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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Xoner, Dec 14, 2016.

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  1. RadarX Community Relations

    We obviously want to hear your feedback, but all information has been provided regarding how this mechanic will work at this time. Again, should that change we'll make it very publicly known.
  2. Xoner Augur

  3. Moonii Elder

    So that's it then.

    They've read it, at least there's that. They don't think it warrants change to their master plan, so there's that.

    and the information we're told is "removed because they're group targets"

    So there's that.

    Hooray for unnecessary chokepoints and artificial difficulty. Off to go "work for it"
  4. Silverado New Member

    WTB Loot Rights 2kr per
  5. Progress Augur

    If you have read the previous posts this obviously ISN'T going to work for your player base. We appreciate the response, but at this point it shouldn't be a discussion as to IF it is going to change but rather HOW it is going to be changed. Planes of Power drops on Phinigel is less than a month and our server has already had to deal with enough instance issues that took weeks to fix, rollbacks, out of era items, and the host of other issues that has plagued Phinigel. Not fixing this issues will only cause training, poop socking, and general harassment among the raiding guilds.

    TLDR: Fix it. Thank you.
  6. Popanasty Journeyman

    I just want PoP to be fun. :(
  7. Moonii Elder

    Play another game for 3 weeks or learn to enjoy training and *********** :D
  8. Warrior007 Augur

    Can one of the developers confirm if the vision is to make 1-2 group targets/events not accessible in raid instances?

    If so, the following changes should be made to PoP to increase uniformity:

    Plane of Disease: The zone nameds, Gryme (the key to Grummus), should only be pick-zone only.
    Justices shouldn't be spawning in Plane of Justice instance, only the Seventh Hammer should. Make them pick-zone only.
    The Bastion of Thunder Tower nameds. Make them pick-zone only.
    Plane of Nightmare doesn't even need to be instanced then. Pick zone it.

    There's a few other examples I can mention - the point is there's no uniformity with how the zones are instanced with this change in question. One zone everything is instanced - including progression content, others, such as Storms, have essential mobs banished to picks only.

    The premise of the server is to make raiding, including all related content in said raid zones, accessible be able to instance it with exactly how it was intended to be. In storms, the giants in question are necessary to kill to trigger the bosses in the zone, it's being effectively made easier to do that at the cost of removing keys. This creates an artificial bottleneck that will cost the server weeks to progress through - those are weeks that guilds could spend progressing as intended, on an instanced server.
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  9. Zanados Journeyman

    Welp, we got our response.

    I am sure your CS crew is going to thank you come the 2nd day of PoP when 1500-2000 people descend upon the plane of storms like a plague of locusts.
  10. Thellonious Journeyman

    2nd day? lawl.
  11. Moonii Elder

    Because they want to slow down progression, but not *that* much. They have paper-thin logic to support this idea of removing the targets from instances. They have no precedent for doing it, they're basically just seeing how much they can push time investment versus retention. There is no argument for going to the extra process of removing them except to slow down progression.

    The only thing that came close to this was Seru, removing all mobs from that raid instance. Otherwise they have not done this before. My guess is if its not as bad as we think it is, we'll see more similar blockages
  12. Ladysoth Augur

    I do appreciate your confirming my decision to never again have anything to do with Daybreak after I'm finished with EQ this time around was the right call. It's bothered me frequently that a game I enjoy this much is in your hands. It's frankly extremely transparent, guys...

    ...there's only one possible reason why you're doing it. But there's a reason most companies don't go all-in on the shady **** that maximizes their income. Remember Oblivion's horse armor DLC back in 2011 and what a blowup that was? You might as well charge our credit cards 25 cents each to open an instance.

    Nobody cares about slowing down progression. We're going to have six months of PoP. Whether the guilds get into Time in week 2 or week 4 makes little difference to anyone except all the players in the first couple of weeks trying to get keyed for BoT and dealing with the same type of stupidity that many of them quit EQ over originally.

    Ridiculous, greedy, asinine call. Thank you for the post making it clear what kind of people we're dealing with.
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  13. Atabishi Augur

    Ahh so the company should cater to your needs and wants or else you threaten to quit? Good riddance I say.

    Realize something Ladysoth, you don't speak for everyone, and neither does anyone else on these forums. The people who post on here make up a very very small vocal minority of the servers population, generally the same people trying to find any and everything to complain about. This thread might have "blown up" in your own little world, but the same people posting on this thread over and over every day are nothing relative to the servers population.

    From my own personal talks about it with people in game and people I know, the majority of them dgaf which way it is, and a lot of them would actually prefer it the way DB is keeping it if forced to pick one. So what does that mean Ladysoth if I could literally go out and find just as many people on the server that prefer it not be instanced, as the trolls on here who threaten to quit the game if the company doesn't do what they want? I rather not beat the expansion in 2-3 days and have it already go on farm during a 6 month expansion, making the raid content already boring 2 months in to the point where I have no reason to log in to EQ other than raid times.
  14. Garanle Elder

    I second ladysoth's comments.

    What really separates the Phinny form the past progression servers is the casual folks are able to relive the content they love through the instances. The people that originally fell in love with the PoP content are 15 years further in life and do not have the time to put towards sitting in PoS in lines for the camp.

    Even if they did it isnt like you, DB, would enforce any of the play nice rules that were originally enforced in the era by GMs. This camp will end up being a blow up session regardless of how long you were in line for. The key is needlessly long, and for no real good reason.

    What is the real harm in putting the guys in instance with a 5 day lock out? How about an explanation that states the developers intent? If you give a PoJ instance, and Pon-B instance and nothing for the PoS that doesn't make sense. It is almost as if one person on the DB team choose this as a non compromise spot.

    Recognize by instancing VT most of the guilds on the server are already damn near geared to enter the elemental planes. What sucks is the people who are left over from the DB aquistion are the folks who do not understand the value of what they have. PoP is largely thought to be in the top 3 expansions for this game and the reason a lot of us are playing. Having these single key instances that can't support the population really takes away from that enjoyment. The top end guilds will be keying mains and alts long through out the expansion pushing some of the smaller guilds out of the progression and off the server.
  15. Garanle Elder

    No one i have talked to in any major guild has thought what day break is doing is good. Over 200 people between the major guilds think this is a bad idea. Hell even the major guilds on the server thought the VT key was excessive.

    Waiting in line for the heads will be more boring than getting aa's you dont care about. You log in and set an audio trigger for a tell for your spot in line, or sit there and get next to no exp while waiting for your shot. Seriously think before you talk out your rectum atabishi.
  16. MaxTheLion Augur

    The top end guilds will be keying mains and alts long through out the expansion pushing some of the smaller guilds out of the progression and off the server.[/quote]
    Not sure who you speak for but none of my alts will be bothered doing this after my main is in Time and can backflag.
  17. MaxTheLion Augur

    Once again, not sure which top guilds you're talking about. Most people at the top, as Atabishi posted earlier, dgaf and welcome the progress either way. Trains, KS, etc. That's what sets them at the top. They overcome and win. Heads are common and just the first step in the BoT key process. Your statements lead me to believe you have no idea what you're talking about and are complaining just because.
  18. Atabishi Augur

    Ahh so because people YOU KNOW want it in instance, means that those that don't want it instanced do not exist? Gotcha

    Also, what major guilds are you talking about that thought VT keys were excessive? They were insanely easy. They were easy day 1, and still easy to this day. I did an entire VT key in 1 day on an alt, by myself, in the first week of the expansion.

    Where did you come up with your "over 200 people between major guilds" statistic? And wouldn't 200 people still be a minority if you combined all the major guilds?

    If talking out of my rectum means simply pointing out the fact that those that post on these forums can't speak for everyone on the server considering a very small % of the player base even posts on here, and also pointing out that there are people who want it instanced, people who don't want it instanced, and people who dgaf, and the only people threatening to call mom and quit the game if they don't get their way are some of the ones crying about it not being instanced, then sure I'm talking out my "rectum.'
  19. Picara New Member

    I know this is going to be quite a shock for you but most of us don't like to be unethical try hards at a game we play for fun. It's not a matter of wanting things handed to us, it's a matter of avoiding people who will willingly bend and break rules for the sake of progression and pixels

    Having it instanced hurts no one. Why do you care so much how other people play? You can still "compete" for the spawns in open world if it makes you feel special
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  20. AgentofChange Augur

    Yes it should. Hence all the negative feedback. Why are you guys so opposed to making your customers happy!??
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