Pet nerf=canceled accounts

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Jaqs, Aug 23, 2014.

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  1. Jaqs New Member

    title says it all...

    Clarification in case any dev cares to read... i was a casual player outside of raids and enjoyed slowly progressing through the game on my own time two boxing nec with my chanter. My only option now is to wait for the 2-3 hours for a group. I'm not wasting my time doing that anymore after being a warrior for 10 agonizing years. so, i will pop on from time to time on my silver account and say hi. bye
  2. Abazzagorath Augur

    Don't let the door hit you...blah blah blah.
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  3. Zachton Soulstriker Augur

    Rethink your strategies if you can't two box stuff. Maybe use a healer merc.
  4. Khauruk Augur

  5. Krag Lorekeeper

    I love how no one takes these posts seriously. Little by little eq is shrinking. I stopped playing after these last set of nerfs and that's the truth. Six active gold accounts, are now silver, sitting collecting dust. I hated to lose passion for EQ, but it's just too much constantly being taken away. It makes you feel like a fool after awhile.
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  6. Iila Augur

    We don't take them seriously because we've all seen enough posts that say "I'm quitting and canceling my 13 gold accounts" after every game change. It's a very obnoxious plea for attention that we're all sick of.
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  7. Serona Elder

    Perhaps it's something that should be taken more seriously if you've 'seen enough' of these posts considering EQ has a shrinking population :p ?
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  8. Yaldiyen New Member

    I know of a couple of people that have quit over this. Fair or unfair, the changes have altered the way the game is played now verses the way it was played before for all pet classes. Nerfs come and nerfs go, most of the player base adapts and changes to accommodate the new "vision", but with each change, we lose players. How many more of these changes can the game absorb before there just aren't enough players left to support?

    I get it, pets were considered overpowered. The devs have built up pets to the level they are today, not the players, we, as players, adapted our game style based on what the devs have done. But when you have a large number of people playing pet classes under those old rules for years, and then you go and pull the rug out from under them in order to either appease those true "tank" classes, or bring the game back to whatever "vision" you had several years ago (and like what was mentioned in another thread, the vision was lost many moons ago, don't kid yourself), you're bound to get upset people. To simply shrug it off as yet another "woe is me, I'm quitting" post is a little calloused. With all the other choices out there to get our game time and money, EQ is slowly dwindling in numbers anyway, I only see this accelerating the decline.

    Was it necessary? Did it go too far? I don't know. On one side if you didn't make these changes you were going to have all the tanks upset, on the other side, you've pissed off every pet class. Screwed either way.

    Personally, as someone that's played a mage main since '99, I'm staying for now. I do raid, so the group game doesn't make up a huge portion of my play time. I have noticed though, that when I do go out and molo, I'm having to change my strats on certain encounters, and others I simply cannot do anymore like I used to. If I wasn't a raider, I would probably start looking at other games just to see what else was out there. I've loved EQ for years, but we all know that it's going to end someday.

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  9. Catriana New Member

    It was never about upsetting this class or that. The game was broken. They fixed it. That is what you do when things are broken, you fix them. You can like it, or not like it, but the devs have a responsibility to make sure broken parts of the game don´t remain broken, to preserve the integrity of the game.

    If you cannot handle playing a fixed game, then please go find yourself a game where the devs do not care about game balance or broken things, then find yourself a class in that game that is as easymode and broken as pet classes used to be, and play that class in that game.
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  10. Barbwarrior Augur

    I'm quiting unless it goes back to ezmode haha bye bye
  11. SOE-MOD-17 Augur

    Going to go ahead and lock this up for being non-constructive.
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