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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by SithWizard, Sep 6, 2017.

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  1. SithWizard Elder

    I know a ton of people enjoyed the double experience weekend and I would like to submit a petition for the pay to play servers.

    Have double experience every Saturday. I doubt the servers would even need to be brought down for it. Double XP starting at 12:01AM EST or PST Saturday morning and ending at 11:59PM Saturday night.

    This could be a nice little perk for those who are dedicated enough to whip out the plastic and pay to play.

    If you like this idea just reply with "signed" or whatever. If your not interested don't bother posting or flaming.
  2. HoodenShuklak Augur

    I'll even trade for half exp Sundays.
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  3. Phantom Ghost Augur

    Not the way a forum works. I disagree, personally I don't want double xp, but if it were to be implemented, I would not restrict it to a specific day. Not everybody has availability on Saturday.
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  4. daffie999 Augur

    If I thought this would happen, I wouldn't post this... Personally I love double XP, it gives me that "played all day" feeling without playing all day! :)

    However, I would most certainly play LESS, only logging in on Saturdays. I'm all for that but I believe the idea is to keep people in the game on holidays to prevent healthy habits such as going outside and spending time with family (not always healthy).
  5. Zanarnar Augur

    Personally I wish they'd spread the double XP around the week a bit. I almost never get to play on weekends anymore so all the double xp weekends are just wasted for me. (and its a shame since I really need to get on and grind another 200AA in about 7 days lol.. so not gonna happen)
  6. Groans Augur

    I like this idea, Maybe mix it up one time Saturday then the next a weekday (poll to see which one) for those that work weekends.
  7. Illusory Augur

    Not a bad idea, but double XP on a set day isn't fair for everyone.

    Another idea would be to alter the 'lesson of the devoted' account perk. To further elaborate on the idea, DBG could allow all accounts to consume 1 LotD per server (account owner's choice,) have it unlock with origin, and extend the duration to 2 hours per day.
  8. Ming Tee Augur

    They should either do this or have like exp potions you could buy in the marketplace.
  9. Risiko Augur

    As an alt-a-holic, I love the idea of having double experience on a regular schedule rather than just on Holidays.

    I do think that having it every Saturday would create a server environment where most people only play on Saturday. The other six days of the week would be pretty empty in my opinion.

    Also, having it only on weekend days would make it so some people could not get to take advantage of it.

    I suggest a market place purchasable potion with the following rules:
    • 1000 DBC
    • Only purchasable once per month
    • 8 hour potion
    • 100% bonus experience per Kill
    • 100% bonus experience per Quest turn in
    • Lore
    • No trade
    • Heirloom
    • 8 hour potion usable at any time you want
    • Double experience
    • Can use your 500 free monthly DBC towards it to lower the cost
    • Heirloom so you can buy on one character, and pass to another before using
    • DBG makes money off of something we want
    • Not pay to win since it's only purhasable once a month and you can save up your free monthly DBC as a subscriber to buy it
    • Only 8 hours
    • Not free
    • Lore, so you can't horde them
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  10. Numiko Augur

    Instead of double exp long weekends they should have out a 48 hour 100% exp potion to all premium accounts. That way everyone can take advantage of the bonus exp on their own time.
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  11. Phantom Ghost Augur

    Half xp days with purchaseable pots to increase to normal xp. Really reward those willing to pay.

    Still in favor of no xp bonus.
  12. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    Creating petitions is against the forum rules, so I'll have to lock this up.

    We currently have no plans to make double XP days a weekly or regularly recurring event, and will be keeping them tied to more special weekends.
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