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    This is probably not of interest to 99.99% of you, but I wanted to document it for anyone who might want to toy with it, as I believe it may be gone after the transition to 64bit. You can copy the whole folder and keep it if you wanted, it doesn't require any install.

    In your Everquest folder is a \PlayerStudio\ folder. Inside that folder 'playerstudio.exe' is a Viewer program.

    This tool was built, late on in the existence of PlayerStudio, to allow us to view our submissions in a simulation of the EQ lighting (shaders). Yes, for most of the time we couldn't even know what our items were going to actually look like in-game. PlanetSide2's version was the primary driver for building this tool, as it has a very custom graphics setup.

    The big downside of this tool is, it only works with .FBX files. EQ uses .obj files. If you aren't into modeling and have your own .fbx files of things this is probably of absolutely no use to you. It's really of no use to anyone and hasn't been for years. <sigh>

    Open playerstudio.exe.
    on the left, skip the Settings section for now.
    In the Model section click the '...' to browse for an .FBX file to open.
    The Skeleton section does not apply to EQ (as the .obj files we submitted don't support that, though your .fbx may).
    The Materials section is for setting up your textures.
    - Click the 'Plus' to add a material.
    - On the right side in Properties Click the '...' to browse and open your texture files (Color,Normal,Specular).
    - In the Model section Material line select the new texture setup.

    In the Settings section Rendering tab you can change the Time of Day (light angle and intensity), Shadows toggle, Field of View in degrees I assume (30-90).

    Position the camera with these controls:
    Alt+LMB - Rotate
    Alt+MMB - Pan
    Alt+RMB , Scroll Wheel - Zoom
    Ctrl+LMB Rotate Skybox
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