Pets / Mercs and the Tracking Skill

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Jan 4, 2013.

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  1. Baeddon Elder

    You could change Find Path to PC leadership option to do this instead...though I really still can't understand why you'd need to find a pet. I suppose if you really wanted to be cute, you could hide your pet somewhere and then ask for a pet ket from a mage who would then track your pet.... hmmm, mages can't track. So we're back down to 0 scenarios that I can think of.

    I play a druid so to me, well, usually end up forgetting tracking exists.
  2. gcubed Augur

    The single most popular ALT class? Now, there is a claim to fame.
  3. Gladare Augur

    lol it's funny how many people think being able to do a lot of things that other classes do better makes rangers special. Also, it's fun on these forums because people have no idea what kind of ranger I am. I don't mind tooting my own horn. I'm better at playing the class than 95% of all the rangers you have ever known. I would say 90% but as people have pointed out, we're the most popular alt class because of headshot.
  4. Starlanae Lorekeeper

    Well sir, at least you are not in denial and see the problem. Most rangers I know are max level and aa just because their headshot ability. Unfortunately they have no idea of their class potential and are no better than a level 100 toon with no aa's and sitting around wondering why nobody wants to group with them, lol. Then again..rangers like this don't group for less than 100kpp an hour per spot in their headshot pl groups, lol. Most rangers I know will argue til the cows come home about what good rangers they are and all they do is headshot all day and night for plat. Not say you are like this, but just saying the class needs to find it's identity again.

  5. Tobin Augur

    option 2 please and I'm a ranger - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add an option to not track campfires and banners
  6. BoomWalker Augur

    While drop down lists are probably more flexible long term...adding a new drop down list for each type to be filtered could get to the point that you need a separate sub-window for that lists all the tracking options for players, pets, mercs, etc.

    Option 1 seems better of the two listed options.

    Option 3:
    Create radio buttons (or code checkboxes to act like radio buttons) row for each 'class' to be blocked. Have a column heading of: On, Off, Group. This gives you the ability to add Raid as an option as another radio button (or checkbox if the UI does not support radio button graphics).

    Each row would be for each 'class' of filter...player, pet, merc. It becomes a sort of matrix from the UI point of view.


    With raids as an option...

    From a UI area perspective....this could use less space than multiple dropdown boxes since each dropdown box seems to require a separate title line and then the dropdown box.

    Target Players
    Target Pets
    Target Mercs
    Target Campfire

    But if dropdown lists are just quicker and easier to build in the UI system then go with the dropdown option (Option 1) for each 'class' of filter being desired. Add the option to filter raid as well as group...
  7. Rylaar2000 Elder

    Option 2, please.
  8. Feradach Augur

    Bards get 50 additional points in tracking though AAs with RoF:SoF. Any chance some enhancements could be in place by then?
  9. Corak Elder

    I can't imagine ever wanting to track pets and mercs and campfires and banners, so I would prefer to just have them always invisible to track. Under Option 2, on those rare occasions when I want to track a player, all the pets and mercs would be getting in the way. So Option 1 is better than 2, but it still seems simpler to just make them always invisible.
  10. Drewie Augur

    As a druid I have yet to think of one single time where I had to track a pet or a mercenary for some reason. I guess it just never happened in 10+ years, especially since the 3 tracking classes barely use pets themselves.

    Also I noticed that if I select the "Track Players: Group" in the Tracking window when I'm not even grouped, I can see mercenaries and familiars from other people instead of only NPCs. Same with the "Track Players: Off" option.

    What about an Option 3 : use Filters just like the "Color" ones on top of the window (RD, YL .. why not use real colored buttons by the way ?) Or maybe use checkboxes : [X] Players [X] Group [X] Pets [X] Mercs, instead of the "Track Players" scrolling list.
  11. Oakenn Tigerspirit Augur

    would it be possible to get limited functionality? just alpha would be nice. Looking for 1 particular npc in a zone can be very tedious at times flipping through hundreds of mobs. Esp in zones like.. Thurgadin would probably be a good example.. where almost every npc has a name as opposed to being able to instantly skip all the "a" or "an"
  12. Jhenna_BB Augur

    As I ranger, I really don't mind other classes having filters. They are still limited by range from my vantage point. However other Rangers would disagree. It is one of those class defining skills and I understand both sides of the argument.

    You could charge other classes AA points to do it while Ranger's come standard with filters.
  13. JChan Developer

    Looks like the majority wants option 2. We'll implement that.

    Thanks! (Also locking this thread from further discussion.)
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