Plane of Growth trash dropping Vulak Loot needs to be fixed ASAP

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by JohnnyBgood, Aug 18, 2021.

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  1. Keze Journeyman

    To the person who created this thread:
  2. Trammie Surprise Apprentice

    Keep the random loot random that's what this servers all about and it keeps it fun! Every rare mob having the chance to be a pinata loaded with prizes or a lump of coal kept the kills interesting. If you normalize the loot your catering to the vocal minority trying to horde krono.
  3. Lemerian Elder

    Please, please, please do not overly stratify the tiers. EverQuest has forever catered to the high time raiders at the expense of the more casual. By all means get rid of really bad outcomes like AOW not dropping any loot but don't get rid of the fun that smaller groups and raids can have and killing targets that aren't hard to other people but are hard to them.

    Four tiers is too many!

    Can you possibly have mobs in different tiers but with different relatives percentages? So that a lower tier raid can still drop a great item, it just won't be as frequently as a higher tier boss.
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  4. SkieWynd New Member

    Developer's log, day 1: We released Mischief and Thornblade. Server population is high. People are having fun. A few out of era items dropped, so we removed them. Successful start.

    Developer's log, day 8: Players killed things in Plane of Sky and Kunark era loot dropped; some trash mobs in Hate dropped raid level items. Oops. No biggie, removed it. Servers are still going strong, much fun is being had. Things still look good.

    Developer's log, day 31: Kunark launched, players worried that random loot is too random. Broadcast a message that things are working as intended. Players were ecstatic and for some reason still had fun. Confusion on my part has begun setting in. This isn't how things usually go.

    Developer's log, day 91: Velious launched: our retention rate of players was surprisingly high getting to this era, compared to other, recent TLPs. Many people joined because their friends convinced them to come play on this amazing, unique take on a game that has been done 100x the same way now. Players talk about having fun instead of circle-jerking about server firsts and being toxic to each other over raid accomplishments (though, thankfully, there is still some of that so I'm not completely out of my comfort zone). Unlike when we said everything was working as intended Kunark, worry is starting to set in about people actually getting random loot from random mobs.

    Developer's log, day 92: Someone reminded me that this game isn't about having fun, it's about making sure our raiding guilds can validate their egos. I've decided to homogenize the server, because it's the only way to restore balance and set my mind at ease. I consider this mission accomplished and will no longer be documenting events, as they should now repeat every other TLP we've ever made.
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  5. Kahna Augur

    The implementation of an overly complex tier system is literally destroying everything that made this server fun and unique.
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  6. Aelfwine New Member

    Can confirm AOW isn't fixed yet. We got gems on our kill.
  7. HekkHekkHekk Elder

    I think there should be a random chance for vulak loot on some basic mobs. Like a very small chance. Kill a rat in the sewer as a noob and get something insane!!
  8. Leseul Journeyman

    Imagine being the level one warrior who just started on the server.

    You kill a rat, and it drops a Blade of Carnage. Nobody believes you, but you took a screenshot. #photoshop says the non believers, but there are a few who believe in the King of Thieves. They start farming rats, kill millions of them.

    There are whispers of the few who are blessed by the King of Thieves who spread the word of their fortune. The sweaty neckbeards become incredulous, they cannot allow rat catchers to have such choice treasures, so they try to kill all the rats for themselves, but alas there are too many rats to slay them all, no matter how hard they try.

    That level 1 warrior becomes stronger, and starts killing wolves, then lions, tigers, and bears. He enjoys the world of Norrath while the neck beards furiously murder every rat that spawns on the server - they are the victims of their own covetous ways, spending their days toiling murdering rats in the Freeport sewers as the world moves on without them.

    Sounds like something a God of Mischief would do.
  9. Stormblossom Lorekeeper

    Honestly, I prefer the chaos of mad good gear dropping in weird places and sometimes getting a hard kill with a turkey outcome to homogenizing things down to a standard server. Also can we NOT maintain the poor design of wakened sleeper = goodbye to all the loot? It was a bad idea then, it is worse that it has been double and tripled down on. AoCs were the perfect way to balance open world someone gets to be first to wake the sleeper and satisfy their ego but normal players get to experience the content, but that route was lamentably not chosen.
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  10. Thename New Member

    This is way too complex, I agree keep the chaos not sure why we are removing the randomness and doing tiers.
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  11. Piznut Angry Gnome

    Lets stop trying to add order to the Chaos and enjoy it. Let Chaos reign.
  12. Stormblossom Lorekeeper

    That said, if a tier system MUST be implemented, Bobbybicks's suggestion looks really good, particularly the part with 1.0 ST loot remaining in the mix on other mobs after it is removed.
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  13. Wulli New Member

    Does that mean that zlandicar will get deleveled since its the same lvl as AoW, vulak, dain, yeli and tunare is only 66?
  14. randomuser123 New Member

    1. Big thank you to the devs for all the hard work!

    2. Make EverQuest Mischievous Everywhere!
  15. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    This was how the server was sold to us, can we not change the server rules now.

    The only special cases I can see here is those on MotM being seperated from those not, other than that they all should be random if they are the same level.

    Removing named that just drop spells from the equasion, why? Isn't that what mischief was all about? It was announced as adding special randomization, not removing it.
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  16. Minpire Augur

    The Krono Farmers/Massive Box armies are definitely for Normalizing things to target farm and make it difficult for anyone else to get to things they need or gated through auction trading - Example: Aradune GEBs, RIP lol
  17. Finchy Augur

    if any changes take place can you please include this never happening again?

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  18. Allworth Elder

    Lodizal only dropped two level 60 spells and the Section of Lodizal's Shell. Most impressive!
  19. Geoux Lorekeeper

    From what I recall, Lodizal's not a rare mob. Just a long spawn time, like Cazel.
  20. theonepercent Augur

    He's a raid mob.
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