. The game doesn't care what monitor you actually have, only what Nvidia tells it. (and yes, if you take a screenshot it will be 4k, regardless if your monitor can do 4k, or even if you have a monitor, the game is rendering in 4k and that's all the game understands, games don't interact with monitors).

    I don't see how synchronisation through OneDrive would help, the game is looking for local files on the client's machine.

    It makes more sense to just install the game once and distribute it to multiple PC. You can set up a home server with your games on it, or use Microsoft's remote desktop solution (requires Windows Pro), or alternatively use dedicated software like Parsec.
  4. uberkingkong Augur

    I play in a window. I'm used to playing games in windowed and window is smaller than one screen size too.

    Seems like your asking about playing on laptop and you want to play on desktop too?

    You gotta remote in.

    Oh your talking about your settings, like not having to do all your macros all over again, I think there was some app or something that does that, it didn't get sticked and I don't think there is a repo for all these guides and apps EQ has, for quick reference. So yeah its doable, moving all your settings/macros from place to place, but I ain't looking for it again.

    I think if you copy some file, thats all you gotta do, maybe that app was to make the macros quicker less tedious.
  5. Metanis Bad Company

    If your computer's have fast enough USB ports in theory you could run EQ from an external NVMe drive caddy and just move the drive to which ever computer you were going to use that day. You'd want USB 3.2 or higher I would think though.

    Once configured for each resolution you use the INI file should be able to retain your layout for those regularly used resolutions.
  6. Vumad Cape Wearer

    Is EQ still maintaining UI files for each resolution? I thought it just uses windowed now unless you ALT+ENTER to full screen. Only then does it generate a UI file for that resolution. I do not believe that if I launch EQ in windowed on my Laptop (15" 1800p), on a monitor (28" 1440p) or a TV (65" 2160p) that EQ has any way to differentiate these. It just sees it as windowed mode and uses the windowed UI. I've also noticed that EQ doesn't do a great job of detecting resolutions and giving me all the option, like 1800.

    I do actually run EQ from a USB 3.0 sometimes. My MacBook loses 40GB of 250GB to BootCamping windows so I didn't have room to include space for EQ. EQ runs acceptable from a USB 3.0 (but windows needs to be internal, maybe not on 3.2/thunderbolt3). Naturally I don't want to lose the performance of running from a USB when I don't need to, but for anyway wanting to travel, EQ can be installed on a USB 3.0 and be plugged into any PC.

    The reason I asked the question, however, is because right now I am using a BootCamped MacBook pro and a desktop. I am thinking of getting a mITX build for my next PC and using it with a portable monitor when I need to travel, and shifting from a MacBook to an iPad for when I need a laptop.
  7. Iven the Lunatic

    This is how some users did it in the past by the hardware:

  8. JetZeppelin2h Augur

    Whoever designed that should be fired. WTF A-D is left to right and then we can even ignore the I/O but the other 4 are in right to left order wtf? Honestly surprised it was bottom to top order as well C D then on line two I/O B A
  9. Vumad Cape Wearer

    Cool piece of history but answers a question I did not ask.
  10. Metanis Bad Company

    I purchase and use software that can't be mentioned here but is totally legal. It runs my EQ clients in something called "emulated full screen". So my character INI files all use the 1920x1080 resolution settings.

    I believe you are correct though that once Windowed your eqclient.ini file probably doesn't maintain your settings correctly.
  11. Iven the Lunatic

    The design does make sense when you could see it from the inside and is build very logical. The whole case is stuffed with dozens of yellow cables. One cable for each pin (15 per VGA connection), which does sum up to at least 75 cables. The cable bundles were usually not sleeved inside the case.

    The upper part of the image is the front side while the lower part is the back side. You have to mirror flip one of them in your imagination. The order at the back is not important because the user was not able to see it after all VGA cables were connected.

    I/O: Connection for the VGA signal output cable from the graphics card
    A / B / C / D: Connection for VGA signal output cables that are going to the monitors
  12. Iven the Lunatic

    I could answer one question that you asked.

    The client does not generate separate UI files for each resolution. They do all get stored in one UI file, which is located in the main directory. Example: UI_Iven_antonius_ROG. For each UI window, separate entries for all used screen resolutions, including one for the windowed mode, do get stored. That can look, and is often sorted, chaotic.

    I don't know how exactly switching screens does work in practice, software wise, but is should require to restart the client to load the correct screen resolution data entries from the UI file into the UI engine.
  13. JetZeppelin2h Augur

    That makes sense didn't realize the picture was the 2 of the same boxes flipped around on top of each other but it normally would just be 1 of those 2 boxes.
  14. Vumad Cape Wearer

    Example of my question...

    You have a mITX Small Form Factor PC.
    It is plugged into a 34" 2K monitor.
    You unplug everything, you leave and take the mITX build with you.
    You plug it into a 65" 4k TV.
    You unplug everything, you leave and take the mITX build with you.
    You plug it into a portable 15" 1080p monitor.

    I'm not talking about a desktop with multiple monitors. I'm talking about traveling to multiple locations that do not have matching monitor sizes and resolution. This also applies to laptops being docked. The switcher you posted doesn't apply. There's always only one monitor in use at a time.
  15. Ozon Augur

    You should have big issues, after the first time. Using your example going from the 34" 2k to 15" 1080p, the first time you will have to realign your UI for the smaller scale, but after that you can go into options, Load UI Charname_ Server 2K or 1080p its a little more work, but its not the worst thing in the world.
  16. Thunderkiks Augur

    Not sure if what I do is what you're asking but I do use different computers. I am an over the road truck driver so when I'm home I play on my desktop which has a 24 inch monitor. When I'm on the road I play on my laptop which is a 17 inch. The resolution is the same on both so the UI is exactly the same. It's just a bit smaller on the laptop. I transfer the files by emailing them to myself.
  17. Vumad Cape Wearer

    Have you ever considered trying to use OneDrive to sync them? I have not tried it.
  18. Vumad Cape Wearer

    With my macbook, I have big issues all the time. It's bootcamping windows. Its a 1800p screen. It launches in one size. If I alt+enter to improve performance, it changes resolution, when I leave full screen, stays in the full screen resolution. The UI gets all wonky.

    I have also used my macbook with a 16" portable monitor, which works nice on EQ, but when I full screen, it goes back to the macbook screen. Also, next time I launch EQ, It loads on the extended desktop, even if it is not hooked up, so I have to hook it to a screen to drag it back.

    EQ worked pretty good in MacOS with Crossover. I wish DPG would port it over. Crossover is $75/year though so once the free trial was over, I stopped using it.

    It would be easy to blame the macbook but its running full windows. EQ is just doing very weird stuff in windowed mode when changing resolutions. I have been thinking about getting a mITX build with a handle for my next desktop and not using a laptop for travel anymore. Just plug it into whatever screen is where I am, but EQ is real funky about this.
  19. Thunderkiks Augur

    I've never used that service so no I've never considered it. Emailing is pretty easy and Google gives me 15 GB storage for free so I have a folder just for my EQ files so I always have a backup as well.
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