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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Xoner, Dec 14, 2016.

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  1. Illusory Augur

    Yes, I'm aware. I was essentially getting at my guild not having enough members to drop Mithaniel Marr or Rallos Zek.
  2. Azriah New Member

    What? You don't need either of those to get in to Halls of Honor or Tactics. You don't even play this game, do you?
  3. Trevalon Augur

    I hope they don't think that making BoT open at 62 really fixes anything, because it doesn't. All it shows is a completely lack of understanding of this issue (which isn't surprising, in my PMs with Absor he had no idea about the Aiding Askr quest or the giants in question).

    Sorry, if you thought this was going to make this issue go away then you were wrong. The giants still need to spawn in the instance.
  4. Xoner Augur

    - The Plane of Valor can now be entered at level 55 without other flags. This requirement lowers to level 46 when Dragons of Norrath opens.

    What is the point of this? PoJ has instances and flagging for Valor/Storms was a non-issue. There was no bottleneck here, even for casuals.

    - The Temple of Marr can now be entered at level 62 without other flags. This requirement now lowers to 57 when Dragons of Norrath opens. Previously there had not been an alternate level requirement for this zone on Progression servers until DoN unlocked it.

    Sooo....we're just going to completely invalidate the Halls of Honor trials, which is basically the primary purpose that zone serves?

    Drunder, the Fortress of Zek can now be entered at level 62 without other flags. This requirement will lower to 57 when Dragons of Norrath opens.

    Why do this? Again, invalidating Plane of Innovation. I don't understand. Is there something in this whole thing I'm just not getting? Is it to allow casual players access to more of the xpac?

    The Bastion of Thunder can now be entered at level 62 without other flags. This requirement will lower to 57 when Dragons of Norrath opens. Previously this would never be lowered on Progression servers.

    As others have said - it's nice that casual players won't have to be griefed while the raiding guilds are *********** each other, but I still think this is an attempt to sidestep a glaring issue as opposed to just taking the community's advice and changing the instances.
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  5. Trevalon Augur

    Remember, all this does is let EXP groups go into those zones at those levels, to get to Elemental planes and ultimately time you still have to do all flagging steps prior to it. So Behemoth, HoH Trials, Storms, and a Trial will still be required for anyone wanting to raid Elemental+
  6. Machen Augur

    Or even zone into and xp in the elemental planes.
  7. Jenarie Elder

    This isn't the change any of us were hoping for but assuming the amount of people needed to spawn a pick isn't too high it might not be so horrible. I mean, the first week will be hell and I'll probably go to bed crying half the nights but other than that we'll soldier through.

    This is the oddest game in existence. I'm using vacation time from work to do something that will most likely make me extremely miserable. Life is funny.
  8. Gafgarion Lorekeeper

    Yeah, the changes they just announced aren't really going to solve the problem of the medallion bottleneck for overall progression. One thing they could do easily is to double or triple the spawn rate of the mobs who drop the pieces
  9. Machen Augur

    Apples to oranges, with VP keying you didn't have nearly the same demand at one particular point that this will have. It's much harder to get guilds to cooperate when half your members already have the pieces, enough to clear VP, and it's not slowing your guild down from progressing. Look at Trakanon first kill dates, many of the mid tier guilds didn't even need to start thinking about farming the VP key pieces until a month into kunark due to the time it took for them to level to 60. Only three guilds had even killed Trakanon before the first Phara Dar kill. By the time most of the mid tier guilds needed it, 90% of the players in the hard core guilds were finished with it.

    Here, the racing guilds and the mid tier guilds and some of the casual guilds even will need it for all their members the first week. And a whole lot of people will be looking to get this done as their very first thing, because everyone knows it's the only thing that will block them out of elementals.
  10. RadarX Community Relations

    Folks again I need to remind you to be constructive. Those of you who were part of Suspension Wave 1, please take this time to ensure you are compliant with our guidelines in the future.
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  11. Thellonious Journeyman

    Ok, before you read the rest of this (whoever you are): I personally appreciate that the devs are making changes to PoP in the name of responding to the players disapproval of certain issues. Unfortunately, it would appear that the changes were made to combat something similar-to but not really the actual issue. The way I see it, the devs said "ok, the issue is that people can't get into BOT to kill Agnarr, let's fix that." Sadly, the problem isn't getting into BoT as much as BoT is a step in progression to the stuff people care about (the ele planes [side note, please don't take this to mean I want to remove the flagging restrictions to elemental planes. God please don't do that!]). Removing the storms requirement to get into BoT does not, in any way, affect the flagging requirements to get into the elemental planes. In fact, as detailed at the end of this post, players are going to need to go BACK to storms to finish the flagging...

    In the meantime, I hope that the devs continue to attempt to meet the needs of the player base.

    Also, is there something we're missing about the plane of storms issue? Is it possible that the fix we are requesting is significantly more complicated to make happen? If not:
    The changes that are coming to PoP flagging pre-elementals are things that no one ... NO ONE has asked for. Instead we get a bunch of other changes that eliminate some of the flagging requirements from original planes. I get that we can't have our cake and eat it too. Many of us (myself included) have been arguing that the purpose of this server is significantly and intentionally different than prior progression servers. Thus, my complaint that the devs have removed some of the boss flagging requirements is rendered potentially hypocritical.

    Nonetheless, I'm wondering why effort is being made to side-step the stuff we want (eg: make things less time intensive / difficult (see post from earlier detailing the difference between difficult and challenging)), and instead making nonsensical changes that take away from (in my opinion) the non-irritating aspects of the pop flagging experience (see in the PS). Again, I get that this server is different, but I don't see why we're getting something we didn't ask for (removing most of the pre-ele flagging requirements) instead of the one gosh darn thing that has caused this thread to have MORE VIEWS THAN THE SENSE HEADING STICKY!

    Give us the freakin' medallion droppers in AOC's and stop changing random stuff no one was worrying about. It's crazy. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

    PS: My primary issue with removing the boss flagging requirements for pre-elemental planes is that:
    1) these requirements stayed in place in the game for a long time and were only removed much later when guilds had stopped killing the bosses regularly enough / the alternate group flagging was in place. (weak argument, but this *is* a progression server. If we're going to add in things that were around much later why not include alternate access quests to VT etc [*NOTE* I DID NOT WANT THIS EITHER!]
    2) MUCH more importantly, these flagging bosses serve as one of the primary incentives to join a guild, be social, and raid a little bit for many players who might not choose to do so otherwise. The truebox concept has done a lot to encourage players to be more social. Many progression servers in the past, by the time PoP was released, became a boxers playground. People are more likely to be social and maintain the health of the server when there are challenges they need good friends and allies to accomplish. Removing these barriers hurts that.

    PPS: By removing the level restrictions, the devs have created a system in which *most* players will have cleared all of the bosses needed to access the elemental planes, but will be sadly stuck waiting in storms for group difficulty giants to finish the last piece of their flagging. Boy, can't wait to finish up my elemental flagging with some good old fashioned *********** of Pendubk the Turbulent!
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  12. Toodles Elder

    the changes listed below that announcement are a good start, but it really doesn't address the bottleneck, it just gives a 'looped detour' that will eventually bring all those characters back to storms to farm those 'group level' encounters that every character (minus the 15% piggies) HAVE to finish to raid/exp in the elemental planes and beyond. It allows people to go other directions the first day or 2 and work on other flags immediately, and it does allow them to level and get into BoT to work on agnarr keys and join an agnarr raid but the elemental flags still gonna require everyone to finish Aiding Askr

    I appreciate the change, but please keep looking at ways to relieve this bottleneck. Instancing, Spawntimes, Drop #s Per Named Giant.
  13. Moonii Elder

    I am continually baffled by DBG logic.

    "Must maintain in-era" -> Remove in-era zone flagging resitrictions
    "Instance raids" -> put 'group targets' for a flag progression out of instances

    'group targets not in instances' -> literally EVERY TARGET is in EVERY INSTANCE except these and the freaking bot giants, just own up to it and admit the only reason they're being removed is to slow down progression. There's no justification otherwise, its not loot, its not "in era"...there's nothing thats been said that makes a shred of sense so the illogical becomes logical.

    I just want to know why they feel its necessary, and not the 'group target' answer that isnt even an answer.
  14. Silverado New Member

    Hahaha always love it when Entendre gets sh*t on.. You know Entendre won't be able to compete so you're fighting the good fight! Stay strong Thell................................................
  15. Baldur Augur

    Something everyone is missing in those patch notes is in the first sentence. It says AFTER ykesha, how long after ykesha it doesn't say, but those won't be in on release of PoP.
  16. Toodles Elder

    • Planes of Power & Legacy of Ykesha are scheduled to unlock on Wednesday, February 1, 2017.
    They unlock the same day
  17. Baldur Augur

    I know that, did you read the first paragraph of the patch notes?

    It says AFTER ykesha, it doesn't say with ykesha.
  18. Utdaan Augur

    This means they will NOW behave (as in when PoP goes live on Phinny) as they did from when they made a level based change after LoY.
  19. Toodles Elder

    Corrected some Progression-server-only requirements for Planes of Power zones. They now behave as they did from the first time zone access was increased (just after Legacy of Ykesha) until we again lowered their requirements during the Dragons of Norrath era. The 85/15 rule remains unchanged for these zones.
  20. Baldur Augur

    So let me get this straight.

    No one, ever again, will be able to experience PoP as it was originally released, with flagging needed to enter all planes except the base 4?

    That seems like a slap in the face to me.

    It's something no one was asking for, all we wanted is for the giants to be in the instances, and now we get this?

    They are so out of touch with their player base it's laughable.
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