- Phlogiston items are now Prestige.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Pwedge, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. Sindace Elder

    Would DBG make more money from one year's sub or one piece of gear bought at FV krono rates? One piece of gear (12 kronos assuming ~40m for 2 diamonds). Tank classes require subs, okay. Many support classes don't. Changing this isn't going to get me to sub a shaman acct, just to buy less gear for alts. Someone buys those kronos by the boatloads for some reason, I assume it's to gear up.
  2. Warpeace Augur

    FV Krono rates? They are bought for the same price direct from Daybreak and more often used on TLP servers.
  3. Frogmonk Journeyman

    Yes, I'm sure it's to gear up, or do tradeskills, or many other things. But FV is one server, the only one that you can buy raid gear on. So a change that would affect the minimal number of people buying krono on that server for that specific purpose is fairly negligible in the scheme of things if it encourages far more people to go all access on the other servers and on FV.
  4. Sindace Elder

    The rate being ~3.5-4m. Not that DBG somehow sells them at different rates per server.

    If someone really wanted Phlogiston pet class ear and bought the 12 kronos they'd need to get it, DBG would make a lot more money off those 12 kronos than they otherwise would subbing even a year at once. That's one piece of gear.
  5. Sindace Elder

    Frogmonk, something even more negligible is the number of people that would actually go all access solely for this reason. There isn't "far more people" even with this gear in the first place.
  6. Gnomeland Augur

    I don't think you understand how people actually make use of free to play characters.

    These characters are free to play for a reason. Had they just wanted more subscribed main accounts, they'd have made them.

    Free to play characters are usually what people dump off as secondary characters. While their main subscribed characters raid the content, they add their free to play characters to the raid to claim extra diamonds, or just straight up trade the diamonds on servers where it's possible, as an additional incentive.

    It keeps people going to raids even after they've already gotten all that they wanted from the raids, because they could gear up their secondary characters.

    Making these diamonds subscription only, not only screws all the existing users who have them on their secondary characters, but also gives people less incentive to raid after they're done with their main characters.

    People aren't going to suddenly subscribe on their secondary characters just because they have diamonds. That's not how this works - there's only so much time in a day and you'd never subscribe an account that you'd only play maybe an hour or two a week.

    All this does, is make diamonds less valuable; while at the same time make it less likely people will continue to raid the content in the long term.
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  7. Frogmonk Journeyman

    You are overestimating the amount of sales that specific scenario generates.

    I understand pretty well, but I stand by the statement that the number of people in that situation is pretty small in the overall scheme of things. And it's entirely possible they didn't expect it to even really be an issue yet that the diamonds would already be sold/given to alts already. Once they realized their mistake they should definitely have made a statement letting people know that it would be changed.
  8. Sindace Elder

    You're also overestimating the number of people that would actually sub alts due to this. This is nothing more than a stepping stone tier now and has lost a lot of its value through less versatility in gearing. Devaluing diamonds does not somehow up value on subs.
  9. Frogmonk Journeyman

    I could very well be overestimating the number of subs they would get. I can readily admit that. In the end, the developers decided that this was the course of action they wanted to take. I don't have a problem with it and understand why they did it, but I can also understand why some people don't like it.
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  10. Warpeace Augur

    Except Daybreak does not sell Krono for Plat.
  11. Sindace Elder

    Really now? Is that why kronos cost more than a sub otherwise would? Feel like we're splitting hairs on this one.
  12. Frogmonk Journeyman

    To be fair, I'm pretty sure they made Krono to be sold for plat to stem the tide of people using other sites to buy plat for cash. It benefited both them, the people who wanted to buy plat, and the people who had plat but not the cash for a sub.
  13. Warpeace Augur

    Correct but daybreak does not charge plat for a Krono or set the price per server as Sindance eluded.
  14. Sindace Elder

    I replied to your "set the price per server" comment misconception several replies ago. Still wasn't what I was talking about. Kronos exist so people can sell them for plat at market rates. That's it. It's better without DBG being directly involved, but selling plat is the whole reason they exist and make the company a lot of money.
  15. Skalde Elder

    Only people complaining are probably the ones that planned on gearing their box armies in phlogiston gear to keep them F2P :rolleyes:, raid gear should really just all be prestige.
  16. Pwedge New Member

    1. i bought the expansion on an account that includes raid content.
    2. ftp cannot play this expansion. (you have to buy the expansion and its not free)
    3. i am not an army of bots... i am a main with a box toon.
    4. i lost 5 pieces of gear today on a toon that has the expansion and i am getting nothing for it.

    Can we consider any of this? or is the conversation over?
    I have heard a few great ideas in this thread today.

    DB store $10 to wear crafted diamonds.
    Turn in vendor that gives you back what you put into it and makes them trade able so you can put them on a toon that can use them.
    and one i would like to add.... you can equip them as Phlogiston but you get the stats for conflagrant unless you go gold.
    oh yeah.... make it if you have it you keep it the way it is and going forward you can only use if gold. (pre nerf thing)

    but i do think you should have left it the way it was.