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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Elmdor, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Elmdor Lorekeeper

    Really? So is this going to be a thing now where the game is in a perpetual state of instability and crashing on an almost daily basis?
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  2. Kragin Augur

    Seems to be a daily thing now, yes.
  3. Elmdor Lorekeeper

    Daybreak. I've stuck with you through a lot of crap, but if I can't even trust the servers to stay up while I'm in the middle of something, that's gonna be a huge problem for me going forward. You all need to fix this issue, be it a hardware or software issue etc. Please figure it out, because this is a huge problem. And remember: this might be a niche game, but you guys have alot of competition now, and they're about to turn it up to 11 in 2019.
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  4. Dythan Augur

    Daybreak, I've stuck with you through a lot of crap, but this doesn't effect me at all, because I am at work. I have no problem with this, please take your time fixing this issue.
  5. Elmdor Lorekeeper

    Hey, you're free to have your opinion, but not everyone is in the same timezone as you and some people work odd hours. This happens at all hours, so you and I both know it could very well crash your raid or something in the evening of your timezone. I know this must be real abstract and complicated stuff for you, but would you be alright with it if you crashed in the middle of breakneck after clearing MMM trash? Don't try to act like you wouldn't be more than a little annoyed
  6. Dythan Augur

    If it crashes during my play time, I'll be sure to come and post vague threats about me leaving the game. I know that's why Daybreak employees let crashes happen, they just aren't afraid of the consequences enough.
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  7. Kazz99 Elder

    according to the home page server status thingy... phinny is alive and happy and has a low pop..... course that thing is never right..... :eek:
  8. Shaoqiang Journeyman

    Lol lookout. we got an internet bad*** here. Some of us are trying to play our elf sim, bro.
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  9. Sevastopol New Member

    Me gusta. This thread needs more tryhard snark. this is good stuff to read at work, so keep em coming
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  10. Elmdor Lorekeeper

    U seem like a real smart guy with all the answers and real sick burns. But think about the fact that this has been happening for at least a couple of weeks now with no real concerted attempt to address or fix it, as far as we know. All we get are generic announcements that the servers have crashed and they're investigating. Would be nice to have a real solution
  11. Elmdor Lorekeeper

    Tho i guess it might not matter as much to Entendre casuals :) I know you guys are still trying to break into crystallos and I am rooting for you. Maybe you guys can make it before SoD comes out :)
  12. Dailor Augur

    Eat a hot pocket, and sit down.
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  13. Machentoo Augur

    If no emergency or unexpected downtime is critical to you, this isn't the game for you. (Nor, realistically, is any mmo I've ever played.)
  14. Elmdor Lorekeeper

    Every now and then is understandable, but every 1-2 days is too much imo. But like for example, I played another MMO for years (i wont name it, cuz i don't know if that's allowed on these forums) and, except from in the beginning and when ARR released, unscheduled downtimes were basically nonexistent.
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  15. Ansata New Member

  16. Elmdor Lorekeeper

    So I take it ur totally ok with random server crashes.
  17. Sevastopol New Member

    I love how these threads always devolve into a culture clash between fanboys or people unaffected and people who got screwed by the crash. For real tho, does anyone even know why the server is down right now?
  18. Ldarax New Member

    Love this tough!
    "All EverQuest Live Servers will be brought offline on Wednesday, November 14th, 2018 at 6:30AM Pacific (2:30 PM UTC) for maintenance. Downtime is expected to last 5 hours"
    Posted a few mins ago :)
  19. jeskola Augur

    What does "ur" mean and how do I pronounce it? Is it like "Uhrr"?
  20. Finnster Elder

    I guess November Fun Event is not only double faction and double rare spawns, but also triple server crashes.
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