Plane of Growth trash dropping Vulak Loot needs to be fixed ASAP

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by JohnnyBgood, Aug 18, 2021.

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  1. Catashe Augur

    Did the hotfix ever go through?! =\
  2. Grimfeather New Member

    A ton of people were drawn to this server for the randomness of the loot. For me as a casual player, it helps me see things drop that I wouldnt normally and for smaller guilds this is a great thing. It helps with our progression and is a great morale booster for everyone when that loot pinata pops and all the random things fall out. Getting a weight reduction item in LGuk that drops in Kedge made my day. This mechanic is working as intended, its the lore of the god that set it motion. Its the god of mischief, not the god of predictability for protecting your bottom line. If people want to complain that the loot they want isnt always dropping from the mobs they fight, there is a real quick and easy answer, go to a server with set loot tables. High end guilds wanting to corner the market on loot is a bad thing. The randomness with people outside those guilds helps keep the costs down in the tunnel. The many benefit from the randonmess way more than the people complaining they cant charge more for the krono and gear they sell.
  3. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Its a character progression game. If you don't understand that, I don't know why you are even here.

    Randomness is fine. Defending 12 people going and killing golems in fear and getting Tormax or Dain loot when last week the SAME MOB dropped much much worse stuff, is absurd.

    I can even see the argument for weighted randomness, so tier X and drop tier Y stuff, at a reduced probability. That makes sense.

    But in a world where mobs are dropping 10 things at a time, and there is very little value on progressing through more difficult content.

    Ask yourself why the casual raid guilds started dying after TSS and went in the toilet after Underfoot. There was zero incentive to do difficult content when easy group content gave rewards as good as you could get from raiding the best you could raid.

    If you do not understand that when content is released, and there is no level increase, that there will be an unacceptable range of content rewards from the same level encounter, when the ability to hit mobs, land spells, etc in this game is a function of pc level vs npc level, then there is really no reason to even discuss this with you. And you are going to lose this argument with the developers every single time.
  4. Fenuxwolf New Member

    I like the server the way it is. Its fun.
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  5. Gnothappening Augur

    TBH man we should probably give it up. These are the people that just want to log in to max pixels without actually doing anything in the game to get them. For them they need to just have the AoC hand out gear when you hail it.

    Funny thing is, leaving the minis dropping Vulak gear would actually help me as a friend and I could duo them. So I'm arguing against gearing myself. The problem is, zero risk vs reward makes the game dumb fast, just like you mentioned.
  6. Lizarus New Member

    If they implement some sort of tier system to suit a certain group of players I'll be cancelling so fast it'll make DBG's head spin.
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  7. Gnothappening Augur

    You show them!
  8. TheGoblin Elder

    So, can I have your stuff?
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  9. HekkHekkHekk Elder

    Everyone who is quitting can parcel their gear to Hekk. I'll take good care of it.
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  10. Lizarus New Member

    I don't raid. You wouldn't want my stuff.
  11. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    So you are going to cancel over something that has no effect on you?
  12. Lizarus New Member

    You've never done anything because of the principle involved? If I think DBG is catering to one group of players at the expense of the rest of the player base then cancelling's on the agenda regardless if it affects me right now or not.
  13. oldkracow 9999 Is the Krono Account Limit

    more loot and more randomness = not another TLP server we've all played on for the 60th time.
    Who cares if the loot rains a bit more on lower level stuff really.

    Are the top guilds full of folks who need extra krono?
  14. macenok New Member

    Same here. I'll quit for sure.
  15. macenok New Member

    I joined the forms just so I could post that. I really will quit
  16. Gnothappening Augur

    So you were probably quitting anyway, but thought this was a chance to get some virtual back pats?
  17. Candlejack New Member

    Tiered loot is lamesauce. This is the most fun I've had on any server and this was the expansion I was most excited to play because of the random loot system. TheyBreakGames is really going to screw the pooch on this one if they change the design.
  18. Lydiaa New Member

    Came to this server because it was random, there are so many other servers that have the exact what the OP is asking for. So many options for them to chose from, why would you take away the only (or 2) servers and make it exactly the same as the others.

    This server has made gearing up easier because of the randomness, for the first time, it's made semi casual gaming in everquest possible. I've met people with day jobs and real lives who are now addicted to this server because of the good choices you, the devs are making. Take that away, and you're become another caterer of the 'elite', the elite who have 60 other servers, but insists on taking over every single ones of them.

    Games today are successful because it understands the power of the masses, and it's been such a pleasure to watch EQ finally understand that the game which wore our keyboards and mouses 2 decades ago, can still stay relevant to those same loyal player base today. Unfortunately those same people have day jobs and families and it's good to see you understand. Please don't take that away from us.

    Those same people who asks for loot to be locked behind certain criteria also understand those of us with day jobs have extra money which they want to exploit by selling loot. I implore you not to be the enabler in their quest for money, let them do that on any other TLP, leave us this, just this once. Please stand up for your regular players, for us, we're depending on you.
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  19. Quiver New Member

    So I heard there was supposed to be a hotfix. Can the poors still get loot or is it all krono farmer leaning now?
  20. Kahna Augur

    I can see the argument for keeping stuff in era even when stuff gets revamped.

    My guild is having a blast seeing what we can progress to. I can see how it would be boring for a large guild, but my handful of friends were killing a little bit more each week. Progressing to harder mobs for more chances at loot as we got great loot from the lower level stuff. That loot allowed us to kill things we otherwise wouldn't have been able to. We were progressing... in the progression game.

    I do find it hilarious that you are pushing the "progression" aspect when the vast majority of the big guilds will kill everything in the first week without batting an eye. The small guilds that benefit from total randomness are literally the only guilds that are actually progressing through content as the expansion goes on. Because of the randomness.

    Casual guilds start dying after TSS for a myriad of reasons. To play the content they know, because their friends stopped playing, because their situation has changed IRL. Blaming it on easy loot is laughable.

    As for the "there will be an unacceptable range of content rewards from the same level encounter" we already covered that it should likely stay expansion restricted. Even when things get revamped. So... no, there won't be an unacceptable level of loot dropping from each mob. There will just be that expansions loot dropping from similarly leveled mobs.

    If you don't like randomness don't play on the random server. Getting amazing loot from easy mobs and meh loot from hard ones is what makes the server fun. If people can't laugh off a bad roll they shouldn't play here.

    The developers are too scared to try something different, to take risks and do something fun, despite the fact that the server has proven it can be a success, unlike some of the other ideas they have had.
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