[Phinigel] Master PoP Instances Testing Thread

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Warrior007, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. Prathun Developer

    Yeah, but clearing all DZ lockouts via a triggerable dialogue might be exploited.
  2. RumbleBumps New Member

    Hasn't stopped you from allowing exploitable bugs on live servers in the past.....
  3. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Updated List 12/21/16

    Blue - Addressed and resolved with a recent patch
    Green - Not yet resolved
    Red - Still broken after a recent patch was supposed to fix it.

    Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind (Plane of Air):
    • During the Wind Ring (Stormriders/Bees), if you kill the "a sporadic stormrider" while it is pathing to its point during the script it will bug out causing the later mobs in the script to not activate, preventing you from being able to complete the event. This can be resolved by simply not attacking the bee mobs while they are pathing during the script... but still a bug.
    • During the Dust Ring (Spiders), the 15 "an eratic arachnid" mobs which spawn at the beginning of the event should instantly respawn should they be killed during the event. Currently in the instance they are NOT respawning at any point during the event, this bug completely removes a sizeable challenge in this event.
    Both Plane of Air Ring events tested and work properly 12/21/16 after most recent Test update.
    Doomfire the Burning Lands (Plane of Fire):

    • Babnoxis the Spider Queen, Blazzax the Omnifiend and Arch Mage Yozanni are not spawning in the instance. All 3 are raid minis and should spawn immediately as well as having their own lockouts.
    All three minis spawned in the instance and when killed dropped their loot/provided a lockout on 12/21/16 after most recent Test update.

    Bastion of Thunder:

    • The 4 named giants at the end of each wing on the first floor are not spawning in the instance. These giants do actually drop good loot/spells for the era, so I can understand why you may have left them out, however the key container (Ring of Torden) they drop (and only they drop) is required to click up into the Tower sections of the zone. The reason they should be added to the instance is because the named mobs in the Tower section drop the second key container (Unadorned Symbol of Torden) which is a requirement for triggering the Agnarr event. Without the first key, you cannot get the second and without the second you cannot do Agnarr. The names of the wing NPCs omitted from the instance:
    Gaukr Sandstorm
    Hreidar Lynhillig
    Laef Windfall
    Oreen Wavecrasher

    Any word on this? It is peculiar that normal random named giants spawn in the BoT instance but the wing named that drop the containers for Tower keys don't.
    • During the Agnarr event his 4 giant minis are spawning immediately upon clicking into Agnarr's room in the final (3rd) phase of the event. Additionally these same giant minis are spawning a second time at the correct 100/75/50/25% HP increments. The names of the NPCs incorrectly all being spawned upon triggering the Agnarr part of the script:
    Jolur Sandstorm (100%)
    Ekil Thundercall (75%)
    Oljin Stormtide (50%)
    Hibdin Cyclone (25%)

    Plane of Storm:
    • The Esoteric Medallion giant named are not spawning on instance pop. They should all be 100% guaranteed to spawn within the instance. These giants are:
    Faruek the Bold (Ocean)
    Laruken the Rigid (Forest)
    Paruek the Strong (Ocean)
    Pendubk the Turbulent (Desert)
    Solnebk the Unruly (Desert)
    Zertuken the Unyielding (Forest)

    Gonna just leave this here incase they change their mind to avoid an obvious bottleneck for the first month or two in open world PoStorms.
    • (Minor Issue) Drornok Tok Vo'Lok (froglok spawned from clearing out center frogs/tadpools) doesn't have a lockout while the other 4 raid scripts that require clearing out the local trash to spawn the named do have lockouts.
    Dromok Tok Vo'Lok lockout and script works properly after 12/21/16 testing.

    Plane of Torment:

    • Attacking Baraguj Szuul (Stomach event) causes him to port you out of the instance, into the open world stomach (Loc = 930, -1150, -784.52). Obviously it should port you to the same location within your instance, not forcing you to zone out to the static world.
    • Triggering Tylis Newleaf's script (Keeper of Sorrows event) by saying "We are ready" to him causes him to port you out of the instance, into the open world KoS event (Loc = 804, -175, -956.68). Obviously it should port you to the same location within your instance, not forcing you to zone out to the static world.
    Attacking Baraguj and Tylis still send you to the open world PoTorment on 12/21/16 after the most recent Test update apparently fixed this.
    • The Avatars for the Saryrn key, Screaming Sphere, are not spawning on instance pop. They should all be 100% guaranteed to spawn within the instance. These NPCs are:
    The Avatar of Agony
    The Avatar of Anguish
    The Avatar of Pain
    The Avatar of Suffering

    Plane of Innovation:
    • (Minor Issue) The Manaetic Prototypes X, XI and IX do not have lockouts though they are mini-named with lower tier raid loot for the era, aimed at multi-group raids.
    Manaetic Prototypes are no longer spawning in the PoInnovation instance on 12/21/16 after the most recent Test update that was supposed to provide a lockout for these mobs.

    Plane of Nightmare:
    • Completing the Hedge Maze event while in the PoNightmare instance transports you out of the instance to the static zone.
    • The Hobgoblin Horrorfiend has Mighty buff, but the 2nd (The Bullywrag Bat) and 3rd (The Painwrack Hobgoblin) mobs in the script do not, and the 4th and final boss (Hobgoblin Anguish Lord) does have Mighty Buff. Also both the Horrorfiend and Anguish Lord have lockouts while the intermediate ones don't. I would think there should only be one lockout and they should all be mighty buffed? Or none of them should and they should spawn on picks (the loot is really bad for the time invested, unlikely anyone would do the event in the instance anyways).
    Multi-Zone Issue:

    • Lockouts for events with trigger mobs whom you must kill to initiate the event or spawn a boss are occuring when the trigger mob dies, not when the final boss dies or the event is completed successfully. This may cause an issue with locking guilds out for a week on a failed attempt.
  4. Warrior007 Augur

    Tactics bosses did not appear to have the MOTM buffs either when I briefly tested before the servers went down today.
  5. Spooky Elder

    This can also be abused similar to Blood/Emp.
  6. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    In what way? People kill Blood and then leave the raid come back in 3 days and kill blood again for loot? If this is what you're referring to I hardly think this is abuse...

    I just think it's a little odd for Rathe Council to lock you out for 7 days for killing one councilman.
  7. Spooky Elder

    umm well for example you could trigger carprin then bring in as may folks as you want who had a carprin lockout but no replay lockout, they should move lockouts to the boss and shrug at potential nonsense like you're describing with Blood
  8. Olong Johnson New Member

    Something seriously needs to be done toward this end. It is going to be a time sync of epic proportions for all guilds involved and will cause much unnecessary conflict server wide. Please push for change! We need to make this heard!!!!
  9. Olong Johnson New Member

    Reposting Trev's comment:

    1) Plane of Storms. This is clearly the bottleneck in PoP for Phinigel. If the drop rate is not changed this could create a situation of weeks to get everyone keyed for BoT and/or 1 guild could theoretically lock down all of PoP for everyone. My suggestion was to increase the key drop rate on the boss giants (They have done this for past keys, such as Emperor Rifts) and to either make PoS have an AoC or make the giants all pop in Picks. We need to test if this was actually done because this particular zone could be a huge problem for Phinny.

    2) Carprin Cycle only gives 36 keys instead of 72 like everything else. I am hoping they up this to 72 keys, Why Carp was only 36 when everything else was 72 is really a baffling choice originally, so maybe they increased this to 72. Needs testing - though getting 36+ people to test this might be difficult unless some guild does it on a mass scale. Could a Dev just tell us if they increased this or not?
  10. Jaera Augur

    The Good
    * Tested the Tylis Newleaf / Keeper of Sorrows event, when you get ported you stay within the instance now. Returning from Keeper of Sorrows also keeps you within the same instance.

    The Bad
    * Plane of Storms does not respawn at all now, and the 6 medallion dropping giant named (not the event bosses) no longer spawn at all.
  11. -wycca Augur

    We noticed this also @ tactics bosses lacking Motm across the board.
  12. Prathun Developer

    This has been fixed internally. Thanks for letting us know!
  13. PathToEternity Augur

    Can you fix the issue with PoStorms too? I know we've got a thread or two around here that are about "discussion" but the virtually unanimous position across server guilds is that this needs to be corrected; discussing it is just an excuse to keep it on the front page. There aren't really any more questions or discussion points - the current setup is an open world bottleneck to raid content, which is contrary to the stated design of the server.

    Thanks for all the work you and your team have put into this server.
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  14. Prathun Developer

    This appears to have been fixed already. Works okay internally.
  15. MabbuPhinny Augur

    Torment is all set. Tested this weekend just hadn't gotten a chance to post the full list yet. I was too busy posting about the Plane of Storms... :rolleyes:
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  16. Joesnellenberge Journeyman

    Prathun - any word on if PoStorms is going to be fixed? If the instance version of PoTorment has the ring event to get to Saryn, and PoNightmare has the Hedge event it would seem this is an oversight.
  17. Xoner Augur

    Bob the Cleaner not working right now?
  18. Absor Developer

    Stuff from this thread that I looked into today. I don't know if these are current, because vacation.

    I just tested this, Vulak is not up an zone startup on Beta. Are you sure this is still an issue?

    Avatar of War was indeed up on zone up. The script says it shouldn't be. Looking at this again, it seems that Vulak might have just been a spawn timing issue, and he would have spawned eventually. Seems like the script that sets up the zone wasn't saving the list of stuff to not allow to spawn on zone start up... oops. This is fixed on beta.

    This should also be fixed on beta.

    The prototypes are up on Beta. Weirdly not working on Test. I'll have to make sure Test gets an update soon.

    So, these are essentially the same as the giants in Storms. They are group bosses that drop keys for raids. For now the plan remains to leave group difficulty key droppers in base zones and pick zones.

    Fixed, also on beta. They don't spawn on zone up anymore.

    These should be fixed, also probably have not been updated on Test.

    See comments about group NPCs with raid keys.

    Looks like the The Painwrack Hobgoblin and The Fearsome Hobgoblin got missed. The other three have the buff. Buffed the Painwrack.

    Sorry, there really isn't any other way to do this. We need to lockout the trigger NPC or it could be used to trigger the bosses.

    They should. Check again after we update Test. If you find any that should but don't, post names here.

    They don't respawn on Beta... so fixed on Test soon™?

    We would like to update Test this week, but there may be issues with conflicts with some internal changes that might not make it possible for a while. We'll have to see how that goes.

  19. Spooky Elder

    This is incredibly stupid.
  20. Cyrris Journeyman

    Because that went so well with the Praesertums in Sanctus Seru.

    The thing with the Praesertums is you didn't have to do them, it was just for one quest and one raid mob. So a lot of guilds just decided it wasn't worth the pain and didn't partake in the chaos.

    The giants in PoStorms are needed by everyone, not just guilds, EVERYONE, to progress in PoP. Prepare for Praesertums times 1000.

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