Plane of Growth trash dropping Vulak Loot needs to be fixed ASAP

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by JohnnyBgood, Aug 18, 2021.

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  1. hjkrdie1 New Member

    When Velious launched, Mraaka and 1 groupable mob in WW was dropping AoW loot... Respawned every hour roughly, and spawned in pick..

    We got a lot of happy warriors that first evening
  2. Eldrian Augur

    What is so wrong with everyone actually being able to get gear and be ready for the next xpac within the short timeframe? Is it that epeen guilds can no longer block others and force them to join or be left with scraps? The meta of the server means things are completely random, as it was advertised. You can still do any raid that you want and claim that oh so glorious "first kill". Do you think maybe this server might be unique in that it is the first not specifically catered to raiders first?
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  3. Kahna Augur

    Because why not? Killing Lodi small man is just as easy/ hard as killing Vulak with 72. Only I don’t have to put up with being in a guild where half the people annoy me. This is supposed to be different. It is supposed to be crazy. Tiers are boring.
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  4. Gheed Augur

    I think its super cool. Let everything drop everything baby loot for all!

  5. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Just to clarify, Vulak loot was dropping off the level 65 minis. Yelinak loot was dropping off level 60 minis. Stuff like that. And yes, Vulak loot dropping off there is absurd. But making it like the original PoG would be worse.
  6. Gheed Augur

    I want Grummus to drop Quarm loot. KEEP IT ALL THE SAME. ITS MISCHIEVOUS BABY
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  7. Gnothappening Augur

    Lodi is soloable. Day one it can be 2 boxed. You could at least argue in good faith.


    You think boxers monopolizing stuff is bad. Keep loot dropping like that and you won't ever get a chance at anything unless it is in an instance.
  8. Dalyrina New Member

    Pretty bad take and logic here. How does loot dropping off more potential targets have a worse net outcome for normies? Maybe they are ALL locked down, but thats no different than them being on a more restricted pool of mobs and definitely locked down.
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  9. Elite_raider Augur

    Going away from lumping all loot from raid mobs in to one big pool like in Kunrak would be a huge mistake, remove the mobs who have no loot or just spells from the loot table so that every raid mobs at least drops something, other then that, leave it all in one big lump like in Kunrak, if you don't, you risk loosing a big part of the population of the server unfortunately, within the next few months :-/
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  10. taliefer Augur

    15 people with alts can kill vulak. go do it. assuming all 15 have at least 1. seen it done. done it myself.
  11. Pandie New Member

    Really enjoy the randomness - and prefer it stay random. Love crazy stuff dropping from crazy sources!!! As far as "you will never have a chance at this loot unless you are in an instance", how is that different from every big rude guild trompling trains right over my group, wiping us, and stealing our nameds? Or how is that different from an 18 "man" automated box team moving in and just taking over?
    Those things have happened to me repeatedly on Thornblade and I dont see anyone whining or crying for the devs to fix the automated groups problem or the assenine rudeness problem - heck to petition you have to make a triple notarized video , endorsed by Jesus , before you can even submit the petition which will be promptly ignored because the devs know that 18 man box team pays DB more than my group, and that rude guild has more accounts than me and mine so they pay more to DB also. I get it, it is simple economics. You want to stay in business.A lot of the farming I do with friends is IN instances already, where the jerks cannot reach me wiht the trains, warping, and other dirty tricks and tactics.

    Still, there is something to be said for the little guy, one account plugging away. Our money adds up, too. If you ,dont like the way the rules set is playing out, there are other servers - go to them! You complainers sound like the employee who would rather get a dollar raise as long as nobody else got anything, rather than see everyone get a two dollar raise.

    DEVS - please do not abandon your experiment and cave in to the pressure. The 18 man crews and huge guilds are not going to quit the game. They are too invested. The little guy who came back to check things out, well the little guy just might quit after being dealt yet another punishing blow by DB.
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  12. Kahna Augur

    Is it challenging to solo/duo it day one? Then sure, give 'em a chance at Vulak loot. Or a chance at two spells and a gem.

    I only kill stuff in instances anyway, I don't care what boxers do.
  13. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    So it is looking like Monday for the hotfix.
    I made the changes internally, and they are similar to the spreadsheet linked above. added a few missing NPCs, removed a few that have no significant loot. Moved a few to different tiers. That means it DOES still include the Plane of Growth minis getting some valuable loot, just not necessarily top end loot.
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  14. Stormblossom Elder

    Agreeing with Pandie here. The "hardcore" raiding crowd will stick around just to compete on an ego level and earn krono from their spare loots from doing both OW and AoC split raided across multiple teams. You won't lose their income. Worst case scenario they jump to another server where they feel more at home.

    The "medium core" crowd can enjoy faster progression and more gearing so they can continue progressing until hitting that next big speed bump (GoD) and having to learn new things, then they will gradually adapt. This is the same as every other TLP in that sense. They will still want to do progression to see what they can and experience it.

    The "casual" crowd can put together pick-up raids, or team up in groups to take on the easiest targets.

    Even if all 3 groups are qualitatively rolling on the same loot tables the whole time, quantitatively the averages will skew the gear such that the "hardcore" end up near or at BiS across most of their force with lots of trick-down gear that only a tiny percentage will buy pre-bazaar because they will price gouge. The "medium core" will most likely end up with a few key people in their forces BiS, and everyone well geared on the overall. The "casual" will probably have a mix of strong group gear and a smattering of raid gear.
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  15. TheGoblin Elder

    Thanks for this! Can't wait until Monday to be able to see the changes.

    On another note, since the Sleeper was woken on Mischief today, will that loot start showing up now or does that need to wait also?
  16. MoveFastRZ Bloodsaber

    Absolutely the sane way to address something like this. This is a loot piñata server, but an Abashi off a mini is a bit much. No need to overreact, just tweak as indicated.
  17. Jhaerik Journeyman

    Nothing is stopping you from not doing it.

    Crazy idea.. how about you play the game for fun? You sound like the type that hasn't seen their toes in a very long time. Do the content you enjoy. If you don't enjoy the easy content, then go do the harder content. It's a for fun server for casuals, stop trying to turn it into something it isn't.
  18. FranktheBank Augur

    What about HoT drakes?
  19. Jhaerik Journeyman

    Sounds like a lame excuse to increase Krono sales. "Let's give a bunch of loot to a select set of people then make that loot stop dropping so everyone else buys krono to buy it off them."
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  20. SkieWynd New Member

    Actually, this will almost definitely hurt their Krono sales. The economy in Kunark was insanely active because there are so many smaller groups around that are able to acquire excess gear to sell, whereas the big guilds will need the gear for themselves. So the gear will now be funneled back towards gearing raiders instead of being available to gear more casual players that don't have enough time to commit to being in a top-end raiding guild.
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