[Phinigel] PoR Jewelcraft items not dropping and tradeskill trophy combines not working

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Baldur, Mar 31, 2018.

  1. Nolrog Augur

    According to a quick barter search, none of any of them tradeskill versions have dropped yet. Only the shaped prestidigitase and shaped stuarolite, and no harmonagate of any kind.
  2. Catashe Augur

    Probably a super rare item and no one really farms ToB unless it the instance and need Deathknell keys
  3. Catashe Augur

    Come now Ngreth.. We all know you can work magic! ;)
  4. Darchias Augur

    Maybe as a quick hotfix, you can expansion tag the relevant broken recipes as PoR, then change it back when you do the sweeping fix? That might be more complicated than I think it is, but it'll get the quests functional until a better fix can be obtained and allows people who already have all the stuff finish.
  5. Nolrog Augur

    This cannot be hot fixed. It would need a full patch to fix. And it's not in the April test patch notes that I noticed.
  6. Nolrog Augur

    I think the Journeyman Smithing cannot be completed either.

    One of the combines is to create a Pale Platinum Mace. The sub-combines include a Pale Nihilite Short Haft Kit, and to create that, I need either a Raw Crimson Nihilite or a Raw Pale Nihilite

    From what I can tell, Raw Pale Nihilte no longer drops (changed to Raw Crimson Nihilite) and there does not seem to have been any Raw Crimson Nihilite dropped on Phini at all (I checked the buyer, which is supposed to show everything that has dropped on the server, and nothing shows up.)

    Has anyone on Phini seen one of the Nihilite's? If so, where?
  7. Punchis-themonk Lorekeeper

    They don't drop now till seeds of destruction I believe.
  8. Chatoyan Elder

    I did this quest, so it must be possible, but I have no idea where I found the nihilite. I hoard a lot of tradeskill stuff on the off chance it'll be useful later.
  9. Nolrog Augur

    Are you sure it was the Journeyman version? This seems to affect only Journeyman and Expert, but if you did Master or Freshman, you could complete it.

    I have been saving everything with a tradeskill tag as well (and things that sound like they may be), so I had a bunch of Shaped Pale Nihilite, but no Crimson and the buyer function didn't show any, which items don't generally show up until they drop once.
  10. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Okay. I need specifics on what elements of which tradeskill trophy task are not completable.
    Please give me the title like "Journeyman Alchemist Test" and which item cannot be completed.

    I've wasted a week doing research, fighting with getting the data I need. (And failed)
    So I started a manual check, and I checked the Practice combines and the Rubilite combine, and they are possible in PoR.
  11. Mithra Elder

    Journeyman Smith Test - Pale Platinum Mace
    Expert Smith Test - Pale Platinum Mace
    Journeyman Jeweler Test - Velium Practice Earring
    Expert Jeweler Test - Velium Practice Earring
    Expert Jeweler Test - Palladium Practice Earring
    Master Jeweler Test - Velium Practice Earring
    Master Jeweler Test - Pear Cut Rubellite
    Expert Researcher Test - Researcher Ceramic Clay
    Master Researcher Test - Researcher Ceramic Clay
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  12. Punchis-themonk Lorekeeper

    @Ngreth I can only provide you the ones I have tested, but here they are in detail.

    I am doing 'Expert Jeweler Test'
    Step 5: Create 1 Velium Practice Earring using tradeskills.
    Velium Practice Earring: Components: Earring Mold, Solo Setting Tool, Velium Bar
    (Jewelcraft, Trivial 203) Yield: 1

    Step 8: Create 1 Palladium Practice Earring using tradeskills.
    Palladium Practice Earring: Components: Earring Mold, Prismatic Palladium Bar, Solo Setting Tool
    (Jewelcraft, Trivial 250) Yield: 1
    ~~ Results = Will not combine


    Journeyman Smith Test
    Step 9: Create 1 Pale Platinum Mace using tradeskills. (Deliver 1)
    The problem here is that Raw Crimson Nihilite does not drop and it is required for to make both of the subcombines of this item.

  13. Jaera Augur

    Task/Quest Name: Journeyman Smith Test
    Required TS Item to make:
    Pale Platinum Mace
    The subcombines necessary to make the Pale Platinum Mace require the random world drop 'Raw Crimson Nihilite' in order to create.
    More Details
    Raw Crimson Nihilite can be turned in to Glirina Morningbloom in Absymal sea to receive Crimson Nihilite, which are used to create Pale Nihilite Short Haft Kit and Pale Nihilite Small Head Kit. Both of these are used for further subcombines (Pale Platinum Inlaid Mace Haft and Pale Platinum Inlaid Mace Head) that are used to create the Pale Platinum Mace. At some point in the past, Raw Pale Nihilite was removed as a world-drop gem and replaced by Raw Crimson Nihilite. Raw Crimson Nihilite does not drop on the Phinigel server as of Prophecy of Ro.
  14. Ryak Augur

    This is the list that I am aware of as well.
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  15. Baldur Augur

    The Pear Cut Rubellite recipe may very well be possible in PoR, that isn't the problem.

    The problem is the Uncut Rubellite doesn't drop in PoR. Not sure when it's flagged to start dropping, but my guess is SoF. And if you say it's dropping you're wrong, none of the uncut gems are dropping. You said the PoR gems are dropping, but still yet to see one. They are supposed to be global drops so I would assume if they were dropping someone would have seen at least one by now.
  16. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Thanks for the details. Gives me a better place to start.
    The available historic data didn;t show me what I needed, and my queries to try and come up with what I needed blew up so bad it actually corrupted my database.
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  17. Punchis-themonk Lorekeeper

  18. Jahtw Journeyman

    Any chance you could look into the combine to make the carry-all bags with a maxed trophy?Of course i'd prefer that the combine be made available now; if not that, could we at least get word on when it is set to go live?

    So you know exactly what present situation is: currently on Phinny, the quest with Jolum in the bazaar works for both master and maxed (7/7) trophies. (I haven't tried with any lower trophies).Giving him a 10 slot temporary bag gets you a master artisan essence, a temporary 12 slot gets you a regular artisan essence.

    If you then combine the master essence in the appropriate container, the combine does work and you get a lore, permanent 10 slot bag, one for each master trophy ("master smith carry-all", etc...). But the combine with "an artisan essence" (12 slot) returns the "you do not meet the requirements" message.

    So something is out of whack: it seems odd that the 12 slot combine is blocked while the 10 slot one is not, and it seems odd that the 12 slot quest is unlocked in PoR while the only possible use for its reward is a blocked TS combine.
  19. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Please give me some specific item names, then I can see what is what
  20. Punchu Augur

    The Master Artisan Satchel summoned from the Master Baker's Trophy and turned into Jolum (bazaar) returns a Master Artisan Essence which combines in a baking container by itself into Master Baker's Carry-All. Looks good.

    The Artisan Satchel summoned from the Denmother's Rolling Pin and turned into Jolum (bazaar) returns an Artisan Essence which combines in a baking container to...failed combine. Here's our problem.

    If you have the Master Baker's Carry-all in your inventory then the Artisan Essence combine fails because "that combine would result in a LORE item (Denmother's Carry-All) you already posess. Pretty sure that's intended.

    If you do not have the Master Baker's Carry-All in your inventory then the Artisan Essence combine fails because "you can not make this combine because you fail to meet the requirements".

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