Plane of Growth trash dropping Vulak Loot needs to be fixed ASAP

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by JohnnyBgood, Aug 18, 2021.

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  1. AngryKing Elder

    Creating maximum amount of RMT by not randoming prewake items.
  2. verbatim Journeyman

    It makes no sense to include those in a loot pool with vulak. Yeli maybe- Dain, Tormax, no way.
  3. Trevalon Augur

    Why not Tormax? Dain, sure, and he isn't with that group on bobby's list, but Tormax should def be with that group.
  4. Protocol Augur

    Hey Ngreth, if possible I think it would be good to add MoTM to the PoG minis and then keeping them in the rotation at the ToV level.

    CT fits nicely anywhere in the NTOV loot pool imo.
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  5. Loxias New Member

    This feels like a different philosophy compared to Kunark, and not really in line with the idea of this server. In classic, it made sense to separate PoSky from everything else because of the nature of quest items.

    In Kunark, the pool seemed to be as expansive as you could make it, with all the motm raid mobs sharing - which made small man raiding in-era viable. I was able to be in a guild that turned out less than half of a full 72 man raid and still managed to get loot from everywhere, and it was fun. Even when we got terrible loot that no one wanted, the possibility of so many different options added a lot of enjoyment.

    But now we hit Velious and you're creating restrictions based on how hard you perceive some mobs versus others, and what it takes to enter the zone, and so I'm going to go back to knowing that lots of raid mobs are just boring trash mobs and only a few will matter after the first week or two.

    Take this change Planes of Power, are you going to end up with restrictions based on both flags and difficulty? A base 5 pools of raid target loot, one for each tier of flagging, that then gets split up more into what you think are mini bosses versus end of plane bosses? Will we end up with 8 different loot pools?

    It seems like the idea of this server was chaos. The dev philosophy in this game always claimed to be a balance of risk versus reward, but this was the server that threw that away for chaotic fun. Except now you want to run right back to risk versus reward, with a slight bit of chaos as long as it makes sense based on keys and target difficulty? That will certainly make this server worse in my long until it's just another TLP but with FV loot rules?
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  6. ShaggyG Journeyman

    Sounds like they're going back to the Holly approach of us plebs who don't get in there right away don't deserve raid mobs..... This server was a chance to make a change (in reference to ST 1.0 loot seems to be going away based on ngreths comment)
  7. SkieWynd New Member

    Average player: We get so much loot, we get rewarded for playing the game in the content that we want, and we're having so much fun it's insane. Somehow loot scarcity is literally the opposite of fun and we never knew (jk, we did).

    Hardcore raider: I hate this server: people that can't kill Vulak don't deserve Vulak loot. Those scrubs not in my top tier guild or a close competitor don't deserve real loot. And even though in this week of raiding we got 4 pools of AoW loot from random raid mobs, AoW didn't drop us AoW loot so FIX THIS PLEASE IT'S RANDOM AND STUPID.

    Sound about right?
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  8. Kejs New Member

    I feel like this biggest issue is that it hasn't been explained exactly WHAT the intention of the server is - Is it to be completely chaotic / loot from all sorts of random mobs and such - then its failing in that, except at launch, where it gets fixed right after. Some things make sense (trash dropping raid mob loot, that should be fixed) but I feel like vulak loot being on any motm mob (tunare minis shouldnt have it unless they get MoTM too), should be fine for this server. /shrug
  9. Xeris Augur

    imagine a mischief server, advertised as "fun and mischievous" where loot is supposed to be randomized, and then people complain about the random nature of the loot and it basically gets slowly nerfed each expac until it's hardly that random anymore.
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  10. Catashe Augur

    I mean i don't so much care about the loot being randomized.. Its if you kill AoW.. He should drop some kind of raid loot... not a Wurm Meat and a Black Marble.. lol

    Hell he even drop WToV loot.. but again.. not a Wurm Meat and a Black Marble...
  11. plowers Journeyman

    Haha, we're mobilizing to wake sleeper right now.
  12. Triconix Augur

    I feel people take balancing their groups of mobs in terms of loot quality when Velious should be more around the concept, lore, story clusters to better match the zeitgeist of the era.

    The Avatars of Gods in physical realms - Cazic, Tunare, AoW - absolutely should be grouped together from a purely lore perspective. It just makes too much sense to not group them together. Add Vulak being considered the "top dog" dragon in all of Norrath, head of the temple who worships the mother of dragons, Veeshan.

    Dain, Tormax, and Yelinak are also a perfect trio of a group. Lore-wise, quest-wise, design-wise it's a no brainer. They are the trio that drives one of the large storylines that encapsulates Velious. You don't necessarily have to keep these three by themselves (and shouldn't because you'll start getting too many groupings), but the three should be the foundation of a specific group. I would say add Statue to this list as well.

    The Exileds/Banished - Zlandicar and Velketor should be lumped together. They were banished from their homes, one for practicing necromancy and one for cannibalism. Conceptually it makes sense to ensure they are grouped together, right? I would say add the "Guardian" dragons in here as well: Klandicar and Sontalak. These two guard ToV and Necropolis, respectively. You can also add things like Wuoshi, Kelorek`Dar, Vindi, etc into this list.

    I'm not going to keep rambling, but I think these are good foundations of groupings that would still give people plenty of randomization while also fitting together nicely from a concept standpoint.
  13. PewtDog New Member

    Wooof. Any role players in chat?
  14. Triconix Augur

    What a shocker, an MMORPG leveraging its lore around design concepts! :eek:
  15. rearezee New Member

  16. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I had this suggestion on the spreadsheet. (from another player) any thoughts?

    "I'd put the doze minis + Vindicator up one into Tier 3.
    -The reason on the minis is that people will really want to farm those items in order to make the doze quests & it's strange to me that you need to farm items 2 whole tiers differently to complete the gear.
    -Vindicator is just much more difficult than the mobs in Tier 4 (& has better quality items)."
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  17. suinegEQ Elder

    So Dozekar loot and the symbols as well being shared around is a huge benefit being all on the same tier.
  18. Dadcop Lorekeeper

    putting motm onto some of the pog minis would be turbo un-fun
  19. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    So the reason I put Derakor into Tier 4 is mostly due to his very fast repop timer, otherwise I agree his overall loot and difficulty is a bit higher than the rest of the mobs in Tier 4. I kind of considered it the "good loot" in the tier similar to how each tier also has "bad loot". As for the HoT mini drakes with their faster than average repop timer along with being 1-2 groupable they seemed to better fit with the growth minis. And being in the same tier would allow people to potentially get the mini tears from growth AoCs that don't want to sit in EToV all day.
  20. Risiko Augur

    Seeing as this is supposed to be the God of Mischief's server (well servers since Thornblade), I think that it would not be out of the question for something really out of the norm being implemented here as far as Sleepers Tomb goes.

    Give AoW and Vulak a very low chance of dropping loot from pre-change Sleepers Tomb like gnome masks (even after Sleeper is awoken).

    Just saying... it would be something that would make coming back to kill these iconic Velious raid bosses worth while long after the server is in future expansions.
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