Phinigel - HoT and forward, rank 3 spell drop increase

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by RainbowCane, May 20, 2019.

  1. RainbowCane Elder

    Devs, would you consider increasing the amount of rank 3 spell runes that drop per fight?

    I think we will be fine without the increased loot we saw in UF, but we leave a lot on the table by not being able to provide adequate runes to supply a full raid force.
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  2. Jaera Augur

    HoT and forward you get to pick what spells you get, so you don't have to wade through junk to get things you don't want. If you're good about it, you can get most people most of the spells or skills that actually matter and probably have some left over for alts or people to pick up toy spells that they'll never really use.
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  3. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Every expansion SoF+ was current in era for roughly 12 months.

    Every TLP is scheduled to hit these expansions for about 3 months except Selos, which is 25% of the time.

    They should just blanket apply double loot to every chest in these expansions. We are still going to see half the loot thy a guild who farmed it in era for a year saw back in the day, but at least it would be a nice increase from the current situation.

    There is really no downside to this. People aren’t quitting TLPs due to gearing up too quickly and getting bored. The expansions launch frequently enough to prevent this. All it will do is help people stay more up to date on gear and encourage gearing up Alts more on lower tier raids while mains focus on upper tier stuff.
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  4. RainbowCane Elder

    I am aware that spells can be selected Jaera, that still doesn't allow enough time to get all meaningful spells for 54 people. We might get close, but like Darchon said, why not just increase the drop rate. We don't have a year like everyone else did in era.

    I don't care about the loot as much as people can generally get by (although UF was def. nice).
  5. Boze Augur

    The last era I remember not being able to get all my rk 3s in era was before spell ranks. The "why not" is because it'd be a waste of dev time.
  6. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Dunno, TLPs now account for 8 of their 25ish servers, and of those TLPs all of them except Agnarr and Fippy will make it to these expansions and remain in those expansions for one fourth the duration they were current on live.

    I think that’s quite a large amount of customers to aim at fixes for. I don’t think increasing the loot tables for about 10-20~ chests per expansion would be an enormous undertaking. This isn’t a code change, just a simple database change on some raid chests.
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  7. Captain Video Augur

    HoT and beyond are level 90+, and heroic toons remain frozen at 85, which means paying customers who have purchased heroics are doing this progression on live servers. It isn't taking people a year to do an expansion's principal progression content, a couple of months at most. I don't see devs creating separate loot tables for TLP vs. Live this far along in the game, especially if it is giving TLPs an advantage vs. people doing the exact same progression on Live.
  8. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    I don’t follow your heroic logic...

    People who get Heroic characters at level 85, yes, they may take them through HoT group progression and then go to VoA, RoF, etc...

    But we are talking about raid chests. There are 0 guilds on live that are comprised exclusively of heroic characters or level appropriate characters that are raiding SoF+ raid content regularly. I’m sure people go back randomly for rank 3s, achievements, or misc items like Occulus or Eye of Life and Decay . But all of these raid goals are one and done. No one is farming it so the drops being doubled would be irrelevant to them.

    Furthermore the change where they doubled Underfoot loot was applied to Live. It’s not TLP specific code, nor does it need to be. Because as I mentioned above, no one on Live servers is raiding these raids any more with any sort of frequency.
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  9. Captain Video Augur

    The minute you start changing loot tables on Live past the point where the Heroic toons are twinked, you open up a raging argument over where to draw the line. Every expansion up to and including TBL has its critics about the rarity of this or that loot. The dev argument has always been that guilds have a year to grind out the various raids as necessary to get all their mains and alts duly upgraded, and loot tables are tuned on that basis. Start changing loot tables to facilitate gearing up a full guild, plus alts, in only 12 weeks, and the character of the live game changes drastically. The alternative would be separate tables for TLP and Live, for which there is no precedent yet, and as I was suggesting above, that would trigger its own set of arguments.

    No TLP prior to Phinny has made it this far, and the concept of guilds wanting to max out a meaty expansion in 12 weeks wasn't fully thought out before. We're seeing a variation of this lack of forethought on Selo, with its one-month unlocks; what do you think those players will be demanding when they get as far as HoT? I don't think UF matters as much as it's still level 85, but 90+ is opening up a can of worms, IMHO.
  10. Dailor Augur

    Oh look, another RainbowCane thread where he asks the devs for more stuff.
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  11. RainbowCane Elder

    Increasing spell rune drop rates won't hurt anyone on live. Or anyone at all period. The remaining arguments in this thread are off base.

    If you are going to have a ruleset that allows progression to take place in 3 months, you have to be willing to support that ruleset. All these one-size-fits-all answers that try to make everything work for progression servers + live are silly. We don't need a one size fits all solution, we just need a solution that works for our ruleset.
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  12. RainbowCane Elder

    Ya Dailor, what a real jerk I am, trying to ensure our server keeps on being healthy. Man you sure got me dead to rights...

    Hope you enjoyed your increased drops in UF, and key increases in HoT forward. I'm sure they would have happened regardless of anyone campaigning for them... There's a bridge somewhere missing its troll.
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  13. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Again, no one is raiding HoT-TBM raids for Heroic Characters. They’re grinding to 106, equipping Conflagrant Gear and then moving on to RoS/TBL or GMM gear once they get to 110.

    Some people take a more casual approach of progressing through HoT-TBL group content in order, but again not raid stuff.

    The raid drops are only relevant to TLP servers after they’re about 2 expansions old. You do not need separate database drops for TLP and Live.
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  14. Accipiter Augur

    You should probably just stop posting.
  15. Captain Video Augur

    I never said that. I said that the line for drop rates has been drawn at level 85, as evidenced by that being the highest level Heroic toon you can buy. Devs may surprise me by giving the OP what he wants, but then comes the next round, and the round after that, and etc. You yourself are already arguing where to draw the line. I will also point out that not every live server is the same as yours. When it comes to having guilds working several expansions back, FV springs immediately to mind.
  16. RainbowCane Elder

    Luckily, I am not asking for a solution to be implemented on live servers. I am asking just for it to be implemented on progression servers.
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  17. Skuz Augur

    Honestly I think little to no thought has been given to TLP servers loot/key drop rates prior to them having faster unlocks, faster unlocks means that a "gear gap" is almost inevitable.

    Everything changed so far has been done pretty last-minute & only after some serious (and justified) whining & complaining on the boards, this is poor planning in my view but I understand it is mainly a consequence of the small development team that we are left with now.

    Double loot in underfoot certainly helped but it didn't catch us up, there may be one or two guilds who can smash through progression super-fast & have more time in the end-zone to gear up but I warrant that most guilds are not able to do that leaving many of them falling behind in the gear that they need, making their ability to progress fast in the next expansion even more difficult - so it is an escalating issue.

    Doubling up on keys, loot & more than doubling up on back-flags is a sensible strategy given that these are 12 month expansions crunched into 3 month unlocks, anyway that you slice it the shorter the time you have to farm the worse your guild's gear is going to become in relation to the content, yes the content is still a little easier than it was on original implementation but it isn't 9 months easier.

    Doubling loot is basically like giving guilds 6 months to gear up instead of 12, this i feel is a reasonable compromise with 3 month unlocks but a slightly easier game.

    I am referring to the situation on Phinigel here, for Selo Server the loot dropped would probably need to be even higher than double. 12 month expansions crammed into 1 month unlocks, even with the shorter raid-event lockouts.
  18. Machentoo Augur

    Except by the time the servers reach that point, 1/10th of the customers are still playing on them. Would be nice to see otherwise but the reality is the vast majority of TLP players will never set foot in expansions past SOD.
  19. Ryak Augur

    Which is true and also means that loot tables are by definition unsuitable for a 3-month TLP unlock cycle.
  20. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Indeed but the unique thing about these servers is there are no F2P players, meaning those remaining percentages are all paying customers.

    Even with that 1/10 drop off the server shows the same population rating as most of the live servers.

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