[Phinigel] Master PoP Instances Testing Thread

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Warrior007, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. giggly New Member

    Oh man thank god time was spent on this fix. What would the progression servers do without these two mobs working properly. This would hamper guild progression for years to come.

    Seriously though... you guys suck if you don't fix Plane of Storms.
  2. Fragile Journeyman

    So much this. Please fix Plane of Storms.
  3. Popanasty Journeyman

    Third this.
  4. Moonii Elder

  5. Jaera Augur

    Since there's been some noise since my first post, and the Test Patch appears to be in place, I'm going to repost and expand my suggestion for a "compromise" option to make Plane of Storms both a viable raid instance and reduce the amount of community fighting that will occur in this zone in order to get keyed up for further progression.

    Currently in the Plane of Storms instance there are three raid encounters that drop Esoteric Medallions:
    • Gurebk, Lord of Krendic
    • Jeplak, Lord of Srerendi
    • Neffiken, Lord of Kelek`Vor
    These encounters drop a total of three medallions each, which given the difficulty of these NPCs compared to the "only-medallion-dropping" giants seems unusual and too few. For engaging these three encounters, you get some loot on par with the easier fights in Ssraeshza Temple or Shei Vinitras and only four full keys, with two left over medallions.

    This proposal is to increase these three medallions to nine. This will increase the number of characters that may be flagged for Bastion of Thunder from four (two left over) to thirteen (one left over) per instance, which is on a six and a half day lockout. If you are more of a fan of symmetry, alternate suggestions are ten per encounter (flag fifteen) or eight per encounter (flag twelve, which is coincidentally an even divisor of 72).

    The change will have the following additional effects:
    • Reduce the amount of people that will be in Plane of Storms solely for the medallions from the six "only-medallion" giants to a much more reasonable level, perhaps a few groups looking to key stragglers rather than the potential 600-720, all frustrated and having to deal with trains, DPS burn groups from melee and wizards mana burning in a competitive free-for-all that no one wants.
    • The stated goal of the Nightmare and Storms instances are to 'reduce or remove bottlenecks', yet for four keys the Plane of Storms instance has substantially failed to do so. Additionally, there is no progression or story-wise reason to defeat these three raid encounters, and given the relative weakness of their loot compared to other, readily available instanced content, these encounters would otherwise simply go by the way side. By making this change, you increase the usage of the instance to its intended levels, and actually have players complete events that are otherwise completely ignored, especially when guilds look to do backflagging nights and would like to rotate a few people through Storms as part of the Karana chain of flagging.
    • This change has minimal effect on live servers, and on potential future progression or event servers such as the unnamed-to-come progression server or Quarm, you make the environment there a more friendly place, as this same issue was noted on the Quarm server with less players participating there. I'm not sure if you can make the loot lists for an instanced version of an NPC different from the Open World version, but if that's possible, then apply this solely to the instance which may or may not be available on event servers in the future.
    • Re-tunes the rewards for defeating the three most difficult encounters in the zone to have a more proper reward for the number of players in-era it takes to defeat them. It makes no sense why these encounters would drop exactly the same number of medallions as any of the "medallion-only" giants, who are otherwise indistinguishable from non-named giants, who both respawn faster and will spawn in picks.
    For the good of the server and any future server that may use the same instances, please consider this (or other) changes sooner rather than later so we can all get on with enjoying this server that has otherwise been quite a lot of fun, instead of dreading February 1st and the fact that we may have to be sitting in Plane of Storms for weeks in order to accomplish progression.
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  6. Leseul Journeyman

    On test the lords do not drop esoteric medallions currently
  7. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    I killed them about 2 weeks back and all 3 dropped 3 Medallions... are you killing the correct mobs?
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  8. Xoner Augur

    They just pushed a test patch last night.
  9. Jaera Augur

    I just popped on test and killed Neffiken, Lord of Kelek`Vor. He dropped three Esoteric Medallions.

    Edit: Gurebk, Lord of Krendic as well. 3 Medallions again.
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  10. Ryak Augur

    Someone brought up a good point in another thread, that I wanted to bring to the dev's attention.

    Putting all the AOCs in Plane of tranquility combined with AOCs being non-functional in pick zones means that people are going to have an almost impossible time getting into the main pick of PoTranquility in order to zone into any instance.

    It already happens in Luclin for Ssra where the Grey main pick is full and people just cannot zone into their ssra instance because they keep getting put into non-main pick and they cannot force themselves to go into the main pick.

    This might actually be an even more serious, although unexpected, problem than some of the others which are getting alot more attention.
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  11. Jenarie Elder

    Good point Ryak. I got locked out of my guild ssra raid for about 20 minutes once while waiting for another guild to log into their instance. And people AFK in PoT all the time... it will most likely be constantly full.
  12. AgentofChange Augur

    I imagine tranquility will be set up like cities where you can't spawn picks. It is a good point though, just incase they didn't set up tranquility like this. Can any dev confirm?
  13. Machen Augur

    They probably didn't allow pickzones of PoTranq, there is nothing to kill and no reason to pickzone it.
  14. Astley Augur

    That would be my guess as well. It will be set up like The Nexus or Bazaar. No picks.
  15. Toodles Elder

  16. Oh Yeahhh New Member

    Looks like we found the mob that'll be trained all around plane of storms!
  17. Machen Augur

    Duo'd by 65 sk with cleric merc according to alla comments, somehow I think any groups there to farm medallions will be ok with handling this guy...
  18. Oh Yeahhh New Member

    It still hits for nearly 1400.
  19. Machen Augur

    The giant minis hit for 1000, a force that can handle them isn't likely going to be done in by 1400. Heck even the trash in the zone hits for 500-700, 2-3 trash mobs will do more damage than this guy (and there are plenty of trash mobs.) He might be a nice little addition to the trains, but he's not going to be devastating.
  20. Oh Yeahhh New Member

    I certainly wasn't claiming it'll ruin a raids night.

    Just stating a fact that it'll be included in trash trains (since named won't be up very long).

    This guy, on top of a few trash mobs, would be the problem.

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