Play Like It's 1999 - Ragefire & Lockjaw Servers Now Available!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, May 21, 2015.

  1. Beebles New Member

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    ... woot!

    4) Adding quotes in Latin neither makes your points more valid, nor does it make you look more intelligent.
    ... it's called a signature line, which I've had on my forum profile since it was first created. But thanks for noticing!
  2. Jury New Member

    I would love to play on this server, but it has been three days and I have yet to be able to log in. I have been in the queue for hours. Is there going to be any addressing this issue?
  3. Tissat New Member

    Sat in line waiting 2 hours then got a message that I was disconnected for inactivity?
    Fing seriously? I've been waiting in your line to play and you thought because I was actually waiting in line that I was "inactive" check the line, every person in line is "inactive" waiting to BE ACTIVE!
  4. Motherlee Augur

    They added a queue so that is progress. Now if only the server could hold a few thousand more people. It's a big world I think we can all fit.
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  5. Bringr0fst0rms New Member

    do you see me..... sitting here...... just waiting for you... to log me on... head hung low... drinking sodas down... drinking sodas til they are all gone now! i just! want to! play! some everquest! i just! want to! play....some everquest. -to the music of Drowning pool 37 stitches.
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  6. Garsiv New Member

    Why i dont see this server on the Server List??
  7. Bringr0fst0rms New Member

    i havent been here since 1999, i didnt have a computer yet. for two years... i saved (i was 13-15) built my own computer, and Everquest was the first game i downloaded. :( i just want the memories. 2001- ....2015?
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  8. Bringr0fst0rms New Member

    you need to have an active subscription garsiv
  9. Garsiv New Member

    I Already got Active Sub! Still Cant See the Server on The List :(
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  10. Motherlee Augur

    I've often wondered where all these apologists come from.

    Unfortunately, this short-sighted management style preceeds DBG's purchase of EQ.
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  11. Tpand New Member

    Seriously its been a couple days. Thought you would have had this worked out. Don't get people to re-subscribe only to leave them hanging at a login screen.
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  12. Garsiv New Member

    I put my credit card information on the account, i try to pay for all access but nothing happens, it just save my credit card information
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  13. thechacko Elder

    In regards to increase population they can't do that. Remember this is EverQuest where everything is camped unless there is some sort of zoning system instituted now to make multiple copies of say Lower Guk possible.

    The queue is progress and makes it at least seem like they're trying which means I will start biting back my criticisms.

    I still feel given the way they advertised and that they sent it out to old EQ players (in fact I haven't used that email since about 2004; where I was invited to spend my memorial day weekend re-living 1999) they owe a bit more.

    So far my reliving 1999 is pretty accurate except you know 16 years worth of maintenance should have given some level of foresight.

    Motherlee, you are correct. I just see this happening and couple that with the massive layoffs they did to some of my friends in Austin... This is compounded by the fact that these same decisions are what drove other publishers and studios out of business (THQ comes to mind).
    Its like the industry isn't learning from it's past mistakes.
  14. thechacko Elder

    Gasriv, make sure you reload the website (a refresh) on the support pages because they haven't fixed their SSL information and there are forwarding problems.
  15. thechacko Elder

    Now can I still abuse the Deputy Hilltop bug in Rivervale? That was 1999 baby!
  16. Hokkus Journeyman

    If I can't play the game, then what is the point of advertising a new server? Isn't that kind of like advertising a brand new 60" LCD television for $150 on sale, except that there is only one item for sale and it was placed on layaway the day before the sale ran? Seriously, if the idea here is to annoy your customers, you are doing a fantastically successful job.
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  17. Anzethal New Member

    As usual people in the upper corporate echelons advertise/ make a attempt at something people want yet forget to add the modern human factor into it.

    you can't have a classic feel if almost everyone is dual boxing because it makes it hard to get a party when everyone is doing so as they don't feel the need to party with people.

    and yes i know some people will go "blah blah well i don't dual box and get parties just fine on ragefire"

    that's a technicality that doesn't change the fact everyone else is having a hardtime due too this

    you should limit ragefire to just 1 IP addres.

    if someone has family members or others that play on the same IP have them submit a "extension" request.

    i understand that more accounts= more money but at the moment your borderline offering a product you can't provide to people allot of people can't log in after paying to play and all its like *shrug you payed for all access not to play ragefire* thats a copout and avoiding the real problem.

    anyhow that's my 2 cents
  18. Old School Journeyman

    Don't know why I'm so disappointed. I shouldn't be surprised. Oh well. Blatant cash grab, and no customer service responding. Gee that's new. Same as the old boss. Unsub and lesson learned.
  19. manaroo New Member

    Is ragefire still open and no cap currrenty? Is there not a status screen that we can check before buying a sub?
  20. Bandok Augur

    Ragefire has a population cap (it's set as high as possible, so we're maxing out the hardware/code -- lag spikes aplenty as is), so there is a queue to join when you want to login. Morning queues are short or nonexistent, evening queues are minimum 1 hour (exceeding 2 hours after about 7pm Eastern)
  21. Trillion_Cut New Member

    I'm not buying this whole pay to que up a 16y/o game thing................... While I want to relive memories players should not be put on an first come first up the server cap population or make a new server like they did last time when this issue happened!!! I will not pay for a second month of this, as I am sure a lot of players feel the same way.

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