Pet Peeves What's yours?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Dyna, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. Whulfgar Augur

    Its not a bad thing if some 1 is a beast player skill wise in their respective class..
  2. Kontra Augur

    Dying while out pulling to restless ice being cast on me with purify on cooldown AND imitate death on cooldown so I can’t even drop group for a sec and pop my heal merc to cure!

    People setting up camp in my pull path and not even noticing!

    Eye of the Storm and Shaded Step sharing a timer!!!!

    Auto pricing bots undercutting my bazaar trader!

    Shaman and Bards that don’t sync epics!

    People that fail simple raid emotes repeatedly due to lack of focus!

    People that don’t move away from perma rooted mobs when getting hit/killed!

    Forgetting. To. Turn. Off. Tribute! (when afk in guildhall)

    People refusing to google old quests/info and expecting to be spoonfed!

    New models!!!
  3. Odiiusx Elder

    Posts that have dev tags but no dev posts....I guess they mess up too.
  4. enclee Augur

    It’s a lot easier when you play a class that does over a 1 million dps and is the best tank in the game.
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  5. Whulfgar Augur

    Which is why I am breaking out my 110 14k AA'ed warrior who is in literally TBL T2 grp gear and the alt's of the alts .. To verify what I say.

    This is the EXACT same grp setup, that I used (not a single raid geared anything toon) to push threw TBL grp content.
  6. Derka Augur

    Players that "save" abilities for that moment that never comes, instead of using them on cooldown.

    Rangers that just autofire and don't do anything else.

    People that loot items they can't use or are of no use to their class.

    DJ bots in discord channels.
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  7. Fudly Elder

    I hate hearing "omg pets back guys" every single raid because pets randomly run off and enchanters can't get greater hold until Secrets of Faydwer.
    I hate when non-raid leaders accidentally start the DZ. It shouldn't be possible.
    I hate that you have to guess which word to use to enter the DZ in velious.
    I hate pbaoe powerleveling groups that pick around pulling everything in popular leveling zones.
    I hate that you can't mark stuff as "always leave on corpse" or some other remedy that keeps junk that always rots out of the advanced loot window.
    I hate mobs that drop a huge variety of loot that you constantly have to ignore like the sarnak herbalists in chardok drop every(?) alchemy reagent and lots of rare mid level luclin mobs drop 10 quest items at a time out of seemingly hundreds that nobody cares about.
    I hate trying to figure out what buff expired because self-buff expiration messages don't exist, and the flavor messages aren't unique to buffs.
    I hate that zonelines aren't clearly marked, and some evac points (looking at you velketor's labyrinth) face you directly towards the zoneline.
    I hate that if you pick to meet your group, accidentally zone out, and zone back in. You're probably not in the same pick as your group and have to wait 5 minutes.
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  8. Kuaamil Elder

    I always tell people JIF is peanut butter when they say that.
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  9. Kuaamil Elder

    My real pet peeve is when you have 4 of a class on raids and go the entire raid without the class' buff, despite asking a dozen times.
  10. enclee Augur

    Except the guy who created gifs said it's actually pronounced "jif" like the Peanut Butter.
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  11. MyShadower Augur

    GIF the f*** out.
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  12. Sylvanwulf New Member

    I would really like to see a Fan Faire on the East Coast, preferably the Northeast. As far as I know, Sony and Daybreak cannot get over their fascination with holding community fairs in the West.
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  13. Cadira Augur

    Task Givers not seeing through invis
  14. enclee Augur

    I was just giving you a compliment on hitting the 1 mil mark haha. It’s hard to believe people are hitting those numbers now.
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  15. Whulfgar Augur

    it was bout to happen sooner or later. especially with level increase expansions. I am sure it will get nerfed sooner or later too when I started the other thread I was seriously very interested to see how fast others can do it. And was just not thinking or remembering .. what the mentality of other's are these forums are.
  16. Maedhros Augur

    Quest and raid npc's that do not have faerune, cannot see through invise. Noobs.
  17. Cadira Augur

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  18. Galliana Elder

    What a ridiculous accusation. SOE/DBG have to transport and house dozens of people. It's far easier and cheaper to do it in California than Boston. Sad you can't understand basic economics.
  19. Funky Augur

    the fire birds in PoFire can charm me at 115..forever.
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  20. Ibudin Augur

    This for sure - and you must be talking about Rangers lol.
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