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  1. Ionscout Journeyman

    Wife plays a paladin. Im looking at bard or ranger.
    1) As a duo which would be better and why?
    2) as a duo looking for groups which would be better and why?
    3) any tips for the suggested pair?
    4) bard and ranger aside if you had another option what would it be?

  2. AgentofChange Augur

    If your choice is between bard/ranger I think they are equal. You wouldn't really have any easier time finding groups if you are pal/bard or pal/ranger. The bard might favoured slightly because they can off some CC that a ranger cannot. Later on the bard will be favoured more and more though so I would give a slight edge to the bard I suppose.

    Strong duos right now are enc/druid, tank/cleric, druid/necro, shm/monk, shm/tank...
  3. Chuuk Augur

    Well, I think
    1. Pal / Bard you'll be able to consistently and slowly kill your way along, with a little bit of added safety from the bards ability to CC. Your DPS will be low, but with slows and bard buffs, you should be able to grind down mobs. If you charm stuff with the bard, the killing should go a bit faster, but without a true healer, its a bit risky, especially in dungeons.
    Pal / Rng will go thru the mobs a good bit faster, but without slow you'll take more damage and without mana regen you'll be sitting longer. You also miss out on any type of CC.
    2. Maybe Pal / Bard, just because at that point you have a tank and CC, and DPS classes are generally easier to find.
    3. Learn how best to utilize charm on your bard. Your DPS is going to be really low for 2 people and you'll need it.
    4. Shaman is probably the best duo partner for any tank. Other healer classes are OK, but the DPS is slower and you have to heal more because you don't have slows.
  4. Veleren New Member

    In this era paly can single pull about anything (OP lull). The reason they can't solo is due to abysmal dps. They actually pair up well with a rogue. They can stun/tank/heal and let rogue go to town. There will be downtime occasionally for mana regen though.
  5. Kiani Augur

    If the paladin is definite, paladin strengths are tanking and healing, weaknesses are dps. An ideal duo partner will make up for the lack of dps.

    If you're mostly planning to duo everything, you will want a dps class. I'd you're planning to build groups around what you have, that is less important.

    For duo, ranger works, it has the dps. Bard less so, but can charm. Other options are necro (dps and some cc), enchanter (lots of dps with charm). Shaman or druid work well with paladin, but
    neither are particularly great at dps. Or a pure dps class like wizard, mage, rogue - the paladin has the healing and tanking to support that. For a duo, I wouldn't recommend cleric (lots of overlap, poor dps).

    For the basis of a group, anything really, but if you go enchanter, you will only need a healer and some dps to be set.

    So, overall,I don't think you could go wrong with enchanter.
  6. Blart Lorekeeper

    Shaman. On tough mobs Paladin can tank, Shaman heal. When grinding, Shaman can DPS
  7. Kiani Augur

    I have done a shaman / paladin duo, and it's a tough duo, but not fast killing.
  8. Kiani Augur

    I played shaman in live, my husband played paladin. We could do lots of things together, but slowly (unless it was undead).

    But it's a sound basis to a group, though.
  9. Batbener Augur

    Out of the two, bard is a solid choice. Paladins are great at holding agro, and can pretty much heal themselves, especially with any kind of mana regen and slow. A bard does that. If you are comfortable charming, then you cover the DPS issue.

    Personally, I would play an enchanter, because you don't compete for plate drops, you can haste and mana regen, CC and bring the dps with a charmed pet. She can heal, and tank(when the pet isn't).The paly can stun when the pet breaks(very handy) and LOH if you have a pet oops and can heal you both well enough. It's actually one of the better, and more underrated combos out there.

    Ranger I am kind of meh on, but druid is another really good duo for a paly.
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  11. Kiani Augur

    There were originally four threads, I think! Two got replied to and are still around.

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