Pet ate my platinum!

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  1. Agrippa Augur

    Firstly, let me acknowledge that the mistake was entirely avoidable on my part. In error, I opened the trade window with an out-of-sight pet, rather than a player. The pet accepted a rather large sum of platinum that I had intended to give the player. With this said, my simple request here would be to design pets so that they won't accept currency.
  2. Soulbanshee Augur

    Pets are supposed to reject anything they cannot equip. It was the small 4 slot "Give" window and not the trade window another player could have accepted the currency from?

    I don't really know if its possible because CS are kinda instructed not to restore items, but maybe you can petition with the date/time/timezone it happened to see if you get someone that will take a look at the logs to give you back the currency because pets arent supposed to take anything? Make the description short and simple and get to the point for your best chance or they may just auto close it with a canned response to reaquire through gameplay.
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  3. Gialana Augur

    I just tried trading 1 copper to my enchanter pet. It said "I have no need for this <>. You can have it back." Followed by "You receive 1 copper." Followed by "You complete the trade with <pet>." I also tried trading 1pp to someone's necro pet, and it wouldn't take it.

    I've only recently learned that you can target a player with whom you want to initiate a trade, put an item you want to trade on your cursor, and type /usetarget (or at least /uset) to open the trade window with your current target. It's been helpful in large clusters.
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  4. Agrippa Augur

    Yes, it was the four slot Give window, rather than the Trade window that will open with another player. Had I been paying closer attention, this would have been entirely avoidable. I'll click-target pets occasionally for buffing and healing, but there's even an option to click through pets and mercenaries. For this instance, customer service really went above and beyond. It certainly would have saved me quite a bit of embarrassment had the pet declined the "gift." 8)

    Edit: I'm seeing now that a pet in my group rejects a copper piece. I'm a bit at a loss of what exactly happened now, as I can't seem to repeat it.
  5. Soulbanshee Augur

    Mercs and NPCs also use the 4 slot "Give" window.
  6. CatsPaws No response to your post cause your on ignore

    I frequently use my merc as "added storage" when doing combines for quests or something that has a special container and I have no open slots in my inventory.

    What I do is pick up my tradeskill bag or quiver and hand it to the merc, this now gives me an open spot and opens a trade window wirh the merc. I then put the container in that spot, do the quest combine and get the end result in my inventory, usually in that open slot since the containers are consumed. Even if the are not I will open a bag and put the end result and the bag now empty into that. Then click cancel on the trade window that was open with the merc and it pops the quiver or whatever back to the open slot.

    So why did I bother explaining all this?

    One day I had my tradeskill bag in hand and thought I was handing it to my merc when another player ran past. Luckily he was running so fast he did not stop because my trade window closed and said subject was too far away. Yes, another player can run past and if they see the trade window open they can click trade and my stuff would be gone.
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  7. Iven the Lunatic

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  8. Shillingworth Augur

    Along this line an SoS rogue can sit in front of you and intercept your trade. Easy to miss if your not paying attention to which trade window or the name on the trade window.
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  9. Gialana Augur

    Are you sure? I just tried with a rogue on an alt account. With the rogue visible, I was able to trade 1pp to the rogue. Then I had the rogue use SoS (ungrouped). When I clicked the same spot on the screen, the trade window opened with the player on the other side of the rogue.
  10. Iven the Lunatic

    Hidden rogues are not targetable if you cannot see them.
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  11. Shillingworth Augur

    Perhaps it's changed, I distinctly remember a guild mate that pranked a few of us in the guild I was in at the time. That was over a decade ago.
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  12. Eaedyilye More stonehive bixies.

    This reminds me of my horror story.

    When TBM was current, I was doing a quest. I was really tired and ready for bed. All I had to do is turn in a shovel the quest NPC to finish this particular quest. Handed over the shovel and hit the trade button. To my horror I read the text, chomp, chomp, chomp. Thanks for the shovel Eaedyilye., it was delicious. :eek: My pet ate the shovel. Nooooo.

    I had to do the whole bloody quest over. I never made that mistake again.
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