[Phinigel] The Asylum of Shadow is recruiting for Omens of War!

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    Asylum of Shadows is recruiting for Dragons of Norrath [Phinigel]
    Brief history of the guild:
    #1 guild since day one of the Phinigel server!

    Phinigel firsts:

    First group to level 50

    Classic - Nag/Vox/Phinny/Innoruuk/CT/All PoSky bosses

    Kunark - VS/Gore/Trak/Phara Dar

    Velious - KT/Statue/AoW/Tunare/Dozekar/Vulak/ST1.0/ST2.0 (Woke the Sleeper)

    Luclin - Cursed/AL/HP/Emp/Aten (w/ emp keys)

    Planes of Power - Crushed the competition by days and split more Time than anyone. (115 Quarm kills in era)

    Gates of Discord - Many server firsts including the first to kill Tunat and clear the expansion. Our competition exploited to get ahead and still fell short. Server first Tunat, Zun'Muram Tkarish Zyk and Tacvi splits. All open world content on lock down.

    Omens of War - Server first Anguish clear.. with 24 people no less! Our competition tried exploiting yet again to get ahead (causing the Vxed/Tipt request NPC to be removed) and fell flat on their face! Karma is rough. Justice is served.

    Bottom line is we're a racing guild. We look to get the fastest kills possible and the most loot. Our clears of end zones have doubled and tripled most guilds in every prior expansion. We're looking for players who enjoy that type of play style and are looking to experience every aspect of the game with a dedicated and skilled group of people. If you join us, you will raid, you will end every expansion with multiple best in slot characters, and you will kill every raid boss with efficiency.


    We do use a batphone (alert system) to call open world raids. We do not require that you login, but we require that if you are online you come raid. Full member status requires 30% attendance (easy to do in OoW). Our instance schedule rotates as timers become available. There is always adventures to be had.

    Omens will be primarily instanced raids with batphones to help with contested / involved epic events.


    Level 70
    Decent gear (raid or bazaar)
    TeamSpeak (mic required)

    Reflag raids happen regularly.


    Loot System:
    Closed bid dkp system:
    - Every raid boss counts for dkp (apps earn dkp)
    - Officer receive bid tells for each item.
    - Winner is the highest bidder (pay the second highest bid + 1)
    - 10% weekly decay + 25% expansion decay (to prevent hoarding and allow new members to get gear)

    We are boxing friendly (many of us have at least 1 alt). We finish content fast enough playing more than one character helps us pass the time.

    What we want:
    - People who like min/maxing
    - People who like theory crafting
    - People who like raiding as efficiently as possible
    - Quick learners (We will teach you any strategies you do not know)

    Even if you can't meet all the requirements, we will consider exceptional applications. We look forward to your application.

    Contact Execute or Qelyn in game with any questions you may have. Group applications are welcome but will be evaluated on an individual basis.


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    40 days until Omens. We are still accepting most classes to fill a few more spots!

    Send a tell to Execute in game or apply at saguild.org !
  4. Astral64 Augur

    39 days, get hype and get app'd!
  5. Astral64 Augur

    38 days to the Omens of War Race, come experience EverQuest speed running at it's finest!

  6. Astral64 Augur

    36 days, spots are filling up don't miss out!
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  8. Astral64 Augur

    32 days to go, still a few spots to fill. Sign up in time to prepare!
  9. Astral64 Augur

    Spots filling up fast!

    Still looking for more clerics, magicians, wizards, shadowknights, druids and shamans!

    Get in now, get geared up and be ready for Omens!
  10. Astral64 Augur

    29 days until Omens!

    Clr, Shm, Dru, Wiz, SK, Magicians hit us up!

    Exceptional applicants of other classes welcome.
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  12. Astral64 Augur

    26 days to go!
  13. Extra Extra Extra New Member

    Well considering there were multiple posts about it and their competition admitted to it yea, we do.

    The guy running the progression website (who is in their competition's guild) even took the server first clear of Txevu from them and gave it to AoS because they did so.

    I hate to derail your recruitment post but people who try to start drama on them deserve to be set straight. This is no place for his misinformed trash talk.

    Stay classy.
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    22 days to go!
  16. Astral64 Augur

    Ayyyyy let's go!
  17. Qelyn1 Journeyman

    19 days left! Come be a part of Team Good Guys!
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    I smell a repeat of Fippy inc.

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    I think I struck a nerve!