Phinigel Beats Mearatas In The 11th Hour!

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  1. Laynie Journeyman

    Congratulations, OGC! Miss you all! ❤️
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  2. Soltara Augur

    Congrats! That was easily the most difficult event I have experienced on Phinny. Glad OGC was able to pull off the in era win.
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  3. Froogle New Member

    With age comes wisdom, rog bro! Kids these days...

    Couldn't be more 'jazzed' (que grandpa music), and happy with the completion of this epic achievement - In the shortened windowed era of TBL as mentioned!

    Speaking for myself, I want to mention that this was turning into somewhat of a deflating debacle as we came closer to the end of the stop watch on TBL. *Everyone* involved were extremely eager to complete this challenging event in era and fulfill our grand aspirations of obtaining this epic achievement. It was truly coming down the final minutes before packing it up and moving forward. *ONLY* with the culmination of like minded, driven players that remain on Phinigel, was this made possible. I *really* want to highlight that although this had a lot of OGC present, it truly could not have been done without a server call to arms. It's an accomplishment that is shared among all the players not just OGC alone.

    With that said I have to add another huge amount of appreciation to everyone involved in getting this done. Also, want to add immense gratitude to *every* player, both past as well as present, for *all* the accomplishments and epic moments that Phinigel has witnessed over the past 4 years or so - pretty incredible in my opinion.

    I am still Dancin in the Streets over here! (with my cane)
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  4. McJumps TLP QoL Activist

    Huge grats guys! Miss you all! I would have shown up, but I was too afraid of being that one guy that messes it all up! Glad you were able to achieve this in era!
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  5. sieger Augur

    I'm the guild leader of the last Selo guild and I generally always try to stifle serious comparison of TLP and live. I don't know any TLP raiders who aren't aware of the fact for most eras we come in with huge out of era power gains and nerfed content. That being said it's a very different pace of game. When Selo unlocked Mearatas (with like 48 hours left until ToV because we're a one month unlock server), a significant portion of our guild total gearing was still comprised of EoK era gear. That isn't a typo--EoK, not RoS. Remember we didn't even get that much of a "farm" in RoS, because of having to do each tier 3 times and that about gets you almost into the next expansion when Tier 3 opens. I know on level increase expansions Phinny gets 50% more time than we do, but on 8 week expansions the two servers are very close in total lockouts they can do (since we have half lockouts and 4 week expansions.) I would guess a lot of the Phinny raid that beat Mearatas was not 100% RoS/TBL geared and were carrying EoK pieces in some slots.

    In earlier eras on TLP gear never felt as important as it has at level 105+, likewise in earlier eras of TLP the jump in top end raid gear from one expansion to the next hasn't felt so huge. I think Selo and Phinny have done the expansions from TBM forward with a lower level of gearing than any raid forces to ever do it. I find threads all the time talking about live warrior HP levels when doing some of these encounters and they are significantly better than many of our warriors who have 100% RA and "best possible" gear given the circumstances.

    I do think it is kind of fruitless to directly compare TLP to live--and the TLPs benefit a lot from the path live guilds have paved. A raid force that never gets enough appreciation on the official forums in my opinion is the Freelance raid team over on Cazic Thule, the only group that does live raids that publicly shares in depth details of their fight strategies.
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  6. Gorgasm Journeyman

    Who needs gear when you can just always be glyphing
  7. Karreck Somebody

    Big congrats!
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  8. Morgen Elder

    Congrats guys. Phinigel #1 server ever. Glad to see you will have beaten everything in era from the beginning.

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  9. Gorgasm Journeyman

    Did Phinny ever beat Fall of an Empire?
  10. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Well in fairness we had about 35 OGC mains 6 RG Mains & a couple of Resolute Mains on this ride over the 2 main nights we ran the event, OGC brought some additonal flagged boxes mainly to help 85/15 in the RG piggies, so the 150 players to choose from is a gross misunderstanding of what we had to work with.
    RG being an EU guild the handful of folks we brought were playing LONG past when they would normally be tucked up in bed asleep.

    That said none of the players there were kidding themselves that they were playing the same event the guilds on live that beat it pre-nerf were. But nerfed or not, this event is very hard as it requires near flawless execution by multiple teams and asks of players who are normally very 1 dimensional sequential target hitters to engage their brain way more, pick specific targets & all under very chaotic conditions at the final stage when the event throws the kitchen sink at you.

    So certainly some of your poo-pooing here is justified, but plenty is way off the reservation.

    I'm very proud of what we achieved, where OGC or us who assisted stand in the "pecking order" is of literally zero interest to me, just the server beating it in era within a 2 month timeframe is a worthy accolade in & of itself, especially with the unfriendly flagging system we had to contend with that will hopefully be adjusted for TLP that follow.
  11. sieger Augur

    I would agree whatever the caveats involved beating Mearatas is really rough the way TLP is designed and still a good accomplishment. Is it the same as beating it on live? No, but it's not nothing either so to speak. It's very unfortunate Ngreth basically admitted the dev team doesn't care about late era TLP when he said they'll never address the frankly atrocious flagging issues from EoK to TBL (and TBL being the worst of that set by far) for TLPs, I assume because they just know very few guilds will do this content because any TLP that gets this far is probably always going to be down to 1 to 3 guilds tops.
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  12. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I know Selo have beaten it, no idea if any of the Phinigel guilds considered that horrendous Prophecy of Ro Monster Mission garbage worth trying, I was in Darkwind at the time & we did not as we did not feel the rewards justified the effort and it was not part of the progression.
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  13. Rajaah Elder

    Yep, on TLPs when you've got these time crunches, some of these expacs don't get the time they deserve. It was suggested on here by a lot of folks that the 2-month ones from EOK onward (EOK, TBL) should be bumped up to 3 months due to the much-higher level of content. In EOK's case it wasn't too bad, but with TBL I know most people didn't finish everything there was to do in 2 months.

    TBL deserves better. FREE TBL!
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  14. DeseanJackson Augur

    Grats on the win, glad to see it done in era.
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  15. Accipiter Old Timer

    Holy crap, man, get a grip. Stop dumping on this achievement. Did you beat Mearatas in 2 months?
  16. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    It was cool to beat it in era but I gotta say.

    Triunity felt like a harder event in era. Maybe my vision is skewed cause I saw prenerf Triunity and post nerf Mearatas though.

    Also, while nerfs occurred there are also things that have made the game/event more difficult over the past two years just as a byproduct of other changes. So it’s tough to compare live to TLP.
  17. sieger Augur

    I could see Triunity being harder in era, when we did it on Selo it was in an era where all the player power creeps you get way out of era in TLP made a lot of fights really easy (although VoA had some of the harder fights on TLP still), and long after Triunity was nerfed. Given the length of the event, lower player power, and the large number of nerfs to the event. It looks like only 5 guilds beat Triunity before it got nerfed. It also looks like even as late as June 2012 (over 7 months after VoA launched) only like 6 guilds had beat the event period.
  18. Accipiter Old Timer

    This got me thinking. Are the player power increases on TLPs bigger/better than on Live one year ago? I assumed TLPs and Live were pretty much identical in that regard.
  19. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Myself I feel like Triunity was a more complex event than Mearatas overall, but it is far easier to break down into digestible chunks so I think it ends up being an easier event to complete for individual players but a much more difficult event to micro-manage as a Raid Leader.
    Meartas has more going on for every single individual player - at least in terms of what each individual needs to be aware of & react to, it is less easily broken down into chunks & has a higher degree of overall chaos to work under.
    The cascade-failure type mechanics of Mearatas are also far more brutal and have a much smaller margin for errors.
  20. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I think TBL on a TLP is pretty equivalent to live, there may be a less than 5% increase in power on TLP vs Live but you also have to consider that live had a far larger gearing window to operate in so TLP players are overall not as well decked out as live players can be.

    Certainly in the earlier expansions once you are beyond MoTM there is definitely an easier time had by TLP players due to having larger damage potentials.

    All that said it is still actually quite a difficult comparison to draw, but as more expansions unlock that bonus to damage lessens and the gear differential likely scales up.
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