Play Like It's 1999 - Ragefire & Lockjaw Servers Now Available!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, May 21, 2015.

  1. Agrippa Augur

    I'd charge back the hell out of my card (and for past stuff, too), if I couldn't log into my primary server.
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  2. Moskow New Member

  3. Ketel Journeyman

    Saturday afternoon, server full.... why did you just accept payment for a 3 month membership if you KNOW the server is full?
  4. Rhadamanthus New Member

    Eh, obviously they should have anticipated that the fact the game by default doesn't boot you for AFK (and really can't because of the Bazaar) would have bad consequences the first week or so of this new server. But, they're addressing that actively now by apparently manually booting people who are AFK periodically.

    Demand exceeded expectations, this happens all the time with most businesses, games or otherwise. You guys complaining about what was advertised are like the people who scream and roll around on the floor of a department store on Black Friday when the advertised item you wanted to buy has been sold out before you got to the store.

    The real big remaining issue is there should be a queueing mechanism, having to manually click login over and over again is very tedious and poor design. I'm not sure how WoW does it now but in 2005-2010 when I played that game, high population servers would occasionally get into a login queue, but as long as you waited patiently you got it. Most importantly for (from a customer perspective) seeing the position in the queue and their place slowly move up gives a certain comfort/certainty to people. Having to click "Play Everquest" over and over again does not do that, and makes people angry.
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  5. thechacko Elder

    From what I gather on the web (I stopped bothering to try and play) it is not fixed. I'm following them to see how they handle this in the long run; they could still save face.

    Memorial Day Weekend... you make an advertisement and then fail to deliver. *Queue the fan boy coming back to defend crappy service*

    You should read this article if you think you feel a compulsion to defend someone you are not employed by.

    When you become an active white knight to shield a company who is making piss poor advertisements and terrible service... it makes me wonder how much mediocrity you are "fine" with in your life? How have you reached the point where you are -fine- with broken products? I'm curious because I want to know how to get you to defend my brand so I don't have to.

    A store being sold out is fine. Do you know why? Because the store doesn't take the persons money (before they can even find out if the product is available!) and then not refund it when they've run out of capacity. The store will usually make an effort to tell people that they are sold out of whatever the hot item is that year.

    Or are you really this simple minded, mate?

    But please, Rhada... keep making these nice men of straw with which to beat down the people who were obviously ripped off. As I told the other guy, maybe DBG will give you a lollipop.
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  6. Daedelus New Member

    Same here. Haven't been able to log in, it's my first time back in for about 6 years. When I heard a new progression server was opening, I couldn't wait. But this is ridiculous. Three days is unacceptable. A lot of people say 'just wait, just wait, etc...' That's easy to say, EXCEPT the fact that so many people already have the jump on leveling/items/reputations/buying/selling. Yes, three days does matter if you're a hardcore MMORPG'er. I can't say how many high level players there are on the server (because I've been unable to log in - even once), but I do know that in the span of 40+ hours you can do quite a bit if you're zealous enough.

    I don't care about EULA's, what I agreed to, what I did or didn't pay for. They are delaying opening a new server because they assume the population will die down, which in my opinion is a poor business model. At this point, they've pissed off so many players that most of the hype is out the window. The "reputation" that this server has forged (I logged back into my old characters - shocked they were still there) is "Ragefire? I heard that server is impossible to get into. F*** that."

    So now, you have hundreds (possibly thousands) of players that can't get in and will probably cancel with a bad taste in their mouth from this new "Daybreak Games."

    Want a bit of "PR Advice" ? Open a new server this instant, credit everyone that signed up within the last week with a free month of playtime, and admit that you made a mistake. Sure, Joe Bob the Jr. Developer may lose his job, but that's not important. Your customer base is what is important. Admitting you made a mistake something SOE could never do. Don't follow in their footsteps.
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  7. Rhadamanthus New Member

    Technically they are delivering, a large number of people are getting what they expected. That's why the server is full.
  8. Rhadamanthus New Member

    Opening a new server would actually be bad for the players. The simple reality is even if this server had a 20,000 player limit, in a few months time most people who are foaming at the mouth over not being able to play will tire of this game and move on. There's a reason EQ's player base and subscription numbers are small. At this point in time, with all that has happened/been released in the PC game industry since 1999 EQ is a niche product. That doesn't mean it doesn't have a place, but it means it's not going to sustain an extremely high player base on a TLP like this.

    So if they make a second server they are splitting the playerbase and a few months down the road the people that are here for the long haul and *not* just looking for a few weeks or months of nostalgia will face two less populated servers. A healthy server population long term is far more important than you being able to login this weekend.
  9. thechacko Elder

    Inexcusable garbage Rhada. Just admit it. You're fine with paying money to people who will kick you in the balls. I mean at least they're touching you, right?
  10. Gnom New Member

    Please pull your head out of your , and stop making assumptions. The FACT is lots and lots of people are trying to get onto the server and can not. The only reasonable answer is to give them what they are paying for, a server to play on. open another server asap. my opinion is people will get sick of not being able to log in and play far quicker then they will get sick of the game content. This will result in lost revenue much faster.
  11. Daedelus New Member

    "Technically" all I'm saying is this. They are going to lose 2,000+ people that re-upped a subscription for this. That's the only logic here.

    And me, as well as others being able to play this weekend, is important. Have you ever waited 40+ hours for a Big Mac in the McDonald's line?

    Didn't think so.
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  12. thechacko Elder

    Not to mention that it means branding failure. I'm less apt to give a flying crap about EQ: Next now no matter how "revolutionary" it is.
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  13. Rhadamanthus New Member

    I actually became a paying player in January after being gone since 2003/04 or so, I've enjoyed other characters/servers, so I don't view it as me paying just for Ragefire.
  14. Motherlee Augur

    Could be easily fixxed with a queue time (mitigate the feelings of players getting totally screwed and nothing in return) an overflow server (could be integrated with the full server to provide a higher player cap temporarily or even merged with the other server down the road when feasible) or adding cross server functionality like wow has to allow effectively a cap increase on the population. More people on the server is a good thing it makes the server come to life however obviously they weren't ready for this many people hopefully they figure out a way to offer the people what they are paying for
  15. kygo007 New Member

    I am not going to say anything that everyone isn't already thinking, or has already said, but I am seriously at the end of my willingness to play on Ragefire. Since it's release I have been able to log in once to create my toon and was promptly booted about 30 minutes later because they brought down the server and one other time where I was able to get a couple levels in the newbie zone. The rest of the time I have encountered the, "the world server is currently at max capacity..... please try again later" scenario. Meanwhile, there are people who are already beyond level 30. I am losing motivation fast, and by fast I mean within the next day or so if it isn't fixed or addressed I will not be logging in anymore. I have limited time to play, and I am not going to sit here and pay money to deal with login congestion and population caps.
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  16. Wesleypipes77 Journeyman

    Make the new server "Boxer Free" and there will be no problem keeping a good population. I would gladly quit Ragefire and start fresh all over again for a server with single account players only. I'm sure there would be a mass exodus of those who feel the same way. Then both servers will be populated and the "content locusts" can consume their own server while the rest of us take our time and play the game the way it was meant to be.
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  17. thechacko Elder

    To those talking about how it's just typical... if people go into making these launches knowing they're going to have so many issues, why mass advertise it for a 3 day weekend?

    Either try to launch it BEFORE the weekend hits (a good week or two?) or don't do the advertisement. I don't see how you can make any sense of this and feel compelled to defend them.

    Furthermore they could warn people before they commit to paying for a subscription that the server is at capacity - this would skip a lot of the frustration.

    Or they could shoot another email out to the same audience and say it's no longer available.

    Or they could offer a refund for people who paid into it wanting to play on Memorial Day Weekend (as advertised!) and aren't able to.

    Or... you get my point?

    They don't have to make another server but to continue to defend them when they're clearly offering a product they cannot deliver on... it's just amazing.

    You're trying to save face by _doing nothing_? If this is what you are holding companies responsible for... like I said it's no wonder that the telecoms are able to just raise prices and drop service in the US. You aren't holding people responsible or to their words, you're happy being given scraps.

    Further research shows exactly what the problem is. Daybreak is owned by an investment firm that has a history of grabbing companies, and then gutting them till they're turning a profit, and then selling them. I imagine this really was just a scam to make a profitable month. Specifically it's owned by Columbus Nova which is a part of a rather large network of Russian investment firms (the Renova Group). Whom surprise surprise... also own large amounts of telecommunication networks ;) I guess it all goes hand in hand eh.
  18. Beebles New Member

    I was hoping that this forum thread would have some relevant information about playing on Ragefire server. The rabid nature of entitled whining posts here is vomit inducing.

    You, the subscriber, paid for access to a service. A DBG subscription entitles you to access to the entire catalog of games Daybreak owns.

    All the things... No one paid for access to Ragefire.

    Repeat after me: I didn't pay. For access. To Ragefire. I paid for access to a catalog of games.

    An entire catalog.
    Of games.

    If you're unhappy with an entire catalog worth of games, for less than $20.00 a month, than I don't believe you have truly considered the value you are receiving for the monies you've spent.


    Thank you Daybreak. Ya'll have iron stomachs. Must be all those pommes frites, 'eh Holly?
  19. Tachya Elder

    1) If they offered access to Ragefire separately, a lot of people would have taken that. However, the only thing they offer is the package deal named All Access. Now if you came here just to play EverQuest would you settle for playing Planetside instead because EverQuest was unavailable? We know why we are paying for All Access and if Daybreak doesn't deliver it, people are going to cancel. Yes, we did pay for access to Ragefire, no, we didn't pay for access to a catalog of games.

    2) Using bold, italic and underlined all at the same time doesn't make your statement less false.

    3) I think you set a new record in brown nosing. Right, Holly? :p

    4) Adding quotes in Latin neither makes your points more valid, nor does it make you look more intelligent.
  20. Tachya Elder

    All Access gives access to an "entire catalog" of a few extremely dated games, which fortunately for Daybreak still have a lot of old fans, because they're unlikely to bring a lot of new players in. Since there probably aren't a lot of people who'd pay subscription for multiple dated games, they aren't losing out on much by offering All Access. Meanwhile it's a nice deal and simplifies their subscriptions. It helps them stay afloat while they struggle to get newer, more relevant games ready, hopefully before the ship (that Sony already disowned) sinks.

    All Access is a fair enough deal and you know what you get, but it isn't exactly something exceptional.

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