Personas : First Impression

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Achillez, Dec 5, 2023.

  1. Achillez Elder

    I've only played for like 10 minutes, but so far I love it. Gives me something to do during downtime besides making alts.

    I am hoping at some point they introduce a shared AA pool (meaning you can spend AA points available on any persona) but other than that so far so good. Only small thing I noticed is I still show up as my non-persona class in guild - which is not a big deal.
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  2. Bilbo Backpackens Lorekeeper

    ... It's almost exactly the same as making alts.

    This is one of the many suggestions people have made to make Personas somewhat more useful than just making alts.
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  3. Micker99 Augur

    Come on, It's the same thing as making/leveling an alt, you do the same exact thing in game, not one thing new. You LOVE it lol? I think that is stretching it a bit? Sounds like me on Christmas, when I get a really crappy gift. No really, I love it, no really. Next day, taking it back to the store lol.

    Yes, if they would enhance it in some other way, it might be useful, but it's basically for the EXTREMELY bored people at the moment(even then why?). Add in AA sharing or even MUCH better, switching in any zone etc. and we can talk. Why are you leveling a persona, when the new expansion just came out and there is a new level cap and aa's lol?
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  4. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    The persona haters (who for the most part haven't even tried to use them) are so worked up they can't even tolerate if someone else likes them
  5. Bilbo Backpackens Lorekeeper

    I don't hate personas, just the implementation they've chosen. See one of the other threads for a full list of things that they could change to make it more viable, but as-is it's basically making alts with the same name that cost 1500 coins after you use up your allotted 3 (more if you already paid more).
  6. Wyndar Journeyman

    Oh no, now he'll never get his epic
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  7. Raymond Lorekeeper

    First Impression:

    Inventory space is going to be a huge issue they will need to address. Just making a SHM from my BRD main I had to find a place to put 23 pieces of gear...somewhere else because the SHM is not using any of it.
    If you fully gear the SHM that is 23 more slots to store so you can make another persona. Etc.
  8. DeadRagarr Augur

    This X1000. I figured I would try and get around it with dragon horde since I never use it anyway, but SURPRISE augmented gear can't store in dragon horde. Ugh. Empty dragon horde again I suppose. I honestly think this is a worse issue than post 110 leveling imo. Severely limits the feature.
  9. Iven the Lunatic

    Which might be the whole point of the feature. If a player has eight characters on an account that can sum up to 12 APs * 8 PCs * 1,500 db coins = 144,000 db coins = ~$1,440. That will animate quite a few players to stay subscribed or to get a sub, if they do think that the monthly 500 db are for free, which they are not.
  10. uberkingkong Augur

    Quick question.

    Heroes forge, if you do it, does it work on all the personas too.
  11. Arigise New Member

    It has its uses...I'm a leveler and have 6 accounts with 4-5 characters each. AP will allow me to consolidate the toons on a single main one per account so that's interesting.

    I'm only concerned about ToV+ leveling if we can't get the XP from progression. That is ruining it for me at this point..hope something changes.
  12. Agrippa Augur

    At a glance, I had thought that this would be a near-perfect addition for any completionists out there that would really enjoy being able to do just about anything with a singular character. Not being able to do everything at any moment unrestrictedly, of course. But the actual ability to have the *possibility* of doing anything with a singular character. I've been trying to keep in mind that this feature is brand new and is very likely going to continue being developed and improved upon. My list of cons for its current state has been growing, though. There are quite a few things that *aren't* going to be shared properly for a singular character.
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  13. FYAD Augur

    For leveling up through the early levels, grab Defiant gear and share the defiant gear among any persona that can use it. Any all/all gear would be useful to any persona in the level range.
  14. Uthorium New Member

    They need to implement an armory chest similar to FFXIV or just make where each persona keeps there own gear on there own inventory slots. This is also my biggest complaint so far with them.
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  15. Iven the Lunatic

    I cannot test that, but it should be like that as Hero's Forge is bound to the PC and it's name. Basically you automatically unlock/buy Hero's Forge with and for each new AP for 1,500 db (instead of 1,200), which does mean that the paywall got moved a step closer. Another calculation method is, that it is 1,200 db for Hero's Forge + 300 db for the AP itself. Pretty nifty move but it might not work as intended, as they are upselling an often not needed feature (Hero's Forge) that does increase the price of an AP drastically.
  16. Captain Video Augur

    The answer is yes, it's in the FAQ.
  17. Bilbo Backpackens Lorekeeper

    I 100% agree that monetization is a big part of the persona plan. But slots are account wide, so the total DBC for an account to unlock slots 4 through 15
    is 'only' 18,000. That's still an absurd completionist tax.

    Though I guess with the membership discount it's only 16,200 DBC. Yay?
  18. Venr New Member

    I Can't access the alt persona, there's no tab for it. Anyone else have this problem?
  19. Jaylnn Gnomish Bog Jogger

    Devils advocate, but your math is a little off.
    Each persona is account wide and each character gets the same slots unlocked by purchases.

    So its 12 AP * 1500 db=18000*.90=16200 so $162 before the discount, if not buying in bulk not $1440.

    Just devils advocate.

    Its still an expensive feature i wont really use personally. , but people tossed a bunch of money at the depots too. I wont do it, but some will.
  20. Micker99 Augur

    I think the 3 persona slots were a bonus for the pre-order only. If you didn't pre order, I think you need to purchase a slot.