Info Needed Phinigel - Can't buy level 101 Merc AA

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Skuz, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. Skuz Augur

    Dinged 101, zoned to another zone after, still cannot buy rank 18 of Merc AA for improved health & improved mana

    Description says 101 for the next rank, cannot buy at 101
    Guildies at level 102 or 103 cannot purchase these either

    Have 20 Merc AA with which to spend.
  2. Qbert Augur

    These levels of mercenary aa were implemented when Empires of Kunark was the active expansion (circa Feb. 2017).
  3. Skuz Augur

    All I know is that they show up as being available for purchase, are described as being available at level 101 & don't have any visible expansion restriction, they made a lot of the Merc aa purchasable prior to CoTF opening, these tiers might have been missed during that process.
  4. Skuz Augur

    Merc AA that show as available to purchase which cannot be bought at level 101

    Improved Health 18
    Improved Mana 18

    Merc AA that show as available to purchase which cannot be bought at level 102

    Improved Health 18
    Improved Mana 18
    Silent Arcanum 9
    Steadfast Resolve 9
    Subtle Magic 9
    Subtle Strikes 9
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  5. Kazz99 Elder

    Yes, the only restriction on them is levels, and they show available to purchase... it just doesn't work.
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  6. Kazz99 Elder

    Cant purchase any at 105 either, just FYI.
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  7. Brumans Augur

    Any one look into this yet? Is it going to be made to not show and lock by expac, or should these not lock by expac?
  8. Numiko Augur

    Merc aa's have been available on Phinny since SoD and the introduction of mercs, they said because it's hard coded into the game now and there was no way to change it just for one server.

    Why change the rules halfway through the game and put expansion locks on them?
  9. Skuz Augur

    Should be consistent at least, if part of them is locked by level only & some are invisibly expansion locked by a hidden requirement it is inconsistent.
  10. Skuz Augur

    No response as yet.
  11. Zinth Augur

    then it should list so in "requirements"
  12. Ratalthor Developer

    Is this issue still happening for anybody?
  13. Dythan Augur

    yep. Merc AA's aren't able to be bought, though they show as available on Phinny.
  14. Ratalthor Developer

    Can you provide any additional details or reproduction steps? Are there other specific AAs you have seen with the issue? We have tried the AAs listed earlier in the thread and have not been able to reproduce the issue.

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