Pickpocket seperate loot table?

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  1. Deadliest Journeyman

    Ive heard from many people that pickpocket is a seperate loot table, can any1 confirm this with a source other than "yes it is" ? hope i will get enlightened
  2. Quazie Elder

    If I recall correctly, coin is on the shared loot table, but items are on a separate table. I don't have a source, but I bet you could find it on The Safehouse, they have lots of archived stuff.
  3. Prathun Developer

    Pickpocket does not use a separate loot table. The cash and items you pick from an NPC are the cash and items it would drop if you looted it.
  4. captnstudy Lorekeeper

    I thought this was changed a loooong time ago? didn't rogues used to pick pocket vox or something like that and verant changed loot tables to generate on death instead of spawn? (outside of a weapons wielded)
  5. Iila Augur

    Rogues can't pickpocket magic items. That's how you stop them from grabbing things they shouldn't.
  6. Silv Augur

    Do mobs still give those messages about when they get pickpocketed or it fails? I remember a million years ago when you'd be grouped with rogues who *promised* they wouldn't pick pocket and steal group loot but yeah... thanks for the tip mob_001!
  7. Hendar2 Augur

    I could have swore that we were told there was a separate loot table. I'm shocked.
  8. Vaclav Augur

    Always swore I'd heard the same - guess that was a long standing false rumor finally dispelled.
  9. Shadva Del`Shai Augur

    Many years ago, 2001ish, we WERE told that they'd made a separate loot table for pickable items because of people complaining that rogues were stealing certain items from mobs.
  10. Ambee Elder

    We were definitely told they were separate loot tables. Rogues are already bad enough, but now nobody knows if they're stealing pp which makes them even less desirable in a group.
  11. Skipper Augur

  12. Prathun Developer

    I can't find any evidence of a post or patch note claiming that pick pocket cash and/or items come from a separate table, nor can I find any indication of who might have said it, though it has not been difficult to find posts remembering that it was said. We may have stumbled onto a real Mandela Effect in EverQuest here.

    "Eventually, and I'm pretty sure it was before Kunark, SOE added the change that took picked items and coin from a seperate loot table. I tried to find the patch notes from back in the day, but couldn't. Currently on my rogue, my favorite EQ class, I usually only pp in groups on occasion, or I'll ask if it's cool as long I do a split. I'm really looking forward to them changing the shared loot table for pickpocketing as it is kind of frustrating. Especially when a second rogue joins the group and commences to pick every mob practically clean of coin and loot."

    "I was under the impression Pickpocketing provided an entirely seperate loot table available to the Rogue. Meaning you're not pickpocketing loot that could drop, you're pickpocketing loot that could only be attained via pickpocketing. (note i dont mean different loot, just 2 different tables)"

    "You used to be able to pickpocket from the main loot table of a mob. Now I believe it is a separate table."

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  13. Foo Chow New Member

    Thats so weird, for the Rogue epic I pickpocketed Founy Jestands for hours and hours and every successful pick I received coin or an item, he must carry some crazy amount of coin and items on him if that is the case..
  14. Prathun Developer

    Founy and Tani depop and repop periodically to refresh their stock. And they don't always have the note. :eek:
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  15. Skecpa Journeyman

    It's always been the same loot... They made no drop and magic items unpickable (If I remember correctly they even added the "Magic" tag to spells in Vellious because we could steal them from mobs in places like Growth and they were worth a lot of pp). Where you heard it was a separate loot table was from the rogues doing it in your group. Ever wonder why the gem count is low when there are a bunch of rogues around?

    "Are you pick pocketing?" "Yeah, but don't worry, it's a separate loot table... I swear!"

    The failure messages are still in game (<Stop, thief!>, Roguenamehere), however it requires the mob to have some intelligence. Seems to be mostly intelligent humanoids that have a language, although I think oozes might yell too and I don't believe orcs yell. (Splitpaw gnolls yell on critically failed pick pockets and on successful disarms.)
  16. sihpa Augur

    There's one loot pool without a doubt. Easy to test even with a nub rogue toon. Just pickpocket a mob for a few minutes before killing it and you'll never find more than 1cp (or 1 of whatever the lowest denomination a mob carries) + its magical items. I dont believe you can steal the weapons out of mobs hands either regardless if they're magical or not but I never bothered to test that.
  17. OldTimeEQ1 Augur

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    But why? Oh I see the other thread.
  19. Tarvas Redwall of Coirnav, now Drinal

    I wonder if Prathun knows he still developer at DBG.
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  20. Overcast451 Augur

    That's what they get for putting those Necro AAs in where you can bring a buddy back from the old times to help out!