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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Silias McKendrick, May 3, 2019.

  1. Silias McKendrick Elder

    Mangler Server

    Raid Schedule 830pm Est Sun/Wed/Thur
    No raid attendance required. Discord is.

    Everything on farm.


    2x Necros bad


    Also willing to take maybe 1 of other classes minus warriors if you are an exceptional player. And by exceptional I don't mean an ******.

    Quick info, laid back atmosphere, we want smart players who can get the most out of their class but we we will teach those willing to learn. We are not hardcore however we do have an opt in open world hit team. We will not be over recruiting, because we want to know you as a person, not a number.
  2. Tymeless Elder

    We just completed EoV last night so classic is fully on farm.

    Bards are on high need

    Rogues/Necro/Ranger/Mage are low need

    All classes whether of need are not are on a case by case basis as we are looking for the people that are the right fit over just filling a need. If you are interested go ahead and apply as we gear up and prepare ourselves for Kunark.
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  3. Silias McKendrick Elder

    (PS if you do not care about raiding, and just want a home we will also welcome you).
    It is always good to have a place to talk and chat with others, occasionally group, ask advice etc.
  4. Tymeless Elder

    still accepting applications.
  5. Silias McKendrick Elder

    All classes are being opened for recruitment. 1 to 2 of each. 830pm est sun/wed/Thur

    We want to go into Kunark fully swinging. Discord is best method of contact. Put in app on website still. Can also contact Intermezzo, Cheezorchic, Onizen, Zilias, Yakuza, Lyfeless in game.

    Late comers will still get to see old raids as well. If you are proactive still easy enough to get old raid epic drop pieces.
  6. Silias McKendrick Elder

  7. Silias McKendrick Elder

    Don't be shy, step up step up. This is not a dance off but bodies will hit the floor.
  8. Silias McKendrick Elder

    Come one come all, you will be entertained.
  9. Silias McKendrick Elder

    Bump/updated needs at top.
  10. Silias McKendrick Elder

    Apply today and receive your very own pet enchanter who will stick with you through thick and thin.
  11. Silias McKendrick Elder

    Bump, first thread has updated info.
  12. uk6999 Augur

    Raid with low 50s to 60 on avg. Last raid we had 0 mages. I think we avg about 1-2 druids per raid and 1-2 shadowknights. Certainly room for more.

    We have cleared everything outside of VP and are now working to finish enough keys to clear it as well and get 1-2 more trak kills.

    We also do off night and before raid Epic Help.
  13. Silias McKendrick Elder

    About 15 fully keyed for VP, have about 20 more halfway done.
    Should start VP clearing at the 4th / 5th week mark.

    Still need able body people of said classes. Also may make exceptions for
    good players of other classes.
  14. Tymeless Elder

    second gore kill on the server too. that has to count for something
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  15. Silias McKendrick Elder

    Need some more dps, mages, rangers, monk, rogue etc. Need druids, SK still as well. Everything is farm mode, would like to split more but we want bodies not boxes.
  16. Silias McKendrick Elder

  17. Tymeless Elder

    starting vp in the next week or so. Come join us and be part of us as we prepare for velious and beyond.
  18. Silias McKendrick Elder

    Still looking for 4 mages, a necro or 2, 2 sk's, 3 or so druids, 2 or 3 enchanters with high play times.
  19. Silias McKendrick Elder

  20. Silias McKendrick Elder

    Still looking for some high play time raiders of said classes.
    And a some more on the casual side caster wise.

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