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  1. Zeltari-Ragefire Lorekeeper

    So, I hit 50 on my shaman on ragefire a little quicker then I had hoped. I already have all the gear I want and alchemy is maxed (well 244). Aside from raiding I have little to do. I was looking for something else to play. However, in light of the server transfer announcement I was going to reroll my new character on Lockjaw. I'm trying to decide between a cleric and a druid this time... Or to do something different maybe a bard or wizard.

    Does anyone who plays on Lockjaw know which classes are most in demand? Although I'm pretty sure as a priest healer I won't have to hard of a time finding a group.

    And any thoughts on pro/cons of one class versus the other?

    Thank you all in advance for your thoughts.
  2. bobjones1208 Augur

    I play on LJ and from what I've seen tanks are most in demand. Although, you won't have a difficult time getting a group with a healer of any kind.
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  3. Weverley Augur

    Chanter are very much in demand too.
  4. Simone Augur

    Are you making on the same account? If so can't go wrong with a cleric or an enchanter as those characters are in high demand for groups. I would avoid druids since they have much less desirability in groups. If you are boxing could do shadow knight since Shaman+Shadow Knight is one of the strongest box combos out there.
  5. Queena_Brokenhearts Augur

    I don't know about druid's being less desirable... in the right group druids can perform Heal,Snare, and DPS duties..... That's a very nice combo right there!
  6. Tarrin Augur

    A druid will always be less desirable than a cleric due to no rez and lesser healing options.
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  7. Queena_Brokenhearts Augur

    Maybe to you... but not to everyone! I don't NEED a cleric in my group to get a Rez.. that can be done later, if it's needed at all. As for the "Lesser Healing options" If Shaman/Druids have the mana, their smaller heals will get players to full HP just the same as a Cleric's heals do!

    If I have a Druid the mob is snared and doesn't run, if the mob doesn't run there's no train of mobs incoming and the group lives. With a Cleric the group dies. Even if a mob DOES run with a druid the druid can still Evac, once again saving the group... I've played a Cleric for years, and enjoy both playing the class and playing WITH the class.. but that does not mean they are ALWAYS preferred. At least not by everyone else.
  8. MamaBear Elder

    ^ And xp is so fast... so so fast. :) Within 20 mins you've got your xp back! Gogo druid power!
  9. Banuvan Augur

  10. Tarrin Augur

    Look, I personally have no issue with a druid healing. I am just stating facts.

    A druid needs more mana and more time to accomplish the same healing as a cleric. Along with the need for the group needing to look for a rez ( and therefor most likely pay a cleric ) if something goes bad. Added in the dead person must run back to the corpse (which can be rather inconvenient and time consuming for the group if you aren't able to bind close by )

    Can a group be successful with a druid healer instead? Yes.
    Would most people out there..when they have the option of taking either..prefer a cleric? Yes.

    Snare is also covered by a variety of classes. Honestly, it is rare for me to get in a group lacking a wizard/necro/ranger/shadow knight. Two of the more popular DPS classes + the better group tank.
  11. Destroying Angel Lorekeeper

    Bards are versatile and a lot of fun to play. Plus in PoP, they become one of the best pullers in the game with Fading Memories.
  12. Foo Chow New Member

    I say Monk, make it a challenge to try and level with nothing more than magic gloves all the way to 50.. DPS/pulls/soloability
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