pets eatting plat

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by zeffner, Jun 15, 2024.

  1. zeffner Journeyman

    i can not find a report on it. i did find an old forum post - with no solution posted
    i did not know the in game bug report works, last time i tried it did not so i didnt use it and had already logged out and back in to see if that fixed it and then went looking for solutions.
    i did note time, zone, character and took screenshots, i do not know if its repeatable as i dont have the pp to try it again
    character - lillisineidna125 enc.
    server- emar/nameless
    zone -guild hall
    day - Saturday jun 15th
    time - 1:20 pm ish - 1:29 pm ish ca. time
    npc - ench pet - vibartik

    actions took to try and fix - suspended pet , summed new pet , desummend new pet .unsuspened old pet -
    tested pet by giving 1 pp to it , pp was refused - camped to desktop - not fixed
    in the above thread people tested there pets , i think the issiue lies in the amount of pp given he took over 2mil from me but would not take 1pp

    if the pp could be returned to the the toon that would be nice , if not it woundt be the first time the game robbed me and it was my own fault for being in a hurry and clicking the trade button on a 4 slot trade window - thanks