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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Xoner, Dec 14, 2016.

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  1. Astley Augur

    If you want to get into the zones prior to the level cap unlocking them... you need to flag up.

    Also, for certain quests, you need to flag up.

    But on live, they haven't required that flagging for a long time now.
  2. Toodles Elder

    If a player only wants to get to the pre-elemental planes yes... all that have to do is level to 62. If they want to experience anything beyond that they will have to go through all the necessary flagging or be the 15% that can be carried through

    There seems to be this us vs. them mentality going on, between developers and players on certain issues, Storms being the current hot issue. That on certain issues if devs give players what is (asked/demanded/threatened/suggested) that they somehow lose by fixing it as suggested or 'giving in to demands'. A level of pride, ego or 'who know's best' sets in.

    So instead of directly concede or comprising on the issue, they try to find indirect means to work around the issue.... 'a great fix' which generally has even more unforeseen & unintended consequences. Or its ninja-fixed without any announcement.

    Like i said on the previous page, i appreciate that they are continuing to work on it... but directly fixing the problem is going to go a lot further than trying to solve it indirectly.
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  3. Moonii Elder

    Except that this in no way addresses the problem. It doesnt alter the entirety of this thread except take away the argument about non-raiders being screwed, which was one of the most minor parts of it to begin with. This is so far removed from the course of action suggested in this thread it doesnt connect at all. I feel like this was intended from the beginning.
  4. Machen Augur

    This does not even attempt to work around the issue. Everyone who wants to get to the elemental planes will still need to do the quest. The bottleneck is still there, as much as it ever was, only now even more toons will be sitting in PoStorms battling it out on day 1 as you won't even need to flag your alts to bring them to help.
  5. Moonii Elder

    The one plus side to that would be having extra picks since people will be skipping poj day 1 instead of doing that. Everyone will be descending on postorms, at least initially to get all the new pick pops, well assuming they spawn right away in a new pick and you dont have to spawn a pick and then wait 6 hours.
  6. Machen Augur

    Maybe, not necessarily. Getting people to actually spread around and cap off every pick may be a challenge after 10 or so. Edit--unless there's a coordinated effort, that is.
  7. Oh Yeahhh New Member

    Did I miss the part in the patch notes that said postorms was also being opened to lvl55+? I read the Valor part, and I know they require the same justice flag... but why wasn't storms included in the notes referring to plane of Valor?
  8. Toodles Elder

    distraction and detour traffic from PoS, make it easier to go elsewhere... seems like a really bad effort to bleed traffic away from the zone... that will not be successful
  9. Illusory Augur

    I don't think these changes are that bad. They are not ideal, but they are much better than before.

    • The casual majority won't be limited to the base planes. (I wouldn't put it past folks to try to cash in by locking down spawns.)
    • The 4-6 (or more) raid guilds looking to speed run, will have to work for it competition wise.
    • Raid guilds looking to progress will also have to work for it to make it to the end as well.
    • The content won't be completed in < 48 hours without cooperation between guilds.
  10. Shaoqiang New Member

    Do you even play on phinny bro? This ain't gonna happen
  11. Astley Augur

    To my knowledge, no, they don't spawn right away on zone-up, so they do not show up in newly created picks for several hours.

    This is the problem that initially caused the issue. People were testing the PoStorms instances and noticed that they didn't spawn on instance creation, and they would need to keep the instance open for several hours to get a chance at them spawning. But by the end of the 6 hour instance window, they weren't guaranteed to have spawned in time. A few did spawn, but not all.

    So people asked to have them added to the spawn start time.

    Instead... Daybreak's 'decision' was to state that they should NOT be spawning in instances at all, and instead only spawn in the open world picks. Daybreak then removed the giants from spawning in the instances entirely.

    Thus, Daybreak actively made the situation a little worse.

    So for everyone descending on PoStorms to spawn picks, they'll need to sit in there and hold them open for several hours.

    Also, if they DON'T stay in the zone, by say, having their entire guild sit in Plane of Storms rather than go off experiencing other content... it will be harder to create more zone-picks in order to get more keys flowing into the game.

    Basically, Daybreak is encouraging poop-socking.
  12. Illusory Augur

    Lol, it doesn't matter if they do or don't - I'm just pointing out what these p_notes might translate into when the expansion unlocks.
  13. Kiani Augur

    I like the level changes. They won't entirely resolve the issue of the PoStorms bottleneck, but they should relieve some of the pressure.

    People wanting just to xp in tier 2 zones, and people in raiding guilds who're not pushing hard for elementals straight away will be able to xp in and raid in these zones without fighting over the giants.

    I'm sure it'll still be a big mess in PoStorms, but anyone who doesn't want to be involved in that mess at the beginning will be able to sit back a bit and still do some of the other things they want to.
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  14. Baldur Augur

    There are still people camping the jade chokidai prod for the HS key 24/7.

    I know it's tradeable and the medallions aren't, but come on. I don't think the PoS mess will let up for weeks, if not months.
  15. Hdizzle Elder

    This isn't fixed yet?

  16. Shaoqiang New Member

    This is gonna separate the hardcore people from the casuals, and alot of casuals will cry and quit the game. Training and KSing are going to be the norm. Hardcores are gonna swing hard out of the gate, and crush the casuals, who will desub and play a casual MMO like WoW. Nobody's gonna miss you, except DBG might miss your subscription revenue.
  17. Hdizzle Elder

    Hahah nice ninja edit.. Glad you added that last sentence. Eq should be in the business of NOT losing any subs.
  18. Shaoqiang New Member

    Lol yeah it occurred to me after the fact and had to add that part.
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  19. Accipiter Augur

    Depends on how you categorize casuals. Casual raiders, maybe. Non-raiders (casual or otherwise) won't set foot in PoS. We'll get to 62 and hit up BoT, Tactics, etc. If that gets old we only have to wait a few weeks for GoD/OoW.
  20. Moonii Elder

    You play on a server with instanced raid content. So hardcore :D I'm proud of you itty bitty special hardcore snowflake.

    Anyway, for those of us that arent super awesome at training and sitting on our *** for 6 hours. We'd like the decision revisited. Obviously it's not going to be before launch, but it'd be nice if they watch the first week closely. At least see what happens, rub our noses in it if its not as bad as we all all think it will be but please watch.
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