Plate Helm & Still can't get Plate Helm Ornament to Work

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Zepplinn, Dec 12, 2020.

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    I have a Cleric Plate Helm Akkirus' Crown of the Risen. It is clearly a Plate Helm. Has the Slot 2, Type 21 (Armor Ornament) I purchased a Plate suit of frostfell ornaments. All the other ornaments work in there designated armor type slots. The helm does not work.

    Soooo I went one step further and did the quest to get the Akkirus' CUSTOM Crown of the Risen, which 100% was designed to give an armor appearance to the helm. I once again tried to insert the Helm Augment into the slot. And again its not working.

    So to recap, the Armor which is Plate , The aug which is Plate, both armor and aug match for type 21 yet it wont insert. Is this a bug or oversight that needs repair ?
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    If you want a "gm" or a dev or whomever to confirm you'll probably want to petition or post in a different forum. Player support forum is for players to assist other players.
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    At the time, I thought the attributes were made into cloth as a way to achieve an invisible plate helm.

    This was because the fashion at the time demanded that one's face be visible.
    It was considered very uncool to wear a visible plate helm.
    For the same reason, white robes were rare at the time, but after DoN made crafting robes white, white robes flooded the market and lost their popularity.
    Yes, trends do change.