Pets taking way more damage since patch

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by lancelove, May 19, 2016.

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  1. lancelove Augur

    I would like to restart this as constructive. Please dont chime in unless you are a pet class and have noticed a difference or not. Read Goranthos original post that was locked, just his first post not the trash that followed. I played my mage last night, tanking earth pet in Plane of War liquid courage and grinded for about an hour but its hard in that zone to tell if there was a difference in its normal damage mitigation as that zone is one speed, hard and fast with death coming quick. Ill move to a zone thats not so on steroids and check it out.
  2. Gearrwin Lorekeeper

    Does anyone have any defensive parses that show the difference?
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  3. Cicelee Augur

    I went to Demiplane Life this morning and killed about half dozen yellow con trash. I been spending weeks in that zone lately doing hunter and collections. The following is strictly the eye test and comparing to memory over the past several weeks, so keep this in mind...

    I did notice pet hit points going lower than normal. Generally pet would get to 70% on average, this morning it was around 50%. I did have to use Mend once when fighting two trash, I attribute it to a bad spike. I also had to cast one Aegis AA when fighting two mobs, whereas pre patch I did not have to use that when fighting two mobs.

    Having said this, I successfully killed all trash. At no point did I fear death outside of that one time when pet got to 30 and I used mend just in case. I think maybe something got changed with the summoned cloak pets get, but I don't feel it is so game threatening that I am no longer able to do what I could do before. Maybe now I have to cast an Aegis AA when fighting two mobs. O no.

    For those curious... earth pet summoned this morning, near TBM raid geared, max AA, 16 year main magician.

    edit- If there was one mob I barely noticed a difference. I heard someone say it is a 25% change. I dunno if I would go that far. I also don't think it impacts game play if it is intended.
  4. Sancus Augur

    I haven't tried soloing anything since the patch, but I did test to confirm that shielding and spell shielding are working as intended.

    Basically I checked to make sure at least some mod2's were working (the ones that I could test quickly), as that whole stat change thing seemed to be the most likely cause of any issues. It's certainly possible that another stat (e.g. Avoidance) isn't working properly, a pet item wasn't converted properly, or something else changed. I'll try to do some more comprehensive parsing this weekend.
  5. Goranothos Augur

    I think I may have been hasty in my original assumption. What happened was I dinged 104 upon completing a Gribble HA right before the patch. Post patch, I immediately went back into another Gribble and noticed that my pet was taking more damage than before the patch. I immediately assumed the patch was the culprit. What I didn't know was that the CoTF HAs scale to level (up to at least 105) and they do so on a per level basis, and they will even scale during the HA if the highest level player dings during the HA.

    So, long story short, the mobs probably became more difficult.....enough for me to notice.

    Now, something may indeed have happened regarding pet summoned gear......only way to tell is parses I suppose. Too bad we still can't inspect pet gear after 17 years.

    Has anyone else noticed a difference, or was this whole thing due to a coincidental circumstance?
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  6. Cicelee Augur

    I noticed a slight increase in damage done to pet this morning. However it could completely be the RNG. I think if there was any changes to the summoned mod2 cloak that pets get, they are minor at best.

    Of course take all of this with a grain of salt and no empirical data to verify anything. I suppose I could do a lot more testing but I doubt my wife cares as much about my magician pet's mitigation as she does the "honey do" list
  7. Rainbowdash Augur

    Even though there's like 5 posts about this as is the norm if something incites panic :p I'll pick this one!

    It's actually not likely the HA or your imagination. I hadn't thought too much of it, or attributed it to the patch, until I saw you discussing it in server wide last night, but this is a thing atm. Test has been going up and down lots lately and usually when the server goes down and comes back up i will run through old zones looking for named for hunter. So I have been doing this a good bit :p. Since I have TDS done and don't care for TBM I've been focusing on CoTF and RoF thus usually just use water pet cause it's easy enough to tank older zones on and more DPS. Ever since this month's patch hit Test I have noticed DPS spikes on the pet while doing this that I don't normally get. Particularly with more than one mob (which almost seems like a trend with this "bug" if only because more damage equals more noticable spikes).

    I don't have parses or anything but it's there. It's not a critical problem. Like Cicelee said, nothing that made me feel death was imminent in a situation it wouldn't normally be. Not even anything i really thought about until it was brought up beyond a "huh that's weird, why is Phasers spiking like that?" And then forgetting about it.

    I don't feel this is something the heroics change would cause. Like if heroics don't work on NPCs so pets effectively lost their mod2s. Even with as relatively small the damage increases are, I can't see simple loss of mod2 benefits generating that much of an effect, if only because EQ is a game of two million stats giving minor benefits adding up to make one big benefit.

    105 mage, max AA, Dead Hill raid pet focus etc etc numbers blah.
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  8. Hostility Elder

    Tune in next month for random unintended pet consequences! Coming to a server near you.
  9. Goranothos Augur

    Did a couple of gribbles again today.

    Whatever issues regarding pet tanking I had post patch seem to now have resolved. I have no idea how or why. :confused: Everything seem to be back to normal for me....meaning pet tanking seems to be back to where it was before the latest patch.

    I'm pretty sure I'm not completely crazy, so something changed. Don't ask, don't tell.

    Oh well, 105 after the next mission.
  10. --Voodoo-- Augur

  11. silent93 New Member

    I looked at the summoned pet gear, and noticed something. Most of it is stripped of the Mod2s it had. If Heroic Stats don't apply to NPCs, and Mod2s were pulled, regardless of gear source, this means summoned gear and the cape of enhancement has most likely lost it's mod2s.

    So fluffies of various sorts lost the vast majority of their shielding, spell shielding, avoidance, and stun resist.

    Seems like an oversight. 'Unforseen Consequences'.
  12. Millianna Augur

    There is too many people who don't troll this forum complaining (my mage has the same problem) Stealth nerf or bug there's clearly something wrong.
  13. silent93 New Member

    I thought it might be simple whining, but I just lost a EM 19 focused necro tankpet to a pair of LB mobs that should never, ever have been a threat to him with even just me, much less me and a healmerc. Which is what prompted me to look at the gear. (He got spiked down, like he had nearly no evasion or shielding...which my look at the gear made me seriously think is exactly the case.)
  14. Sancus Augur

    The heroics are giving pets (at least some) mod2's. They still have 35% shielding and spell shielding (which is what I tested), meaning if there is an issue it's more complicated than simply heroics not working for them.
  15. Ibadan Kun'Tirel Augur

    If you investigate more and find this is indeed bugged, please report in live update bug forum, as it's not always clear if these forums are actively read. Inactive pet owners thank you :)
  16. silent93 New Member

    However, get a set of Thallasic Plate, for example, and look it over. It's not what it used to be, and I didn't see any heroics added onto it either.

    If heroics are still working, that might mean that it's Dimensional Warrior or Nekkid for the most part, for the pets. (Not sure if magepets with EM23 are having the issue. If they are, then it's definately more than the gear, since those summon in with Dim War.)
  17. Millianna Augur

    If it's the mod2s, it's not something they overlooked, it's something they didn't think was worth the effort to fix.
  18. Sancus Augur

    The three pieces of Thalassic armor that previously had mod 2's were Thalassic Plate Breastplate (17 Avoidance), Thalassic Plate Graves (4% Shielding), and Summoned: Thalassic Belt (5% Spell Shiled, DoT Shield, and Shielding). Those have been converted to 6 Heroic Agility, 4 Heroic Stamina, and 5 Heroic Sta/Int/Wis, respectively. Since you only need 35 Heroic Agility to equal 100 Avoidance, those conversions look fine to me (35(17/100)=5.95).

    The main source of pet mod 2's was their Enhanced Minion back item, which all EM focused pets since some time long past come summoned with. I can't promise that it was converted properly (if anyone wants to PM me a semi-consistent way to get a pet to go rogue I'm all ears), but I'm told other Mages on test had confirmed the conversion.

    I certainly don't have data to conclusively say that all of the heroics are working properly, but the conversion doesn't seem to be the issue, nor is it a simple case of heroics not affecting pets at all. I wish it were, as that would be simple to identify and fix.
  19. Rainbowdash Augur

    They are consistent in that they happen all the time with any mob, not that they happen in any pattern or what have you. I've not been in any instances. I have been slacking and done literally nothing but killing named and trash mobs in CoTF and RoF for Hunter since the patch first hit Test. Nothing really challenging. I DID molo ONE quest in TBM and mobs were bringing my pet much closer to death than they should have. I had to Mend once and spam heal a bunch.

    Also it's actually spikes. I want to clarify that. It's not constant high damage absorption. My pet will be fluctuating at mostly normal rates then suddenly spike way lower than he ever has/should. This obviously happens more when a mob ends up behind Phasers (obviously).

    Also for the record I use crafted CoTF gear on my pet generally (excluding weapons and the EM back) over summoned gear. So my pet's loss of mod2s would be much higher than what I am used to and, were that the cause, generate a much bigger difference from my norm than I am seeing. Hence why I kinda feel like the heroics change can't, at least exclusively, be at fault.
  20. Goranothos Augur

    Well if other mages (and necros) are noticing a difference, as in more spikey damage, then disregard what I said yesterday about the issue having resolved for me. Perhaps I just became more used to it. I have no idea how this can be tested by players other than simply saying "it seems like my pet is taking more damage than it used to".

    Hopefully a dev is aware that there might have been an unintended change.

    If tank classes were suddenly taking more damage post patch, there would be 14 page threads by now. Mages are especially hit hard by any reduction in pet tanking ability since our only viable way to solo/molo is pet tanking.
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