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  1. Magneress Elder

    I have been thinking a lot about what kind of character I would like to make on TLP and how to best experience older expansion releases. I have a few questions and thoughts. My goal is to be able to explore npc quests, dialog, and lore history, and sneak around some zones. I do want to eventually make it into Alaris and Broken Mirror, etc... the later expacs that I never got a chance to play since I had moved over to wow for a bit. I played through GoD on live back in the day, GoD was a great expansion btw ;) probably the best! I would really love to experience that again.

    On a lvl 115 character, can I expect to do lvl 105 high level content mostly solo and at my own pace? Would most classes be similar in capability? My class choice comes down to RP flavor which is very important to me. Exploration ability. Then solo ability. Then leveling speed. I did want to create a Berserker on a TLP when GoD launched on Aradune maybe, but I thought also maybe hopping onto Coirnairv and getting levled up from scratch through the prior expansion so that I could twink one and play it in GoD when the server next unlocked to it giving me about a month I guess to experience it. That would be my main focus. I read that Selos was at GoD but I feel like that information may also be out of date, and I dont want to try leveling and raiding with like 1 week of room to the raid lvl with a few AAs.

    I guess how do classes pan out once they hit the end game?

    Rogue, ranger, and berserker would probably be my top class choices. Though I would probably play the berserker more as an alt.

    OK, further update I found this link https://everquest.allakhazam.com/wiki/eq:Progression_Servers#Current_TLP_Servers_and_Expansions, it looks like Mangler is going to be pop-god through to Sept this year. So I am looking at playing there pretty seriously with a sub for 1 account :D
  2. Jumbur Augur

    Mostly yes!
    There are a few missions that require you to be at several places at once, or which require specific abilities.(think the first ewk CotF-mission requires an AE-taunt for example, or a non-merc healer that will heal npcs). Missions that requires shrouding will also be problematic as you won't have a level/gear advantage in those. There will also be missions that requires 3 chars(mercs included) in group to request(raids require a full group mostly). The "dummy members" don't have to be in the zone though, so a friendly tradeskiller in pok will do(and he gets free flags)

    Except for those specific cases, a level 115 can get very far molo in older expansions. I am personally(level 115 wiz) doing TDS-progression and have gotten to thullisaur island so far without help, for example.:)

    TBM and later missions are kinda hard though. Some of them are scripted events, basically a down-scaled version of the raid. I recommend a full real group there. Especially if you care about challenger-achievements. ;)
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  3. Magneress Elder

    great news, and i look forward to grouping some of that content like you recommend, very happy to hear this!

    thanks a ton for taking the time to reply!

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