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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Machen, Mar 4, 2016.

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  1. Ladysoth Augur

    Not sure that it will be updated or noted anywhere but -

    Mendacium - Velketor, Vindi, Statue, King Tormax, Klandicar, Zlandicar, way too many WW dragons to name, Dain on 5/19 and 5/21.
  2. Marek-EQ Lorekeeper

    Dragonbone Citadel:
    5/21/16 - Zlandicar and Dain
  3. Queffs Journeyman

    The Kingsmen:
    5/22/16 - Vindi,Statue,King Tormax,Zlandicar
  4. derpinscotch Elder

    This guy quit the server because DBG doesn't support it properly. Why are you all still posting.
  5. Machen Augur

    Yeah, after taking a few days to think it over, I'm going to have to bow out of doing updates. Just don't have enough interest in continuing to work on it if I'm not playing on it, and frankly Velious is a mess so far. Hopefully someone else can put something together. If anyone does, feel free to copy all my data so you have a complete record.
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  6. Queffs Journeyman

    Thanks for throwing together what you did and updating the site Machen.
  7. Shimm Lorekeeper

    Agreed with these guys. Thanks for all your work during classic and Kunark Machen. GL on your adventures.
  8. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    Thanks for the site mach, those of us with no time to play who live vicariously through your site do appreciate it. Now someone else please pick it up!
  9. Daax Elder

    I am going to talk to Machen about taking this over.... Stay tuned.
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  10. Marek-EQ Lorekeeper

    Machen I salute you for your service. Hopefully this is taken over.

    Dragonbone Citadel



    Avatar of War
  11. Blacksunempire Journeyman

    <The Echoes of Elysium>




    Lady Nev
    Lady Mir
  12. Dilf Augur

  13. Rovell Elder

    So it's all in one place when someone gets a new site up.

    Resolute's kill list:
    1. Sontalak on 5/19/2016
    2. Klandicar on 5/19/2016
    3. Zlandicar on 5/19/2016
    4. King Tormax on 5/19/2016
    5. Derakor The Vindicator on 5/19/2016
    6. Statue of Rallos Zek on 5/19/2016
    7. Idol of Rallos Zek on 5/19/2016
    8. Gozzrem on 5/22/2016
    9. Ikatiar The Venom on 5/22/2016
    10. Eashen of the Sky on 5/22/2016
    11. Aaryonar on 5/22/2016
    12. Lord Feshlak on 5/22/2016
    13. Dagarn The Destroyer on 5/22/2016
    14. Lord Kreizenn on 5/22/2016
    15. Lady Nevedaria on 5/22/2016
    16. Jorlleag on 5/22/2016
    17. Lady Mirenilla on 5/22/2016
    18. Lord Koi'Doken on 5/22/2016
    19. Lord Vyemm on 5/22/2016
    20. Dain Frostreaver IV on 5/24/2016
    21. Velketor The Sorcerer on 5/24/2016
    22. Lendiniara The Keeper on 5/24/2016
    23. Dozekar The Cursed on 5/24/2016
  14. Sumonerr_Tunare Augur

    Thank you. I'll try and get a list from in virtue then
  15. Dilf Augur

  16. Dilf Augur

    Side-scrolling is what you consider nice? And green text for the kill date to denote server first? You know that takes like 5 seconds to do? And what exactly is not up-to-date? I've marked every Velious kill here.
  17. Ducreux Augur

    Side-scrolling aside (which doesn't bother me), I will say that Machen's table/list is much easier on the eyes and has better readability overall. The green/yellow highlighting on the white background is a bit painful. Just some constructive criticism.
  18. Zephyroth Elder

    Sad to see you leave the server man ! You staying on Fippy ?
  19. Dilf Augur

    That's fine, I won't waste my time then. The biggest complaint was the side-scrolling and the blue on black was hard on the eyes. Now a few people say the opposite when you flip the dark and light.
  20. yerm Augur

    They both require scrolling; yours just better utilizes the scroll wheel to allow comparisons but comes at the cost of visual snapshot appeal. Neither is objectively better and subjectively some people ARE going to prefer side scrolling.

    Ideally an improvement you could make would be to rank mobs best to worst and have it auto-sort guilds by the highest mob. So, assuming say AOW is top and Vulak next, the first 4 columns would be AOS|MIM|DBC|OGC. Sorting by PD when kunark is its own separate sheet doesn't make sense, and instead results in IVAS and Entendre being a wall of white.

    Yellow for server firsts is fine, but it's not being used on Kunark. Oversight I imagine. The color scheme could also use a bit of expansion, such as a guild's first and/or most recent kill being highlighted. It would also be handy as we move forward for certain "benchmark" mobs to have some kind of special highlight or cell border to allow them to stand out. In POP for instance I expect RZTW to be in the middle of the sheet but he's a rather important one. Same for Uqua in GOD and Sendaii in DODH etc.
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