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  1. Fanra


    SOE please implement where giving a pet an item they can't use is returned to you. You have done so for NPCs, please add this for pets.

    Thank you.
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  2. Marshall Maathers Augur

    I can imagine this would save some CS time, for sure.

    When I handed EVERYTHING for my necro's 2.0 (including the 1.5) to his pet instead of the npc for the final hand in, you can imagine the swearing I did.

    The GM helped me out the following day and gave me everything back, which was great, but I could see some room for time-saving on the CS side with an implementation that would make this impossible.
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  3. Cloudia Augur

    Ouch, yes!
    Had to redo the pirate compass task in tt the other night. wasn't watching close enough and pet got in front of Shaman during turn in of the compass.
    Not one of the worst examples but was a pain.
  4. Hayzeus Augur

    As an evil necro, I giggled a little when I read this thread. Also, as a pet class, I'd be a +1 for this change to be made.

    It's never happened to me in 15 years of playing, but I can absolutely see the potential efficiencies gained in the CS department.

    I suspect SoE will also see the benefits of making this change for their support staff.
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  5. Cerris Augur

    I may be wrong here, but I believe that NPCs are given a list of items to accept, and if they are handed an item not on that list they hand it back. This list is dynamic, of course, so a quest NPC can add an item to its acceptable list based on whether a particular step in a quest has been reached.

    Pets operate under the old NPC rules where they take ANYTHING, destroy it if it's NO TRADE, and otherwise equip it if they meet the required level.

    If you wanted to implement the hand-back behavior to pets, the list of items to accept would be huge - remember, they will accept any tradable armor or weapon and equip it if it's better than the item they have in that slot. You'd also need to expand the list of items pets can accept every time new tradable armor or weapons are introduced to the game.

    You could limit the items to accept to only summoned pet armor and weapons, but this would be a huge nerf to pet owners who give their pets spare defiant drops or like to add a little extra punch or a proc from bazaar gear.

    A better solution would be to ask for the addition of the NO PET flag to any item currently flagged as QUEST. This could be a simple DB query without requiring the constant maintenance of pet "acceptable items" lists.

    That's just my thoughts offhand.
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  6. Fanra

    The list of items would not be a "list of items". It would be types of items. For example, any tradable armor or weapons they can use they will take. Anything else would be returned.

    So, all quest items would be returned, unless they were armor or weapons they could use. So would all other items, again, unless it was tagged.

    Every item in the game has tags. That's why you can't equip a shield in your head slot. Because shields are tagged, "Secondary". They are also usually tagged with things like what classes can use them and what races.

    So, using the example of the person who handed in all the items from his necro's 2.0 quest, he needed to turn into Whiahdi the following:
    Now Globe of Discordant Energy is tagged MAGIC ITEM LORE ITEM NO TRADE Size: TINY Class: ALL Race: ALL

    Note that no where on the list of tags for the Globe does it have any tag for armor or weapons. So that would be handed back.

    Lore Group: Epic Weaponry Slot: PRIMARY Class: NEC Race: HUM ERU DEF GNM IKS FRG DRK

    So at first glance, the slot Primary means maybe a pet could use it as a weapon. So, you would need to add to the list that any Lore Group Epic items pets can not use and should be returned to the player. That is assuming that pets can and should be able to use most other Primary items with Class NEC and the Races listed.

    As for Staff Piece Two and Three, both are LORE ITEM NO TRADE Size: TINY Class: ALL Race: ALL. Which means both do not have any Primary, Secondary, or armor slot tags, thus, could be returned to the player.
  7. Bigstomp Augur

    Likely the simplest half-fix is since a pet won't equip a no trade item just prevent them from accepting no trade items.
  8. Nudia Augur

    This would be cool and all and I understand it would save CSR time (and player heartache), but is this really where we want dev time focused right now? Having screwed this up before myself, my answer would honestly still be to just pay attention to who you're trading with...
  9. gcubed Augur

    Actually, the simplest half-fix is to select "Click through Pets" in the Options window and only turn it off when giving the pet toys, then reselect it when done.
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  10. Fanra

    Good idea. It does mean that you also have to turn it off if you want to target the pet, which sometimes I do. If it is a pet of a group member, I can use the F keys and I can also do /tar petname when I need to target them.
  11. gcubed Augur

    You can also click on the pet health bar in the group window to target someone else's pet, or the pet health bar in your status window if you need to target your pet.
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  12. Shang Augur

    Except charmed pets.. Please.

    Because reasons.
  13. gcubed Augur

    I miss having Fippy charmed, loading him up with buffs and low-level gear. Dropping the charm and blurring him. Then watching him cut a swath of destruction through North Qeynos on his way to South Qeynos.
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  14. Drusi Augur

    When did Sony change this? (I was gone 2007-2013) You can't give mage summoned weapons/belt to charmed pet anymore ?
  15. gcubed Augur

    You can still equip charm pets, but something really funky happens to the pet's buffs when charm is broken. And it is more about the buffs than the toys that allowed Fippy to lay waste to North Qeynos.
  16. Silentchaos Augur

    I did that same thing on the wiz 1.0 once (to his familiar).