Phinigel - HoT and forward, rank 3 spell drop increase

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by RainbowCane, May 20, 2019.

  1. Machentoo Augur

    No F2P players doesn't mean that there is more money for DBG. If it did, they would not be using the F2P model on live.
  2. Ryak Augur

    You're getting off topic. The point here is that even if you kill every raid from day 1 to day last of an expansion religiously on lockout, it's not possible to get every person in a guild their spells is ridiculous.

    Stop pretending that drop rates which were designed purposefully to string people along for an entire year are equally suitable to 1 or 3 month TLP unlocks!!!
  3. Sumonerr_Tunare Augur

    Edited. Probably could use a spell drop increase.
  4. McJumps Augur

    While I agree that Raid spell runes past HoT shoul be more plentiful, if you are hitting every raid with a full raid of 54, you are doing it wrong. Many of the raids can be split, and should be for spell runes. HoT upper floors raid can be done with under 10 people, and can drop 86-90 Rk III spell runes. if you are hitting raids like this with a 54 man raid, and then complaining about spell drops, you need to speak with your guild leadership, not the devs.
  5. RainbowCane Elder

    Anytime the "solution" is split raiding, it just confirms the problem.
  6. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    I just don’t get it. They had the perfect solution in place for Underfoot.

    Just apply the same solution to HoT as well. Double all loot and Triple all Key drops. It makes progressing through the expansion far more enjoyable.
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  7. Nolrog Augur

    I wouldn't mind seeing an increase in spell drops, but not every person needs every spell at rank III. There are a few spells/tomes at rank III that you need but most are just nice to haves.
  8. RainbowCane Elder

    I agree with you Nolrog. The headache comes from figuring out which classes replace which spells in the upcoming expansions, versus which ones are brand new burns that don't get replaced, etc. It is a harrowing task, and one that could be made much simpler if we could just have an adequate number of spell drops to match our time in era.
  9. RainbowCane Elder

    Bump to stay alive amidst the "omg boxers are ruining Selos / Manger" threads.
  10. Funk Augur

    You needy TLP'ers, you signed up for a server knowing the rule set and want them to adjust the whole game for you. We demand double spells! Next thing you'll demand the next new TLP have all double loot! It's pathetic human behavior.

    On top of that you act as if rank 3's actually sway the balance of the game, but they absolutely do not. Your raid force would progress to the exact same point with all Rk.1's without a hitch. But....they're there! WE MUST HAVE THEM ALL!

    And you must have been forced to play on this TLP by the sound of it, my god who would play on a server with such a rule set where every player couldn't get every single Rk.3 by the next unlock....You all make me sick.
  11. RainbowCane Elder

    Thanks for the fun post Funk. You are truly a citizen.

    I am not demanding anything, as always we are requesting. Also, we had double loot, double runes, and triple keys in UF, so the request isn't that outlandish. I understand that we will get by without the runes if they decide not to do anything, c'est la vie. But what is the harm in asking? Saying "you know what you signed up for" when we are the pilot server for all of the other TLP's, is just silly. They are constantly making adjustments right before expac launch to continue to insure viability.

    I'm sorry we upset your delicate constitution, maybe lure some more children under your bridge.
  12. Funk Augur

    Not a single legit point as to why you "need" these spell runes. Because you don't, they aren't critical to winning events, period. You just want them.

    I could care less if you were granted double everything in Underfoot, what you're doing is wanting the game tailored to you every expansion. Yeah that's pathetic. And in no way shape or form a "classic" experience. And don't say you didn't sign up for a "classic" experience because that's exactly how it was billed from the start.
  13. Coen New Member

    Nope, the only mention of "classic" is in regards to the starting 12 weeks on the server, the server itself is not "classic". The server was billed as a True Box Progression Server.
  14. Funk Augur

    Classic with a faster unlock...or you'd never catch up to live. Never anything about "In the later expansions we'll give you all double loot and spell runes"

    Would it really be that horrible to go back and do House of Thule raids for those missing runes when current raids are locked out? I don't think so. Instead you want it all, and you want it now.
  15. Coen New Member

    Again no, simply take a minute and read. It is not "classic" with faster unlock, it is "12 weeks of Classic EverQuest, 12 weeks of The Ruins of Kunark, 12 weeks of The Scars of Velious, and so on". You seem to have this idea that the server is classic, but only the initial release is classic. Also, you have this idea that the rules at the time of the server release were set and will not change - that is also incorrect as any non level increase expansion is only 8 weeks long, which is not how it was advertised originally.

    I don't really understand why this bothers you so much - also I haven't said anything about wanting runes or wanting anything now, I was simply correcting you on what the server was released as.
  16. Accipiter Augur

    Wow, that's a lot of angst. There's nothing wrong with tuning old content for TLPs as long as it doesn't affect live. They've done it numerous times before and I expect they will continue to do it as Phinny advances towards live.
  17. Accipiter Augur

    WTF are you on about? Phinny left the classic era years ago.
  18. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    The reality of raid content is once you hit certain expansions where there stops being unique clickies/items probably around SoF, the raids lose their replay value once the gear and spells are obsoleted by group gear and new spells. In most cases this happens about 2 expansions after current.

    In SoD for example there is still some value in raiding SoF content. However once UF comes out the group gear is better than SoF raid gear. When HoT comes out level 80s can buy better gear in the Bazaar than SoF raid gear offers.

    Essentially this means that the loot on these raids is only relevant to TLP servers for a short period of time. It doesn’t impact live servers at all. The number of people clearing SoF-TDS raid content on live right now is probably no one except some random people getting achievements or maybe a shawl piece from RoF?

    All the TLP servers are having shorter stays in these expansions because of the unlock schedules which leads to less loot acquired especially when key drops aren’t sufficiently increased which prevents access to the higher tiers of content due to keying issues.

    It makes sense to just modify a few raid chest drop tables to ease the keying burden in these expansions as well as provide more gear so that you aren’t vastly undergeared for the next expansion compared to how geared guilds were in live when they were spending 4x the duration in these expansions.

    Basically it doesn’t impact anyone on regular live servers as this content isn’t done on Live for loot or keys, and it makes the TLP experience much more pleasant because you’re not stuck farming lower tier content waiting on enough keys to move on to the next tier, greatly reducing the amount of meaningful raid content you have access to.
  19. Funk Augur

    It does affect live though. With limited resources DGB has at this time you all are still asking for your server to be considered special and for them to dedicate time to custom tailor your experience. And I say that's a load of crap.

    I understand that the reaction from the OP and others will be to call me names and say I'm angry, as that's par for the course these days, to call anyone with a differing opinion a troll.

    The increase in key drops is good for the game as a whole due to the player base decline, but asking for every expansion to be custom tailored and change every chest to include double loot and spells is going too far. They'll probably do it due to the endless, desperate threads like this though.
  20. Machentoo Augur

    The TLP's bring in significant money for DBG. Maybe not as much as live, but there is no reasonable argument to be made that DBG should only devote their limited resources and time to live.

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