Play Like It's 1999 - Ragefire & Lockjaw Servers Now Available!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, May 21, 2015.

  1. Hellya New Member

    Hmm, 16 years still can't get the bugs out . Play like its 1999 Lag, Login errors, Link dead etc. Have fun.
  2. Kava New Member

    Yea, I'm burnt. I've been trying to get on since 7pm PST... it is now 10:30pm PST... servers are full. Foolishly, I subbed for a year to get the "discounted" monthly rate, I was that excited. I was able to get on yesterday and make my characters, then the whole 50s situation and wipe... and now I can't get on.

    I'm just dumbfounded. This is ridiculous. I feel slighted.
  3. Wesleypipes77 Journeyman

    I can't even connect to the server, let alone login to Ragefire. WTF is going on? I haven't seen any notices, as far as I've seen everything is supposed to be up but it's just hard as hell to get on the Ragefire server?

    "A connection to the server cannot be reached" bla bla bla
  4. Kainam New Member

    You need another server!
  5. Kainam New Member

    I've been waiting 5 hrs to get in, how long do we have to wait before you realize we need another server?
  6. Wesleypipes77 Journeyman

    Nope it's from the main login screen that I couldn't even get past. Well must have been something on my end a reboot fixed it. Now I'm back to being locked out of Ragefire.

    "The server is at maximum capacity" bla bla bla
    Was so looking forward to playing EQ again and it's been nothing but .
  7. Wesleypipes77 Journeyman

    Couldn't agree more, there are a lot of people locked out and it's going to stay that way. If the server cap can't be increased any further then start a new one. We'd like to play too
  8. Numiko Augur

    They should add code to kick AFK players, pretty obvious that tons of people are just leaving their characters logged in overnight so they can play tomorrow, it's after 11 pm west coast and still cannot get in to even make a character. Server full.
  9. Taeluuin Entariel Elder

    I guess I can stick up a crowdfunder page for a server and put my instanced classic up on it, then work on instancing kunark. Prolly get that off the ground before DB gets their shiz together.
  10. XCofeeX New Member

    If I use the Beta client to login ... I only see "Beta locked" in the beta client server selection, do you need another client ?
  11. complexication Kassina

    There really needs to be something done about the boxers. I know y'all see it as another subscription, but it creates an unfair playing field as they're taking up 2+ spots that other potential players could utilize better.

    I know the reason the server is capped is because it's shiny and new, but boxers need to be kicked off.
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  12. XCofeeX New Member

    If the boxer payed for each account he can log in... thats his right, thats why they blocked the server off for free players. I'll make a bet that they will have special ragefire member access soon on top of the All Access members so extra money flow in ... imagine that an old timer brings more cash into the cash register the the current one. ;) and best of all you only can play it online.
  13. Leifen Augur

    Boxers pay for their accounts just like everyone else. If they pay they should be able to play, period.
    If there is a problem with to many on the server they need to up the cap that's all.
    So this ragefire founders chest? totally useless 10 slot zero weight reduction crate that weighs in at a whopping 50? What a joke. Give us a 10 slot 100% weight reduction bag that weighs 0.5 then we may thank you. This is pathetic.
  14. Kegwell Lurker since '99

    I logged in mostly to reserve character names. If we could have reserved then without logging in, some of you could have had those slots.
  15. Riou EQResource

    Yes, you need the Live client
  16. Pukk New Member

    Still issues this morning at 8:30 cst, although i did get in about 10 mins later. There are at the entrance of neriak alone 12 AFK flagged toons and several more just sitting there not moving whether they are AFK for a while or just grabbing a drink I dunno.
  17. Dali LB New Member

    I call BS .. start adding some more server clusters AND/or add a login queue ffs ..
    This shouldn't be a problem. It takes less than 30 min to set up some more servers to handle the amount of players.
    People are paying to play on these servers, so start add like you care about our business.

    I don't care about how it is if I play as a freebee, then I can live with that I can't log in because a server is too crowded, but dishing people and have them press a button 750 times for half an hour and still not getting in when you PAY to PLAY is BS !!!:mad:

    ADD a login QUEUE !!
  18. Parknuts New Member

    This is ridiculous DB! WTG on not having enough server space. WTH did you think was gonna happen when you started RF up? You need to Ban Boxing. People pay to play the game and not every paying customer can play because 1 paying customer is using 2-6 accounts? Be fair, ban boxes. It not only will allow everyone a chance to play but will make finding groups easier, the way it was meant to be.
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  19. Marike Elder

    Should probably edit the title to state that the "Ragefire Server Now Available... to give you a message that it's at max capacity for hours on end - you're probably not going get to play much this holiday weekend...but the server is up!!! Cheers!"
  20. Soulsavior Elder

    I been at my computer now since... the posted open time... At 15 min - 10 min - 5 min to OPEN ! it was locked...

    GRATs EQ. I bet the guys went from eating only rice... to TBone baby !

    from 6 to Midnight I tried.. and here I am again... 4 times a hour..

    ya I got the unknown error.. then I got the max cap...