[Phinigel] - Anguish Orb Giveaway

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Warrior007, Oct 21, 2017.

  1. Warrior007 Augur

    Original Gangster Club is hosting a giveaway on an Anguish 2.0 Orb, to be looted Wednesday, the 25th of October.

    Anyone is eligible on this giveaway! The only stipulation is your character of choice must have your signets completed to be able to zone into Anguish. You must be able to be added to an Anguish expedition.

    How do you enter? Easy. Locate Satoshi outside the PoK library, and /random 32000 in range of logs. The top roll will have exclusive rights to the Orb on Wednesday. Limit 1 roll per person (first roll counts). No more entries will be accepted past 1800/6 PM Central on Wednesday.

    Good Luck!
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  2. Ckador Augur

    Is Grizvok eligible for this giveaway?

    Asking for a "friend."
  3. Ohfuggle Elder

    Gotta do something with those surplus Orbs!
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  4. Jackson New Member

    I heard a rumor that this is because you charge such a high amount of DKP for these orbs that no one wants to buy them on their second mains or alts. But good on you for never letting a bad guild policy get in the way of some shameless PR! I'm sure those orbs will be MUCH better on some random person than someone in your guild!
  5. Theka Elder

    LOL all mains and probably all palts have orbs aaaand alot of just alts have orbs. so keep trying to come up with reasons you dont like us
  6. Jackson New Member

    I also heard you guys like to punch babies.

    But I'm pretty sure my first comment is more accurate.
  7. Theka Elder

    2 words baby football. No punching
  8. Ohfuggle Elder

    Free orb to a random on server to foster good will is better then deleting it!

    God Bless the OGC!
  9. AgentofChange Augur

    So you are deleting the rest of the orbs?
  10. Ohfuggle Elder

  11. AgentofChange Augur

    I'm unsure if that fosters good will or not. Only 1 person can win, so every other person who rolls loses, but can very clearly see you are indeed just deleting the orbs. Hard to say, I suppose the server will decide.
  12. Ohfuggle Elder

    When will you be giving away free orbs?

    Please stop trying to derail the thread.

    Excited to see who will win the FIRST orb sweepstakes!
  13. Warrior007 Augur

    We've had over 50 entries since just yesterday! Nice turnout everyone! Remember, the deadline for your roll is OGC raidtime on Wednesday. You can roll anytime you see me on Satoshi outside the PoK library. I won't be on certain times, so be patient if you don't see me there!

    There has not been a single roll over 30k at the moment!

    I'll plan on doing a giveaway every time we do Anguish. Good luck everyone!
  14. Finchy Augur

    Every single main and "second main" has their 2.0 as long as they have their 1.5 complete. There was also a lot of orbs given to regular alts who had their 1.5 done. The orbs do not cost that much dkp compared to whats earned. Appreciate the concern though!
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  15. Xnao Augur

    I heard a rumor your guild stands in a circle and does bad things.
  16. Jackson New Member

    Can confirm, LotA does love standing around in a circle and doing bad things!
  17. Angered Augur

  18. Ohfuggle Elder

    Today is the last day to get your rolls in for the first orb give away! Be sure to /random 32000 near Satoshi @ PoK Library Entrance! (psst you only need to have your Taromani quest done and able to be added to the raid's DZ to be eligible!!)
  19. ChallengeObv New Member

    Meanwhile we have palts and plenty of people in guild with box toons who can use.
  20. Finchy Augur

    you know the rules. get the 1.5 you get an orb. 2.0 orb is useless to you if you haven't even completed 1.5.
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