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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Snomie, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. Snomie Journeyman


    Need more info? Feel free to chat to one of our officers in game: Relvis, Treach, Elderan, Vaion, Dylan, Faenix, Juandeag or Snomie

    Current class needs: Most classes are open with higher need for a good Druid, Beastlord, Wizard, Shaman, Cleric, Mage

    Apply here (note: due to spam issues please create your application account and contact an officer in game to approve it afterwards): http://www.broken-wave.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=4
  2. Snomie Journeyman

  3. Snomie Journeyman

    Bumpity bumpity.
  4. Snomie Journeyman

  5. Snomie Journeyman

  6. Snomie Journeyman

  7. Soon Augur

    We want some SKs to loot to rots and upbid the only SK in guild.

  8. CaptainSkeet Augur

    I can main change :p
  9. Soon Augur

    Ok, we got some knights now. We have openings for monk and mage to join the best pull teams in town!

  10. Elivo11 Journeyman

    What's your guilds stance on inviting people who are both new to raiding in eq, and are not 65 yet? Your raid schedule is fitting for me but I'm new to the
    Server and trying to get leveled up. Right now I have a 24 monk who is moderately twinked out and I'm trying to get him leveled up, but as I'm sure you're aware, lower level groups are hard to come by right now.

    If you want to contact me in game even to say take a hike, toons name is elivos!
  11. Soon Augur

    Hi Elivos, you can join us as FnF. And start your app when you hits 65 and get the essential aa's!
  12. Myphat New Member

  13. Snomie Journeyman

    Bumpity. Tunat down, GoD cleared in 4 normal length raids. Still have room for a few more, particularly druids, mages, shaman and wizards.
  14. Snomie Journeyman

    Bumpity - opened up a slot for a good beastlord as well.
  15. Snomie Journeyman

    Bumpity - we've filled most melee positions, looking for a few caster types to fill in the last remaining raid spots now, particularly druid, beastlord, wizard, shaman, cleric or mage.

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