Personas - Are They Safe To Use?

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  1. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    You also have the ability to fully resurrect toons and gear.
    : )

    Personally, I would rather make another account and box another by my side.

    Honestly I use a custom Inventory Window to keep the look of the before 2.0 I don't have ANY clue what Persona is all about. If reports suggest it's bugged...why the heck would it be on Live?
    Saying you use it means beans to me, you have special support we are refused.
  2. Tuco Augur

    Thinking about this question some more, I'd contend that because of how Personas were nerfed, the current primary use-case is either main-changing or maintaining another class where a high-investment is worth it. Specifically all the tradeskills, heroic AAs, difficult augs etc. In order to satisfy that use-case, being able to share or re-acquire high-investment items is necessary. So specifically I'd argue Personas aren't feature complete until:

    • All of the achievement-related AAs like Slayer, Heroic AAs etc are shared
    • There is an answer to chase evolving items like LS' neck being unusable if you persona to a different archetype.
    There might be some others, but those are the big ones that come to mind as key features. The completion of those features risk creating bugs that can break characters. Given that high-profile community members like Bigstomp have had busted trophies for a while and can't get support ( ), that risk is too high for me to recommend anyone use personas on characters they don't want broken for who knows how long.
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  3. Nudia Augur

    If anyone didn't see this recently posted follow-up in Resolved Bug Reports, this is a pretty major addition to the Persona safety conversation. Shame this wasn't included in the notes, but it be what it be. This is the one that was preventing me from trying this out. Personudia imminent.
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  4. Bigstomp Augur

    Forget personas, houses aren't safe to use. Been about a week now all my stuff is gone after placing a familiar in my yard.
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  5. Iuwene Augur

    Weren't you warned against putting omnivores on your real estate ? The familiar probably eat all your stuff ;)

    But yeah... I agree... it totally sucks that houses are not safe and never have been since their release many years ago.
    If they couldn't figure out how to handle such basically simple stuff since HoT, how can we ever expect them to iron out all bugs from personas before the end of the universe ?

    Biggest problem is, you might be affected by persona related bugs even if you never use them.
  6. Venuhm Journeyman

    with out the transfer of special AAs like Bane and Hero AAs this is a completely pointless feature. I like the idea of it! but its like a new phone coming out that cannot connect to the internet. like, whats the point?

    it difficulty to even wrap my head around honesty. so, the achievements will transfer over, but the benefits of said achievements will not. you are literally worse off using this then just making a brand new character. completely baffling
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  7. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    It's a known issue they are working on fixing.
  8. GrandOpener Elder

    Correct me if I'm wrong, because I'd love to give them the benefit of the doubt, but to my memory expansion features like this usually just stay in whatever state they are released in, possibly plus a few bug fixes. We still don't have guild tradeskill depots. Past expansions are littered with dozens of good intentions that never got fully implemented. They could do multiple entire expansions worth of just fixing old jank with no new features, and it could be some of the best expansions ever. People would be disappointed, but would anyone be really, really surprised if they came back and said, "Well, unfortunately, personas aren't going to be able to share Hero AAs after all. Sorry!"

    Anyway, I genuinely want you to be right... but I'll believe it when I see it.
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  9. Justyse Journeyman

    Your "safe" bs personas just lost me 800K plat, so yeah, I won't be using your broken crap for a while
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  10. Nennius Curmudgeon

    It would seem the question is answered.
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  11. Herf Augur

  12. Marton Augur

    Are personas safe to use .. well it depends ... yes, you can use it but you may not like results.

    I ventured over to eq discord where I came across the post I will copy/paste below.
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  13. Defenestrated Vase wanting era locked servers

    I feel inner pain just reading this :(
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  14. Nadisia Augur

    Sad news :(
    I was about to buy the last expansion, but after reading all this, thanks but no.
    I guess I'll wait a bit until it's fixed.
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  15. Lanilya_ New Member

    I have no big problems with them. When swapping personas, I have to check if they equiped their right bracer and right earring, because sometimes they fail. But its in the inventory.

    What I found out (on TLP):
    - You get the trials of Mata Muram (Omens) AAs when you zone in MPG after lvl 65 with Persona.
    - I have no idea how you get your DoN achievements (Captain says I need to do more work, aka more faction, but I am amiable already - maybe you get all the benefits at once when ally?)
    - You automatically get Depth of Darkhollow Dreadspire access
  16. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    You're wrong, this is me correcting you. With few exceptions, every expansion feature has been changed in some way after launch + fixes for bugs. If you think you can name a system that hasn't been changed in any way after release, please do so.

    Guild tradeskill depot was not, (and I repeat again because people can't seem to grasp this one, not necessarily meaning you specifically), was NOT, a promised expansion feature. It was a stretch goal.

    Yes, I would.
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  17. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    A Classic my all time favorite christmas movie!
  18. GrandOpener Elder

    Well, that's kinda my point, isn't it? Anything that didn't get in under the launch deadline is on the chopping block. We can quibble over what "promised" means, but as far as I'm aware they never "promised" sharing Hero AAs. They said it's "intended" to work that way (quoting the FAQ). That is, in my opinion, wording specifically chosen to give them room to back out if conflicts or technical difficulties arise during implementation. (Not the same thing but tangentially related: many people originally thought that sharing achievements and special AAs would mean that DoN progression is shared, but it turns out that's mostly not a thing because of faction not being shared.)

    I realize now I didn't phrase things the way I intended. There are minor tweaks like changing the number of slots for Dragon's Hoard, or important bug fixes like the tradeskill depot dupe bug, but as far as I can tell headline features tend to not have meaningful feature work done on them post-launch.

    On reflection though, I also realize it may be just an unfair comparison because Personas launched in such an unfinished state. The teleport item key ring didn't need significant post-launch changes.

    I still personally regard Personas sharing things like Hero AAs as a likely but uncertain future. Like I said above--at least from what I've read--they appear to have given themselves wiggle room to axe it if that becomes necessary.

    I'm with the crowd that is still waiting to see where the dust actually settles before I decide whether to put time into Personas.
  19. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    It isn't though. There is a huge difference between part of the main feature not being 100% polished at shipping time, and a completely separate, unrelated project not being done.

    DoN progression is shared. The faction is not. Do the faction and you'll get the AAs. You don't have to redo the actual progression.

    You'll have to define "meaningful feature work"

    • They are still making changes to the Overseer system. They just made several nice changes that improved the performance and made it less annoying.
    • They just added a special new guild banner to help guilds catch up to new content that may be struggling. A couple years prior there was a cleanup of the fellowship campfires.
    • They recently added the leave-all button and made fixes to some crash problems to the advanced loot system.
    • They just recently changed the bazaar trader windows to support commas to make it easier to read large numbers. (No they haven't changed the limit, but that is an intentional choice).
    • This is a few years ago now, but they added labels and group tracking to the map window, as well as the atlas. More recently the /waypoint command had to be integrated into the map window, as did the collectible finder.
    • This is an older change now, but they added expedition and task tracking to the raid window (which came out in PoP?).
    • The new UI system wasn't specifically an expansion feature, but it is still being worked on and will be for the foreseeable future.
    • Chat filters, again these aren't specifically an expansion feature, but they have continually made changes.
    I could list many more. I'm not saying everything is perfect by any means. There are clear issues with personas, but I know some have already been fixed and am sure the rest will be too soon enough. The doom and gloom being spread around in like every forum is really dumb.

    Yeah, it is a little disappointing that it wasn't perfect day one, but nothing is ever perfect day one. Trillion dollar software companies don't release bug free software day one. We haven't even had one monthly patch yet to fix things, (the emergency patch doesn't count), and a handful of people are already pronouncing judgement, most likely because they're still mad they can't be overpowered like they wanted to be.
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  20. KushallaFV Playing EverQuest

    There's a level of disconnect in this statement. Don't have redo the progression, but you have to grind out faction. I would say that's a definite drawback that should be fixed.

    I give them absolutely no credit for launching a new UI system that is very incomplete, and performs absolutely terribly. The functionality is poor and frustrating. When, I had the new UI running my memory usage was doubled.

    Absolutely god awful, and it's confusing why they would rush releasing it.