Pick Zone Changes on TLPS

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by ViciousEQ, Jan 19, 2022.

  1. verbatim Elder

    So plane of torment just not functioning in open world is not a bug?
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  2. Ryochan New Member

    Well how about in response to teh real player outcry that this change is <expletive deleted> awful. Every time you zone in or go LD you have to check if you're in the main pick for the raid target and if you go LD in a bad spot you're <expletive deleted> dead or so far removed from your raid force, It's a mistake ya'll make a mistake it happens not a big deal. The <expletive deleted> bigger mistake is doubling down saying this is a good thing and we wont <expletive deleted> fix it because..... "reasons".... or something. This isn't just effecting raiders in a negative way it's teh whole player base on all servers. Until ya'll can get it to work in noncombat zones IE PoT and PoK ( and on a side note if the change WAS to help with lag in over crowded zones why not also take this <expletive deleted> lovely bit of code into teh Bazzar i mean that zone has more characters than most... oh that's that cuz it would be detrimental to the player base to the point of being <expletive deleted> useless) then pull the code and feel free to lower the number of players required to spawn a pick for those 2 zones rather than forcing the player base to scatter to the 4 winds every time they zone or go LD ........ <expletive deleted>

  3. brickz Augur

    How is this not a bug? There is no way someone sat down and decided that it was a good idea for people in the same group to get put into different picks. Surely this is not working as intended
  4. Lemerian Elder

    This change has the capability of breaking at least two open world events yet somehow there's no bug involved in that. Very interesting!
  5. Shiki New Member

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  6. Gnothappening Augur

    It is called a feature....
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  7. Kelorin New Member

    This change is impacting Live servers as well as TLPs. Just because the TLP folks reported it doesn't mean it isn't also an issue for folks on live.

    The bug is that when you zone or log in the game no longer puts you in the pick with your group. That was never a part of the change that was in the patch notes.
  8. Braelle New Member

    I'm not even currently playing, yet I have heard so many friends and people complain to me about these changes I find it ridiculous the only statements from "Developers" are that somehow this was a feature and not even for a second taking the time to listen to players effected by this. Listed in this thread (which they obviously didn't read) are several examples that cause or will cause extreme problems. I understand that this old game runs with a barebones skeleton crew that doesn't have a lot of extra time, but surely someone more competant than those who posted here exists and understands how this effects gameplay and their playbase's satisfaction. They are probably hoping to announce the new TLP ruleset and bag bundles to get the surge in cash so that someone who hasn't ever played EQ can point it and say that the changes obviously haven't effected the players badly enough to not want to gift them money.
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  9. Bruzum Grobbfist Journeyman

    boy these guys are something else. don't worry about telling us how/when you're gonna fix the "feature" that you broke the game with. instead, tell us we're wrong. we can play semantics, fine. bug, feature, improvement, ham sandwich, who cares. call it whatever you want, just fix it in the next 2 days or me and my 21 accounts are out. this is one too many straws on the ole camel's back. whats the next thing gonna be?
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  10. Blerb New Member

    Thanks for the heads up. Cancelling my accounts won't be a bug either. The Dev's slighting of the player-base for VALID concerns will only make it easier to walk away from the game.

    We're not asking for the kitchen sink. Let us know what the logic for the change is. Why isn't it a bug? Are you even taking into consideration player feedback? How do you WANT it to work? A little communication would go a long ways here...
  11. verbatim Elder

    Looks like the new bug report someone opened was deleted lol.
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  12. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    You are wrong, as you have been before, because you do not play this game and therefore do not understand its mechanics.

    Plane of Torment requires two flags for planar progression for Plane of Time key:

    Keeper of Sorrows

    In order to do Keeper of Sorrows, you have to go into Saryrn's tower, and find Tylis Newleaf. Your raid gathers under a hanging cage, and one person in the raid talks to the NPC.

    At this point the entire raid ZONES back into Plane of Torment, but is supposed to be in a different part of the zone (you can see it on your map) to do the Keeper of Sorrows event. However, what this pick change does, as is, is because the number of people in your raid is enough to spawn a pick from load balancing, and it puts part of your raid in a pick.

    This event does NOT spawn in the pick, its only in the original zone.

    So what is the solution? Those people have to pick back to the main zone. However, that puts them at the succor spot at zone in. The problem with that? YOU CAN'T CALL OF THE HERO IN THIS ZONE AND THE NPC ISN'T THERE TO PORT ANYONE. Its a one time port. Not that it matters, as if those people were able to port up it would just put them back in the pick again.

    There is no way to ever get back. So your raid has to kill the event with whoever is there, and the people left out in the cold simply cannot get their flag that is REQUIRED for planar progression.

    This is a bug in this event, period. The bug is caused by the lack of foresight by the developers who made the change, but it is a bug nonetheless.
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  13. ViciousEQ Elder

    I think everyone who knows these expansions of the game left for other opportunities or something. Either they are messing with us or they really just don't know.
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  14. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casual™

    Challenge accepted!

    We must create more outcry AGAINST these changes, than the vocal few that were the inspiration for the changes in the first place.
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  15. ViciousEQ Elder

    So we saw the issues in PoP that these changes created:

    Plane of Torment is broken for raid progression. Actually a bug, they refuse to acknowledge its broken the zone progression 100%.

    Future issues TLPs will encounter:

    When you zone out of a raid instance, such as Inktu'ta or Ikkinz trials, if you are forced into a pick you won't be at the DZ entrance anymore but rather at the zone in for Kod'Taz/Qvic which is no where near the DZ entrance.

    This will happen if you leave walk outside a DZ to a full main pick in every future expansion for TLP players.

    They either don't understand, or they don't care. I'm not sure what's worse.
  16. Earl New Member

    Seems like this is an outcry to me. That orignal out cry that caused this must of had the population the size of Texas
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  17. Braelle New Member

    They have like one or two people who actually understand/work with the older code nowdays. The rest only work on the next expansion to keep the lights on. Even when that is their sole focus and numerous bugs are found, explained, and confirmed, they make it through the Beta onto Live and STILL don't have fixes months later. Like you, I cannot comprehend how anyone with actual knowledge of how this change would effect the older expansions could not speak up and let this change go through. I know you've made this point before, many times, but there seems to be a distinct lack of knowledge on their team from people who play and go through TLPs. It should be paramount for them to find some members in the Community Resource Council who know this kind of stuff because it is a blind spot for them that they do not care to try and rectify.
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  18. ViciousEQ Elder

    Their dismissive approach to this issue and others leads me to believe that the Community Council is not going to meaningfully address TLP problems/bugs/cheating. I feel like we are being left out in the cold. Almost like were just another adventure pack purchase once a year to them or something.
  19. Kahlev Al-Calen Augur

    I still play everquest on a 20 years old PC with 2GB of ram and a cheapass 1GB video card. I didn't lag in Tranquility or other high population zones any more than i usually do in a raid setting, and sure as hell no more than i would in PoK or the bazaar. Who are these "players outcrying" and what kind of toaster are they playing with if they have lag issues with more than 100 people in these zones? Are they perhaps breaking the server rules and runing multiple boxes on a single PC that makes them have issues with the players load?

    The only thing you need to do is make sure that, if a player is either grouped or in raid, they get forcespawned on the same pick as their group/raid leader by default. There is absolutely no logic reason to set it otherwise.
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  20. Treage_Imminent Elder

    Just imagine if they were to follow up with a new perk for raids/groups to drop into the same pick...

    /shiny side tinfoil activate!
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