[Phinigel] <The Broken Wave> PST Raiding Guild

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Snomie, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. Snomie Elder

    Bumpity - seriously need some shamans to loot the rotting chain.
  2. Snomie Elder

    Bump - currently open to most classes depending on app and raid attendance. Higher need for good shaman, beastlord, mage and druids.
  3. Snomie Elder

    Bump! Most classes open!
  4. Snomie Elder

    Bump recruiting now open to all classes.
  5. Boze Augur

  6. ElaidaTL Augur

    Jain still rolling there with you guys?
  7. Snomie Elder

    No Jain (that I know of), but we have Snomie, voted number 1 best wizard in all the most important wizard polls on the server.
  8. ElaidaTL Augur

    Sorry. He is currently called Erasmus I believe.
  9. Snomie Elder

    Ah, Erasmus had to go to 'The Mystic Order' due to needing earlier raid hours. He still stalks around in our forums and discord though. I believe he's in Cult of Chaos now since that's where most TMO people went to after TMO ended.
  10. Boze Augur

    Besides being the #1 wiz, Snomie is also the #1 most accurate DPS parser on the server.
  11. Boze Augur

    WTB Priests. The -only- Pacific time guild on Phinny! First Deathknell run coming Monday!
  12. Snomie Elder

    Bump - TSS coming up, come join us for pacific/west coast prime time raiding!
  13. Snomie Elder

    Bumpity for TSS! Lots of folks coming back, but still room on raids for more (especially cleric, shaman, druids).
  14. Swish New Member

    Was wanting to come back. Leaning towards bst, sham, and possibly a cleric of low lvl grouping happens (soloing as a cleric is just not fun). Hope to be able to play with you all as a fellow pacific time zone player
  15. Boze Augur

    JOIN US! #1 Wiz on the server, #1 PST guild on the server.
  16. Snomie Elder

    Feel free to hit up our officers in game for a friends and family invite while you level. Groups at low levels can be hard to come by these days, but I'm sure some of our members would be happy to help with a quick PL to help get you boosted up, especially if it helps fill in some gaps in our raid roster.
  17. Jelo New Member

    We have TSS on farm and have room for a couple solid folks.

    Hit up Hurq, Treach, Elderan, Vaiion, Musklez, Hardcorn or Snomie in game!
  18. Parashu New Member

    Tired of sitting on the bench waiting for a raid spot? We have spot open! Come join us on the west side of the time zones!
  19. Boze Augur

    Great time to join, gear up cheap to get ready for TBS!
  20. ForumBoss Augur

    bump, it's still easy to catch up, the XP rate is fast and there's plenty of gear to go around.

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