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  1. Warrior007 Augur


    Original Gangster Club is the top raiding guild on the TLP server Phinigel. We started OGC day one as a carry-over guild combined with Fippy <Citizen> and Lockjaw <Modest Man> members and we're now made up of players from all over live servers and TLPs! We are currently farming and progressing in Ring of Scale on Phinigel, and we are looking for new members!

    Schedule & DKP:

    We are a casual friendly guild with lenient RA requirements and raid times. We only generally raid three days a week! Our raid nights are Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 6:00 PM Central to typically 10:00 PM Central. To best utilize lockouts, we have a rotating off night on one of our raid nights. We only require 40% 30-day RA to bid as an unrestricted full member. We test upcoming expansions, and have predictable launch schedules that are in addition to the raid days we normally raid.

    We use an open, scaling DKP bidding system in /rsay and other chat channels. One of our members created OpenDKP, and we use that to track raid attendance and DKP.

    What makes OGC unique:

    We've always been a top guild in server-first completions on Phinigel, and we have the overall fastest expansion completions on all TLPs. We have been the top guild in split raiding to maximize loot for all members and their alts. We are also the only guild server-wide to of completed the Underfoot: Grand Slam achievement in era!

    If you are a new or returning player, OGC members are extremely friendly and helpful towards getting you up to speed! You don't need prior raid experience, but you do need to love the game! Anyone can join our guild and raid as a Friends & Family rank with the option to apply as a full member at their discretion. We love this game, and enjoy having a fun culture. We think we've got some of the finest frontpage updates, we may be a little biased on that though! We invite you to join us as we continue our legendary journey to experience all the rich content as we progress to live!

    Application Requirements:
    Max level in the current expansion and reasonable AA count. We also require members to obtain long lasting bonuses for their characters such as DoN tier 4 progression and all MPG trials. Class specifically, for example, necromancer's having their 2.5s and priests having the Vox stick.

    We use Mumble as our primary voice service. We also utilize Discord, GINA and parse extensively with GamParse.

    We are always recruiting exceptional players, our current highest recruitment needs are:
    - Bard
    - Ranger
    - Cleric
    - Druid
    - Shaman

    Get in contact with Froogle (Froogle#9926), Satoshi (Dima#3994), or Forgoth in game for more information, or send any of them a PM on our forums.
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  2. Chimero New Member

    Best raid guild across all TLPs!! Check them out!
  3. Warrior007 Augur

    Farming continues in RoF as we prepare for CoTF! Great time to catch up.

    Looking for a bard, enchanter, cleric, and shaman primarily.
  4. Warrior007 Augur

    CoTF right around the corner! Heroics will be introduced here soon as well. Reach out to one of us for information about joining our ranks!
  5. Kragin Augur

    Could use a wizard or two~
  6. Warrior007 Augur

    COTF out and about! Beaten all the raid content available so far - including Plane of War twins! Expecting to beat the expansion when the final tier (hopefully properly!) unlocks this upcoming Thursday.

    Heroics active, tons of activity outside of raids, great time to catch up or start fresh!
  7. Warrior007 Augur

    CoTF farm ongoing! Only ones to beat and farm PoWar.

    TDS soon! Still looking for a few more good souls to join for the fun!
  8. Warrior007 Augur

    Bonus XP, free heroics!

    TDS in 8 days!
  9. Warrior007 Augur

    The Darkened Sea vanquished in a week from launch!

    Certainly bittersweet after all of these years from Fippy :)

    Looking for a few more good people to join, primarily priests and bards!
  10. Warrior007 Augur

    Class needs updated - Now splitting Arx!

    We've been running catch up events for older clickies/gear for new/returning players. Looking for a few good souls still!
  11. Barbuda New Member

    I would be interested but i am waiting on Starlink to be launched so i can play from the middle of lake Michigan. And i only play paladins, not on your list so guess i am out.
  12. Warrior007 Augur

    420 operational Starlink satellites now, just the perfect amount for you to play in the middle of Lake Michigan with the 54 man paladin raid dream team soon! In SpaceX we trust.

    We're always open to exceptional players of any class. As long as you love the game, that's the passion we're looking for :)
  13. Attila Augur

    Good to see you guys are still alive and kicking
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  14. Warrior007 Augur

    Now splitting Arx 4 and 5! Those were incredibly challenging splits to pull off tonight. Looking for a few more passionate players!
  15. Warrior007 Augur

    Decided to finish up the last TDS achievement today! Hello Emperor and Empress titles!


    Looking for some more talented players to join our Club! As long as you love the game, that's the passion we're looking for.
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  16. Warrior007 Augur

    The Broken Mirror in a little over a week!

    Still looking for a few more good souls who love the game! Great time to catch up with bonus XP!
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  17. Froogle of Veeshan New Member

    EoK in a little over 2 weeks!

    With only 3 expansions left before making it to live in-era settings , OGC is full steam ahead!


    Recruitment is open for ALL however Cleric/Bard/Druid/Enchanter are the "high" needed classes pretty much always. Returning with an old character or transferring from another server is never a problem. Utilize your free heroic claim if you still have it and join the fray on a toon you desire!

    -LOOT Privileges* explored for high need class recruits!

    -State of the art DKP System built by Moncs designed with member/officer influences to make DKP and Loot Distrobution easier on both parties during raid settings. Most effective system you will see on the market.

    -Guidance in being brought up to speed in the way of AA and progression is available with many helpful members as well as officers.

    -Raid Achievements are prioritized and actively worked towards as well with the aim to increase raid power and effectiveness.

    -Outlined DKP bonuses per expansion! Prior expansion DKP bonuses still available that will never expire! Truly a ton of offerings to get interested players caught up to speed.

    Questions? Don't hesitate - investigate! Reach out to *anyone* in OGC for more general information or directly get a hold of me in game or discord (Froogle#9926) for any question/comment/concern you may have.


    Thank you

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  18. Warrior007 Augur

    Empires of Kunark has launched as of yesterday!

    T1 progression raids downed the same night -- Looking for more passionate players to join the marathon!

  19. Froogle of Veeshan New Member

    As our team continues to achieve success we seek to expand our family!

    Recently having seen a few new faces joining the Phinigel server as well as the presence of 3 separate progression minded guild parties actively clearing EoK content, it's clear that there is still a thriving community with dedicated and accomplished players. It is *never* too late to join in on the grand adventure of experiencing the most recent EverQuest raid material with a group of like minded, talented, individuals.


    Many perks, adventures, experiences, and content clearing to be had! Inquire within!

    Ask questions or just plain say "Hello" if you want, any time! @ Discord : Froogle#9926
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  20. Warrior007 Augur

    RoS launched on Wednesday!

    Rolling through the content day one, farming, and most importantly - having a blast doing it!

    Looking for a few more good souls to join the fun! Reach out to one of us to get onboard!

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