Phinigel Server Coming Weds, Dec 9, 2015 @ 2PM PST

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Roshen, Nov 23, 2015.

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  1. Roshen Brand Manager

    What you’ve heard is true: there will be a new progression server launching THIS year! This server is called Phinigel, and it will become available to players on Wednesday, December 9, 2015.


    Please use this thread to start conversations about TLP4 the upcoming Phinigel server!

    EDIT: Added our scheduled unlock time for Phinigel on Wednesday. Our plan is to unlock the server at 2PM.
  2. Tinytinker Augur

    How about adding instanced raids to Lockjaw and Ragefire, while you are at it, Roshen?
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  3. Finley Augur

    This is really exciting.
  4. halfpint77 Lorekeeper

    Will true - original RAF accounts function properly here?
  5. -wycca Augur

    More Classic and Kunark? Ugh. I think it's a mistake not launching at Velious - serious lack of content and bad itemization early on.

    I see you have 90 day unlocks with no voting. Did something right there, shame it seems like you ruined the experience on Ragefire in order to differentiate a new product. Velious should have been launching about this exact time on Ragefire, but instead you're using it to promote a new experience while our server dies.

    I won't be playing most likely, I dearly regret buying 1 year subs and station cash as it is based on what you've done to Ragefire. What guarantee do we have that the new server rules and experiences wont be changing at whim like they have on RF/LJ thus far?

    Some serious reservations at investing in any new DBG products, but especially TLP server ones based on my Ragefire experience. What will be different about this TLp server?

    PS - The announcement doesn't mention instanced PoF/PoH/PoSky zones or raid mobs. Just Phinnie/Vox/Nag. Are those 3 mobs the only instanced ones?
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  6. Tachyon Augur

    Great plan! Thanks all!!!
  7. Kahlev Al-Calen Augur

    Too bad on the 90 days unlock. Was looking forward to this, now i guess i'll am stuck on Lockjaw for the time being... at least until next week when people start asking for a vote to speed up things again.
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  8. Vaclav Augur

    So the rumors of axing the MotM buff were incorrect - I look forward to the difficulty bump, not sure everyone feels the same however. But would have pros and cons either way.

    Rest looks good though, 2-3 months is the right amount of time per expac to me. Hopefully y'all don't get behind on setting up raid instances.

    Think the 9th is about perfect with how my schedule is working too, interestingly enough.

    One clarification I'm sure some people will ask for though (I don't personally care though, just being proactive to ask the question for them) is: Will there be enforcement policies in place for those that evade the boxing limitations to multibox with forbidden software and/or with something to force boxing on a single machine? Or are you just leaving it up to the detection code?
  9. Silentmassacre New Member

    Would like to see more tears from members of Ragefire. Yes... give me those tears.
    Why has no one created a pvp version yet? With instancing and what not, can avoid one guild locking down every spawn. Require true boxing from accounts, and can lower the CS headache by going with a sullon zek style rule-set.
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  10. Roshen Brand Manager

    There are no plans to bring raid instancing to Lockjaw or Ragefire.
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  11. halfpint77 Lorekeeper

    Also - Will there be a or is there a ban or some sort of protocol in place to prevent VM's? I recall this question being asked a while ago about accounts being banned due to VM use be it banned wrongfully or the VM's are just frowned upon; I do not recall it correctly in either case. I just remember that it was a topic of conversation and would certainly want people to be clear on the aspect of VM's before people attempt to load them up for proclaimed 'True multi-boxing'.

  12. mbwon New Member

    will the raid mobs have the debuff for mage and necro pets still on this server?
  13. Finley Augur

    Will open world bosses spawn at an accelerated rate like RF/LJ?
  14. Elkay Augur

    I thought I would never even come back to these forums again, but I just saw the FB post and I'm popping in to say that the rule set outlined for this server is set up for a real win. This is just about spot on for the rule set I said they needed all along (remember that 97 page thread?).

    Instanced raids on my own schedule? Win.
    Open-world raid targets left intact for the inspired? Win.
    Deterrents from single players hogging all the camps with 18 boxes? Win.
    No bickering or uncertainty over unlock schedules? Win.

    This is enough for me to resub and check it out at least. This is the kind of effort I want to get behind DBG on for finally listening to the TLP playerbase. I really hope this is a success.

    DBG - Make sure this is a clean launch. Don't leave the beta testing up to the players and you have a real win here.
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  15. Vaclav Augur

    Also another question: No mention of Fear/Hate/Sky on announcement - will any/all of those be instanced? And if so how? (i.e. CT only, Full fear instances, etc)
  16. ShamWow-RF Lorekeeper

    Any news at all about the Velious vote situation on Ragefire? Any word at all instead of complete silence would be really awesome. I don't care one way or the other whether we have a Velious Christmas or end of March, just any official statement since the last we heard was that you guys were going to be taking a look at it. Thanks.
  17. Aneuren Tempered Steel

    Excellent, release two unfinished TLP servers in the face of overwhelming negative feedback at your choice not to instance raid content. Claim that you do not have the resources to instance this content. Mess with the advertised time lines that brought us to these servers to begin with. Then, create a new server with most of the input we gave before the TLP servers were released, but lock the customers that gave you that input into their old servers (or force to reroll).

    I'm assuming this wasn't your call Roshen so this isn't addressed at you, but Daybreak man, do you even care about your customers? It sounds like you now have the resources to create this content. So what excuse are we back to now?
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  18. Roshen Brand Manager

    We'll have things in place that prevent players from boxing from a single machine.
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  19. AlmarsGuides Augur

    What do you plan to do when two or three "box armies" decide to work together on the new server and farm Naggy/Vox/Other raid targets as they do on other servers and will always do on future servers.

    Even without 3rd party software most of us who box large amounts of characters are still skilled enough to take down a dragon, especially considering how easy it is.

    Do you currently have any plans to take administrative action against this type of behaviour even though it obeys every rule you have set forth for the new server?
  20. Elkay Augur

    They said they didn't have the resources at the time due to the expansion release. Now that the expansion is out, they probably had some time to actually listen to the overwhelming feedback and actually work on this.
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