Play Like It's 1999 - Ragefire & Lockjaw Servers Now Available!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, May 21, 2015.

  1. Soulsavior Elder

    The wisdom of the creators.. of EQ Original... BOX Bad... I was there you could not run other programs...

    Plenty of room for BOX on the Other DOZEN, "modern," servers.. Not going into the Classic-ness of the server..
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  2. Parknuts New Member

    Yeah don't try that crap! If it happens every damn time they release a new server then they should be well aware of what they need in the first place moron.
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  3. Mordriel New Member

    Le sigh. My experience at this point is quite like I remember it back in the day. Hope they communicate soon.
  4. Snuggs New Member

    When they said "Play like it's 1999" maybe they just meant "Play on a server from 1999" ;)
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  5. Dali LB New Member

    Really. Ther biggest problem isn't the server capacity

    The biggest problem is that every other game other than EQ has a login Queue for the times where the server are at its cap
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  6. Sinner New Member

    Seriously... are you trying to copy the dial up speed of 1999 also? So the server is full before 10 AM EST on a Friday? Don't worry folks, I'm sure there will be plenty of space when people start getting off work in the US for a long weekend.
  7. Kava New Member


    I was finally able to log in last night around 11pm PST. Created a character in Felwithe, and was SURROUNDED by AFK characters. At least 8. Camped that character to create another, this time in Neriak... again, at least 5 or 6 AFKs. Greater Fay (Kelethin) was the same. The only zone that didn't have an AFK near me was Kaladim.

    You have GOT to start kicking AFKers. It's obvious they are there just to hold their spot until they can come back to play.
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  8. Dornie New Member

    Don't try that crap? You mean speak the truth based on history of 100% of new game and new server releases?

    Based on every bit of history, it is known that 1) launch is always packed, 2) it dies down in a couple of days or weeks at most and 3) because of 1 and 2, it makes no sense to insanely overspend on the massive amount of extra hardware, bandwidth and support to make sure that absolutely every last person who might want to get in right at ZOMGLAUNCHNOW can, only to have massively underutilized servers, bandwidth and support a few days or weeks later.
  9. Soulsavior Elder

    Well been at it a few hours now. And looks like others in same boat.

    PLENTY of room on Vox. SAME - Classic-ness as what I saw in the PRE-Rage. Looks like im back at Recruiting ... Not going to spend entire weekend WAITING to play EQ.
  10. Wing New Member

    There is no kick when AFK and logged in nor is there one at character select after several hours so something needs to be done to address this.
  11. Belgue New Member

    Reboot the server every 4 hours.
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  12. Tyreel Augur

    Guess i shouldn't have logged out last night and stayed afk...
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  13. Raffic New Member

    Please reboot the server or put a limit on afk and do it now so we that been working have a chanse to get on it aswell!!
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  14. Lenenae New Member

    I'll add my comment, where's the login queue? I didn't re-up to spend hours clicking on connect.
  15. Dude McBlasto New Member

    That's a pretty grand idea. Everyone that's been AFK all night/workday is just screwing the rest of the community because they are afraid that they won't be able to get back in. It's the mark of a crappy person to hose everyone else for his or her benefit.

    Please reboot the server, it will free up space that AFK people are taking up. As for the boxers, each account is paid. Maybe it's a little lame for one person to take up multiple slots this early in launch, but that's a whole different debate.

  16. Kegwell Lurker since '99

    Plz changer this thread name to RAGEFIRE SERVER NOT AVAILABLE...
  17. Scribe of Fury New Member

    I'm sure you guys are hearing this all the time, but you need to do something about the people who just AFK in the server and take up space for people who actually want to play. I've only been in twice and only able to play for a few minutes because I do in fact have things to take care of outside of video games.

    And it's just frustrating to come back and not be able to play anymore because the server has been full for god knows how long thanks to people idling on the server.
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  18. Sophrano Storm New Member

    come on people boxing is not cool when there are players who wants to play. I mean think about it no one can get in because the cap is not large enough to handle the load of people. But hey yeah i want to play but, I am not going to let this control my life i'll go take care of other things and next month i won't renew my script if this isnt address seriously not worth the aggravation, that I can't even group up with my real life family and friends because cap is too small.
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  19. OldAsYouAre New Member

    Is Daybreak going to address the issue of people not being able to play, because there are a LOT of angry people in chat. Daybreak should maybe offer some sort of explanation before people start giving up on your game, again.
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  20. Sophrano Storm New Member

    I have been in once haven't been able to log in since I made my only char. Mind you only one account for one person here, while others have more then one account. and others that are sitting afk. makes it real unfair to people who really want to play live not box or sit there asleep or at work.
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